Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 18 report & Round 19 preview

True Believers, that was awful. I seriously considered giving myself a week off. Whatever, we are experienced in taking the bad with the good and the season is not over, yet.


But, minimal comment on the basis that the performance was (hopefully) ‘out of character’.


Anyway, what is happening to the season? Geelong losing and Melbourne taking it to WCE for much of their game? Watch Brisbane and Essendon? And Adelaide is probably safe in the Eight because its percentage acts as an extra Win over fast-closing Port and Hawthorn. The run home –


Round 18 – GWS

Collingwood 11.9.75 were thrashed by GWS 19.8.122.


Match Report –


Ground Reports  – Did anyone attend? Does anyone want to comment?


Buck’s comments –


The Game


Buck’s post-game interview was interesting; almost academic rather than emotional. I think I would like to see a bit more emotion. He acknowledged GWS won the game in the 1st Quarter and that although we took control of the game (reflected in Inside 50s) we were unable to make a dent on the scoreboard.


Simply put, goals scored by Quarter were:


  • Q1 – 1 (us) / 8 (them).
  • Q2 – 2 / 1.
  • Q3 – 4 / 4.
  • Q4 – 4 / 6.


Bucks acknowledged GWS were “harder at the ball”, “cleaner in disposal” and their “speed of ball movement” was superior. Their pressure, particularly, around the packs, was superior.


Some Numbers. My standard concern relating to the conversion of Hit Outs into Goals:


  • Hit Outs – 54 (us) / 38 (them). Thanks Grundy, though Cox also contributed. Look at where things went.
  • Clearances – 38 / 47 (Centre – 13 / 13; stoppages – 25 / 34). So our Midfield has lost the HO advantage we had. But then…
  • Inside 50s – 63 / 49. This is a significant development, also matching the previous game, and reflects a great turnover but isn’t reflected in the next statistic.
  • Marks inside 50 – 10 / 14. And another reverse.
  • Scoring Shots – 20 / 27. The game-winning difference.
  • Goals – 11 / 19. Reflecting the above, plus some.


Not going to worry about individual performance this week. Grundy did well; nearly everyone else did poorly. Check the individual statistics in the Match Report (link above) if you want (or need).


Now, looking forward.


Round 19 – Richmond


Friday, 26 July; bounce 7.50pm. Between 4th and 5th; inside the Top 4 and outside. Go to They are quite reasonably in my view favourites ($2.50 to $1.54).


This game is being touted as “the biggest game of the season” – Worth a read.


So, absolutely critical we win and keep winning.




Richmond are the ‘dark horse’ of the competition. After a mediocre first half of the season they are hitting their straps and getting the Wins. Importantly with their last four games Wins, these include a Win over GWS by 27 points. Perhaps with some optimism, their other Wins were over Port, GC and St Kilda but, as I’ve said before, Winning is habit-forming.



Who to watch for? Repeat performers this year make the following worth watching:


  • Midfield – Martin (Rover or FP), Prestia (Centre), Cotchin (RR) and Ellis (Wing).
  • Forwards – Riewoldt (FF), Castagna (HF) and Rioli (HF).
  • Backline – Houli (HB), Vlastuin (HB) and Stack (HB).


So? Their Midfield is not strong. Their Forward line has “Jack” back and they use their ‘smalls’ forward and back to crumb and score. Maybe tag Martin? Maybe use Goldsack’s mobility and size to augment the defence of their Forward ‘talls’.




We come into the game on the back of one of our worst performances and, unlike Richmond, a recent series of up and down results. We can do better.




  • Critical approach – same as we demonstrated for much of last week’s game – Establish control of the game – play it our way; not theirs.
  • Effort – always and for four quarters.
  • We must take advantage of Grundy’s ruck dominance, turning this into Clearances then into Inside 50s and Marks inside 50.
  • Scoring Behinds? Avoid; look for the better position.
  • Entry to goal. While the ‘up and under’ into a pack in front of goal is a valid approach it should not be the only avenue.
  • Crumb around the packs and watch their ‘smalls’, Forward and Back.
  • Talk – we were frequently tackled before passing the ball because the player carrying it was unaware of his opponent. We need to communicate better between players, at least with warnings.
  • Tackling. We need to hold our tackles; not be brushed off.

Team? Some changes:


  • Outs – Mayne (injured?), Cox, Appleby and Hoskin-Elliott. Last week I was challenged regarding my suggestion to drop Mayne and keep Crocker. I think we were both correct. I acknowledge Mayne has had a range of tasks Forward, Back and Midfield and has done a good job each time. My suggestion was based on the team need. Crocker performed okay in his second game back. I acknowledge it’s a bit rude to drop Appleby after one game, however…
  • Ins – Elliott, Scharenberg, Goldsack and Broomhead.


Weather? Moderate to heavy rain. Wear ‘stops’ not moulded sole boots.


TV? FTA on 7mate from 7.30pm.


My prediction? Pies Win by 33 points. BOG – Adams – 37 Disposals @ 76.9% Disposal Efficiency. Mihocek, De Goey and Elliott each get three goals; Broomhead gets one and is mobbed by teammates; kisses goalpost.


Attendance?  Anyone going? Ground Reports pls?


Future. The challenges continue and in the current competition no team can be ignored or considered an ‘easy beat’:

  • Round 20 – Gold Coast at the G. Guess result – Win. C’mon, they don’t like the cold; welcome home, Witts.
  • R21 – Melbourne at the G. Guess result – Win; again; getting tiresome.
  • R22 – Adelaide in Adelaide. Guess result – Win; Always a challenge in front of a, usually, pretty hostile crowd.
  • R23 – Essendon at the G. Guess result – Win; Anyone writing off Essendon just yet?
  • And, then finally, the Finals which we all know is different footy to H&A.


Keep the faith.



  • Eddie Watch. Quiet; a good thing.


Go Pies.





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  1. Cam. I hope someone ‘watches for’ Lynch in the Tiger forward line or he will kick 10. Regardless of form they can’t drop Cox until they find another second ruckman (i.e. tall) to give Grundy a rest. Moore or Reid could possibly have played that role at a pinch but are injured.

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