Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 7 Review

True Believers, it’s hard to be positive after a performance like that.


Thanks very much to those who have commented – I agree wholeheartedly with nearly all the comments made (with the exception of the criticism of Eddie’s remark – he, and this has been acknowledged (with an apology) by the GWS CEO, was talking about Parramatta – different game; still cheating).


There’s actually not much more to say.  Match Reports at and


I note Bucks in his post-match media interview, reported at, lamented playing against a “motivated and organised team“. Yep, says it all actually.  The future?  Who knows –




Next: Brisbane in Brisbane on Saturday, 14 May. Bounce at 7.25pm.  Then Geelong a week later.


Keep the faith.  Go Pies.



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