Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 11 Review and Round 12 Preview

Okay, True Believers, we are now ‘on a roll’; not that I believed that at Half Time last night. In fact I’d already decided to skip the Round 11 Report and jump straight to Round 12. Surely ‘Days of Our Lives’ was on somewhere?


But I didn’t switch off. Wasn’t it worth it?


Before I get onto our games, a recommendation: if you can watch the replays of two R11 games – Port versus Richmond and the Eagles versus Carlton. In both cases the final scores are not indicative of the game, so skip the final quarters. Watch the commitment by the opposing sides – footy at its best; not dissimilar to some periods of our play.


Round 11: Collingwood versus Adelaide


Collingwood 10.2.62 defeated Adelaide 5.8.38.


The Game. This was an extraordinary game – we lost the first quarter, spent the second recovering then dominated the second Half (with eight of the last 10 goals scored).


Match Report. Go to


Buck’s comments. At Worth listening to, particularly his views on the management challenges associated with the compressed competition; not a whinge.


Statistics. The Match statistics for the team and individuals are at and Always worth a browse. Because the game was divided into periods it’s not really useful to look at the numbers across the game, so I won’t.


However, a comment on a couple of things:

  • Pressure. We were out-hunted in Q1, meaning that we played the game their way. That was resolved in Q2 and we went on to dominate the game. Interestingly, Bucks uses the Contested Possessions statistic across the game to indicate who should have won – we lost that statistic – 108 / 113;
  • Disposal Efficiency. Our overall DE was marginally better than theirs – 74.7% / 71.5%, though a measure of our Individual DE (players with DE greater than 80%) – 11 / 5 is a sound difference – better but still not good enough;
  • Scoring. 10.2, that’s good isn’t it? Except that there is no column for OOBOTF of which we had a number; and
  • Basic Mistakes. Much better.


And Free Kicks – 20 / 12. Looks perfectly reasonable to me.


Best: The AFL website identified Adams, Crisp, Sidebottom, Cameron, Maynard and Sier as best. No issues. Notable absence – Grundy. Your thoughts?


The Future (after this week):

  • 24 August – North, also at the Gabba; and
  • Not sure after that.


Round 12: Collingwood versus Melbourne


Saturday, 15 August at the Gabba; bounce at 5.10pm (AEST).




Melbourne have not had a great season, so far. They have five wins and five losses though a couple of each of these are notable and could easily have been reversed. They could easily be sitting on seven wins:

  • R2 – Won against Carlton by 1 Point;
  • R4 – Lost to Geelong by 4 Points; and
  • R8 – Lost to Brisbane by 4 Points.


Further, Melbourne are coming into this game following two substantial wins (Adelaide by 51 Points followed by North by 57 points). They can be expected to be confident.


Melbourne, as detailed below, have a very strong midfield. Simply, whoever wins the midfield battle will win the war. Their reliance on Gawn, Petracca and Oliver warrants attention. Melbourne have also demonstrated a willingness to play out the game, even when losing. This game is critical to Melbourne with regards their progression to the Finals.


Who to watch for?

  • Petracca – RR. Out of 11 games this year Petracca has been listed amongst their best on eight occasions. Consider close attention;
  • Viney – HF / rover. 6 listings;
  • Gawn – Ruck. 6 listings, noting he missed a game. Also just be aware of Jackson occasionally filling in for Gawn;
  • Oliver – Centre. 7 listings; Oliver is getting some serious media coverage with credit for Melbourne’s style of play. Maybe consider tagging him; and
  • Langdon – Wing (Brother of our own).




Okay, the same as every week. To do list:

  • Control the game. We need to be the team winning the midfield battle and then driving forward, keeping control of the ball until, really importantly, we have an easy kick at Goal;
  • Get control of the Clearances to match HO;
  • Rest Grundy – use Cox, Reid and Cameron alternating as Ruck;
  • Tag Petracca – Greenwood; and
  • Speed and variety of entry to the goal-kicking position. Stop the ‘up and under’ big kick into the 50.


Team: I’m very concerned about Grundy. He appears tired. Regardless of the personal competition between him and Gawn, he needs to be fit for the rest of the season.

  • Ins: Pendles, Elliott, Moore, Reid, Cox and Greenwood; and
  • Outs: Roughead (injured), Grundy (managed), Mihocek, Phillips, Thomas and Mayne. Your thoughts?


Pre-game Brief? Go to (eventually).


Weather. Light rain is forecast. Boots with stops (not metal); not moulded soles.


TV. Not clear. Go to


Anyone Going? Anyone in Brisbane? I’d still really like to hear others’ views before, during and after the game?


Expert Predictions? Look around here at Perhaps not surprisingly, everyone picked us to Win against Adelaide. This week might be interesting.


My Picks

  • Pies to Win by 37 Points. BOG – Adams (37 Disposals @ 79.6% DE; 8 Clearances and 1 goal). Cox and Reid each kick three. Your prediction and selections?




This is our year, people. C’mon, let’s hear your views?


Go Pies.





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