Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 21 Review

True Believers, two to go.

Match Reports? and

A few observations?

Effort and application. Pretty good across four Quarters;
Back 6. Loose, on occasion leading to some ‘easy goals’; and
Delivery into the 50. In general the delivery of the ball into the 50 has required the taking of ‘speckies’ to be effective. I’d very much like to see the deliveries to a leading Forward (I might have a look at the 2’s and see how the ball was delivered to Trav in that game).


Tipsters. Last weekend the ‘experts’ tipped 21 to 3 a Dog’s win. Might we be favourites this coming week?
VFL – Another win; this one highlighted by some interesting performances –, and; and
VFL next: Second last H&A game – Versus Box Hill at the Box Hill City Oval on Saturday, 20 August; bounce 12.00pm. If you were that way inclined you could probably catch both games.
Reporting? Did anyone go? Ground Reports pls?

Next. Round 22 – Gold Coast at Etihad (again); Saturday, 20 August; bounce: 7.25pm. More later this week.

Go Pies.



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