Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 12 – The Year of the Pie

True Believers, there are times when it is a bit hard to be a Pies’ supporter. Then there are other times when you know with absolute certainty that you can take on the world; and win. This was one of those occasions. Well done, all.




An outstanding Pies Win 20.13.133 over a much-heralded Melbourne Demons 14.7.91. Melbourne were coming off a shed-load of Wins and every expert commentator picked them to Win, albeit sometimes with small margins. See more below, I discounted Melbourne’s recent history as largely irrelevant and picked the Pies to Win. My optimism continues.

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One of us, Elizabeth: Are Pies real deal?


It’s great to be wrong. Early in the season I was a pessimist about the Pies’ chances for 2018. So, I was wrong, whatever happens for the rest of the season. 


The day began with a moving tribute to Neale Daniher with all coaches braving icy water to help raise money for MND. 


The footy highlight was Mason Cox. His goal kicking, marking and general ball play was terrific. The chant “USA” was almost as strong as “Collingwood” when he had the ball. He’s our latest cult figure. 


The midfield was terrific, with great running and ball handling. De Goey had a magnificent first half (30 disposals to half time) although was quieter in the second half. Adams, Treloar and Sidebottom were also outstanding. 


In defence, Dunn and Howe no doubt enjoyed their game against their former team and were solid. 


Grundy took some time to make an impact but outplayed Gawn by the end of the game. Phillips, Scharenberg, Crisp, Maynard and Langdon were quieter but all played their role. Mayne seems to be finally finding his place in the team which shows that persistence pays off. 


The team now has a week off and we then take on the crappy Blues on Sunday week, followed by Gold Coast then Bombers. So, lots to be happy about. 


Were any others there? Love to hear your perceptions.


And, from someone else: WHY MICK BELIEVES IN PIES’ FLAG HOPES:


IT WAS the biggest decision facing any club during the off-season. Should Nathan Buckley stay or go? Now, the man who Bucks replaced at the Pies, MICK MALTHOUSE, believes backing the under-fire coach has set the club up for a flag run.

Source:  Herald Sun.



  • Frees: 21 (us) to 18 (them). Any comment on that ‘tripping’ free?
  • Hit-outs: 47 / 35. Well done, Brodie (and Cox). While neither Grundy nor Gawn made their respective Best lists, I thought Brodie ‘won’ that competition.
  • Clearances: 45 / 26. Fantastic performance by the Mids. Won the game.
  • Inside 50’s: 63 / 42. As above.
  • Marks inside 50: 19 / 12. Could improve, but much better.
  • Scoring shots: 33 / 21. Very good.
  • Goals: 20 / 14. Outstanding kicking.


  • Firstly, let me compliment Cox. A great performance. Well done. Not BOG, but bloody good.
  • Secondly, the Mids’ work at the stoppages was fantastic. The close-in handball links were extraordinary.
  • Lastly, the crumbing was also fantastic. On those rare occasions when ‘it didn’t work’ the effort and intent didn’t stop. Well done, all.

Next: Bye (well-deserved). More next week.


Where do we go from here. As raised by Matt last week (thank you), we have ‘interesting’ fixtures coming up – after the Bye, Carlton, GC and Essendon (depending on which group you want to put Essendon in). Then, if we want to actually win the Premiership, July is the time to prove it with games (in order) against WCE (at the G), North, Richmond and Sydney (at the SCG) before a soft finish against Brisbane, Port and the Dockers. I am a serial optimist – Pies in the Top 4 by the end of the season.


And if you’d like to see a dynamic Ladder watch next weekend – Sydney vs WCE and Geelong vs Richmond (the whole of the Top 4).




  • Bye.
  • Next: Sunday, 17 June. More next week.


  • Bye.
  • Next: Sunday, 17 June; tip-off 1.00pm vs Giants Netball, Sydney Qudos Bank Arena.




  • Next Round: Sunday, 17 June; 11.00pm. Pies game at Boroondara Sports Complex, 271C Belmore Road, Balwyn North.


Other sports, Canberra:

  • GWS – Saturday, 11 August; bounce 7.25pm vs Adelaide.
  • Raiders – Sunday, 17 June –  away – Wests Tigers.
  • Brumbies – Next game Saturday, 30 June; kick off 7.45pm – Home game – Hurricanes.  More on this later.


Go Pies.






  1. george smith says

    Schrodinger’s Cat watch:
    There is no doubt that the lovely Penny is hanging out with Bernadette and Amy trying on dresses for the big date. Meanwhile can we persuade Sheldon and his army of Shennys to take the very much alive cat to the vet, after enduring the last five years of Collingwood performances its nerves are shot…

    Meanwhile, hats off to reformed “chemist” Josh Thomas, reformed Picken like kick Taylor Adams, and reformed American Mason Cox. Collingwood’s ability to turn the worst into the best has once again trumped what went before…

    Yes, Buckleyites are insufferable. But if they get what we all truly want, who am I to judge?

  2. Call me a cynic Cam but, although a solid win, Melbourne had beaten Bris, North, Ess, StK, GCS, Carl, Ade and WB before playing us. Seems to me both Melbourne and my Pies have had a soft draw so far and will be tested more in the second half of the season. We may yet win enough games to play finals but have to beat some top sides before any talk of ‘going deep into finals’ can be contemplated. Regardless, wins are great for team confidence and game style development. I look forward to seeing how our game plan stands up from mid-July on.

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