Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 18 review, Round 19 preview

Greetings True Believers.


Firstly, congratulations to Scott Pendlebury: 350 games. What an outstanding performance. I loved his goal and Nick D’s that he had a major role in. Simply outstanding.


Secondly, we won, again against a team close to the bottom of the ladder. Does this reflect on us, or them, or both? Probably a bit of both but, as we are heading into the finals we need to look, learn and correct/improve aspects of our game. And what does it mean for our game against Essendon next week, who come into our game having beaten four teams out of their last five games, each of which was in the eight (or close). More below.


And, as I keep repeating, I can do without a repeat of the last two minutes of the game each week. Too much stress.


Onward and upward. Next game – Essendon at the ‘G. See below. Go Pies.



Round 18


Adelaide 13.8.86 defeated by Collingwood 14.7.91.


Another close one.


A couple of comments first:


Again we got off to a slow start, particularly based on their dominance in clearances out of the centre (which largely continued all day (see below)).

Importantly, and I’ve identified this before, ‘the boys’ were clearly enjoying their footy. Keep smiling, people.


One game at a time. Be sensible, but start to dream.


Go Pies.



Game Timeline: Have a look at the timeline at: It shows the dynamic nature of the game, including the lead changes.


The game, goals scored by quarter:

Q1 4 (us)/3 (them)
Q2 2/4
Q3 4/3
Q4 4/3

Total 14/13. And we won.


Note the scoring shot equivalence – 21/21



External Comments from AFL website:

In a game typified by high pressure, Collingwood runs out winners by five points, representing the Magpies’ seventh win this season by less than two goals.


Match Report:


Coach’s Comments: Worth watching his comments regarding our midfield.


Statistics & Lessons:

Watching at home I was able to catch the statistics during the game, identifying the progressive numbers at each break as they are entered progressively on the AFL website. On this occasion I have recorded the progressive numbers of some categories (This is not going to happen every week, trust me) with some comments:


Statistic category








Hit Outs






These numbers surprised me but, of course, they are not important.









These ones are absolutely critical. Note the slow pursuit of equality throughout the game and the substantial difference between the centre bounce clearances and those at stoppages around the ground. I continue to like Cox in the ruck.



Clearances – Centre bounce







Clearances – Stoppages







Inside 50s






We dominated substantially except for Q2. This advantage affects the Inside 50 numbers below.



Contested possessions






The tackle numbers by both teams are just extraordinary reflecting the game conditions and the application.


Linked with contested possessions gives a final measure – 277/267 – not substantially different, but reflecting both sides’ application.

















Disposal effectiveness (DE)






Critical given the conditions but neither side was significantly better than the other.



Inside 50 – DE






Adelaide substantially dominated in inside 50 DE and marks. Countering this was our huge domination in inside 50 tackles.


Also affected by Inside 50 numbers, above.



Inside 50 – Marks







Inside 50 – Tackles













The final numbers are misleading. The umpiring was appalling particularly as it related to missed head-high tackles (not just Jack). More below.



So, what is going on?


Good? Application throughout was fantastic. Check the tackle count reflecting the ‘intensity of the contest’. Well done to all.


The midfield did well at stoppages around the ground; not as well in the centre.


The players enjoying themselves.


Bad? We missed on a couple of occasions the need to crumb behind packs and they scored easy goals. Importantly we need to avoid using all our tall backs in pursuit of a mark. Given the conditions this was always unlikely meaning that crumbing became critical. Similarly punching needs to be the action of choice to spoil an opponent’s mark.


Umpiring. I try and avoid whinging about the umpiring but will make an exception for this game. The umpiring was poor throughout. My criticism relates principally to the failure to award frees when they were deserved. All we want/expect is fairness in enforcement of the rules; it is totally unacceptable to award frees to one side and then not to the other for similar events. And the 50m penalties leading directly to goals need to be seriously reassessed. In a relatively low scoring game this is highly and inappropriately influential.



