Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 2 and 3: There’s always next week

Round 2: Collingwood v Richmond


If you didn’t know (as if?): Collingwood 5.6.36 drew with Richmond 5.6.36. 2 points each, even on the ladder.


Match Report: Go to:


Bucks’ (and Darcy Cameron’s) Comments:


Statistics:  Match statistics are at and; for both teams and individuals. Always worth a browse.


There are a couple of numbers that warrant some attention, but really there is a need for the breakdown by Quarter (or ‘period’ during the game), something I do not have access to. But across the whole game:


Hit Outs: 37 (us) / 24 (them). I thought Soldo played well; including ‘around the ground’. I didn’t observe such a distinction as the numbers indicate, thinking it was much closer. I also had some suspicion that Grundy was not 100%. I’ve seen nothing on this since.


Clearances: My bête noir. 30 / 32. Well, no real surprise here and it matches my feeling across the game, but broken down – Centre 9 / 4 and Stoppages – 21 / 28, things become clearer. How many of our clearance wins were in Q1? But we were hammered around the ground. As a measure of our midfield, who won? The answer is clear.
Inside 50s: 32 / 44. This really reflects hugely on the job our back six did. They defended magnificently against Richmond’s multiple sallies forward. Our forwards? Less happy.


And, as a measure of application:


Contested Possessions: 129 / 119; and


Tackles: 29 / 70. Yep; sorry, that is not a typo (unless the AFL website is in error); and I didn’t pick up that distinction during the game either.



While the individual players’ Disposal Efficiency (and Clangers, too) appears to have disappeared in the changed AFL website format, there is little doubt in my mind of the huge number of ‘kick and hope’ passes that were ineffective, frequently going directly to the opposition. In the modern game where possession is key, this is so wasteful and contrary to ‘possession equates to score’. Whatever, have a browse.



Bests: Check out Concur. Aren’t Howe and Adams having an incredible start to the season. And Mr Smooth; how does Pendles have so much time? And good to see Sidebottom turn it on.



The Future: With the exception of Martin (not sure how he made their bests list) who seemed to cancel out De Goey (and vice versa), the Richmond team performed as was expected (and named by me). Our boys? Sidebottom and Adams did well, but no Treloar, no Stephenson, a quiet Grundy, a very quiet forward line and quiet Moore, so we can do better. We can beat Richmond, particularly if we decide to play the way we did in Q1 for the whole game (like Round 1).



The Experts? Okay, nobody got it right this time. Dermie, wrong, again. Go to



But, and miracles do happen, I do agree with the commentators on one aspect. The players were exhausted by the end of the game. Well done by both teams.





Round 3: Collingwood v St Kilda

Saturday, June 20 at the MCG; bounce at 4.35pm.




Okay, the delay in getting this email out is because I wanted to see how they went against the Bulldogs. What did I see? Well, St Kilda had four wins and a draw in 2018; last year nine wins but only two against final eight sides. Some blame can be levelled at injuries and that food poisoning of the team in China. Throughout last year their backline has been pretty solid. Where they have fallen down is in scoring. They’ve recruited well over the break and have shown something, so far, this season – a Round 1 loss to North by two points (who in Round 2 destroyed GWS) and then, yesterday, the comprehensive destruction of the Western Bulldogs. Yesterday’s win was not spectacular though their passage of the ball forward, particularly their counter-attack, was solid; it was dogged. The St Kilda players never stopped trying. Interestingly, as I have been known to identify, on several occasions their forwards passed the ball to a ‘better’ kick for goal position in preference to having a shot from a difficult position.



Who to watch for?

Billings – Wing/HF;
King (game 3 against us) – FF;
Hannebery – HF
Jones – Centre;
Steele – Ruck Rover;
Clark – CHB;
Marshall – Ruck. He shared this position with Ryder. Not sure who is their lead; and
Hill – Wing. Very damaging in attack.



Both Billings and King were outstanding yesterday. Billings may warrant a tag, subject to how the game goes. Certainly, King needs close defence, particularly in the air. Our key objective should be to get and maintain possession to “control the game”, passing the ball between our team members, rather than worrying too much about theirs.



Other? St Kilda have a short break between games; 2 days shorter than our break.



St Kilda should not be discounted. They are worthy opponents.




To do list:

Control of the game. We drew last week’s game because we ceded control to Richmond for much of the game. We need to get control and keep it. We need to be the team winning the midfield battle and then driving forward, keeping control of the ball until we have an easy kick at goal.

Midfield. Key. Get possession and keep it. Measure success through clearance numbers.

Backline. Drive? Incredible performance as a collective; well done.

Forward line? Need to control the entry, particularly the variety of entry. Continue looking to place the ball in the best position to routinely score a major. I think we missed Cox as a target last game; use but use as one of a variety; not always to him.



Ins: Treloar(?), Stephenson, Scharenberg, Cox.
Outs: Thomas, Hoskin-Elliott, Madgen and not sure. Your thoughts?


Pre-game brief? Go to Eventually.



Weather. Expected to be dry, but it is Melbourne.



TV. Go to



Anyone Going? Well, that’s not such a silly question now – Anyone into a ‘Corporate Box’ or balloted entry? A confession – I was at the Round 2 game! Well, actually, my picture was amongst the 1000 silent supporters. I’d still really like to hear others’ views before, during and after the game?



Expert Predictions? Go to (eventually).



My Pick


Pies to Win by 43 Points. BOG – Stephenson – eight goals. Your prediction and selections?




Eddie Watch. Talking about game attendance – Eddie was at the game, twice. He was (like yours truly) immortalised in the photo gallery and there in person (unlike yours truly). Now that is dedication. Sir, well done. How come they haven’t got the club Presidents to do the MND ice bath yet? And if you are interested in someone else’s view of St Kilda, ask Eddie. He commentated the game. Pretty well, actually.



Get excited. C’mon, let’s hear your views?



Go Pies




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  1. Jim Kesselschmidt says

    Great stuff Cam. Grundy copped a knock on his knee & was barely serviceable after that I thought. I’m told he trained with the injured group today.
    Soldo I thought was very good for Richmond.
    StKilda look good but the doggies were hopeless (I was about to say last week) against us in round 1 & this early seem destined to have an early draft pick come the end of the year.
    My preference is:

    In: Cox, Stephenson
    Out: T. Brown, D Cameron (despite a pretty good debut match v Richmond last week

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Stephenson is a must in in my opinion, the team badly missed his x-factor. Thomas has been poor for 12 months, time for a spell.

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