Best: Listed bests were: N. Daicos, Pendles, Maynard, Carmichael, Cameron and Lipinski. A great team effort by everyone that included specific impressive actions by individuals throughout, however I would add Sidebottom, McCreery and Elliott. Their presence and actions just lifted everyone else.



Ground Reporting: Now, was anyone there in Adelaide? Ground reports please? Or I’d love to hear from those of us who simply watched it on TV; please? If you drove over from Melbourne I hope you stopped in Beaufort for a coffee – my old stomping ground (and the first town you drive through exactly 100 miles from Melbourne).



Round 19


Collingwood v Essendon at the MCG.

Sunday, July 24 2022; bounce at 3:20pm.



Essendon have had an awful season; well, they had up until their Round 12 bye. They are currently sitting 14th on the Ladder with six wins for the season giving them their percentage of 86.1%. We compare very positively in fifth place with 12 wins and 106.2%. Notably, of Essendon’s six wins, four have come in the last five matches and each win has been achieved against teams in the eight or close to it. Essendon are a quality side and should not be underestimated. They come into this game after thumping the Gold Coast by 48 points. Their confidence will be high.


Their loss to us in the Anzac Day game was notable for the 11 point margin and Jack’s five goals. In addition to Ginnivan (who could ever forget that smile?) our best at that game included Pendles (shifted into the middle in the last to establish a bit of calm – his totals: 25 disposals, 11 contested and five clearances), De Goey, Crisp, Mihocek, Howe, N. Daicos and Moore. We also lost Krueger for the season.


Injuries: Go to: Check later in the week.





The best from each game gives me the list of players to watch.


Who to watch?


Martin – HF/W
Merrett – C
McGrath – W/C
Parish – RR/Rover (may still be out, injured)
Caldwell – RR
Wright – FF
Shiel – Rover
Heppell – CHB
Stringer – FP


Also watch Draper and Phillips in the ruck, their performances individually or in partnership has been a foundation of success since their bye. Note the preponderance of other midfield players, so winning the midfield battle becomes critical. I haven’t watched enough other games to identify their other tactics.


Anything else, people? Your views?






Out? Not sure. Check later in the week. Potential injuries may include Mihocek and Howe, who each looked a bit sore towards the end.
In? Might need to make some room – watch for Grundy (probable test), De Goey (probable test), Quaynor (likely available – didn’t we miss him last week?) and Adams (probable test). Both Henry and Macrae have been producing terrific performances in the twos, worthy of the opportunity higher. Your thoughts?


Team: Very hard to change a winning team after a run of wins but I would argue there is some room for some change for the benefit of the team, maybe including Quaynor, Henry, De Goey and Grundy, in that priority order. Who to leave out in addition to injuries? Match committee decision – we have virtually no visibility of training performance.


Things to do: Mostly (not entirely), the same as previous weeks


Focus on the ruck battle – very important for the next steps – clearances, then the inside 50s, then score
Seek to shark the clearances in the centre bounces and at stoppages around the ground
Better establish forward targets – a variety is essential
Maintain the speed of movement – avoid stoppages or delays (particularly amongst the backline), open the game up
Use the centre corridor
Continue to enjoy your footy
Pursue the execution of the high-intensity game plan for the entire four quarters.


And as above in So, what is going on? – defensive packs, punching and crumbing.


Your thoughts would be welcomed.




My result: Collingwood to win by seven points. BOG – De Goey with 28 disposals, seven clearances and three tackles; Henry gets five; Ginnivan gets one but has six assists. Your thoughts?


Go get em, boys.


TV: FTA coverage on Seven. Shouldn’t stop you heading to the pub to watch.


Weather: Very low chance of rain on the day or leading up to it. Moulded sole boots okay, unlike last week: lots of slip/sliding.



Round 20


Collingwood v Port Adelaide

Saturday, July 30 2022; bounce 1:45pm




Get excited. Go Pies







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