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G’day everyone.


What a game, and we were there. Did you know they still have ‘standing room’ at the G? I didn’t, though our Standing Room tickets, albeit with a Level and Seat number defined, should have given a bit of a hint. We got there early and established ourselves on the barrier fence, something to lean on for the next few hours.


The crowd was about 2/3 Pies’ supporters; 1/3 Cats’, very vocal. The Police were highly present – only a small number ejected that I saw. Not too much friendly chatting between opposing fans, this time. The outcome was too significant.


We got off to a great start but always expected Geelong to come back at us, which they did. We led at every break, except the last, most important, one. Geelong stormed home in the end, and anyone watching would have expected a Pies’ goal to come when the siren went. Thirty seconds more would have led to extra-time.


Onward and upward. Next game – Freo, at the G. See below.  Go Pies.


Elimination Final


Geelong 11.12.78 defeated Collingwood 10.12.72.


A starting comment:


Only three things concerned me regarding our path to the Grannie (and the Premiership):


Richmond. Richmond in the Finals can Win games. Thank you Brisbane for your very narrow Win ejecting them;


Sydney in Sydney. Okay, now, we are likely to have to confront this (again); and


Geelong. Geelong are the top of the Ladder for the simple reason that they are the Best side in the competition. Beatable, yes, as we demonstrated. I considered before the game, with Richmond out and a dash of optimism regarding a Prelim against Sydney in Sydney, that Collingwood and Geelong would meet in the GF again. This EF game was just a bit of a ‘starter’.


From the AFL website:


A titanic battle befitting the stage it was played on, Geelong are through to their sixth Preliminary Final in seven seasons. Geelong did it as they always have, winning the contested possession count 155-135 and 8.4.52 from intercept possession chains to 5.7.37 for Collingwood got them home in the end.


We Lost to the Minor Premiers by one kick. Get a grip, people; we have demonstrated we are where we are qualified to be.


One game at a time. Dream. As already seen, the Finals are very different to H&A.


Go Pies.


Game Timeline. Have a look at the Timeline at The Goals scored in each Quarter were:


Q1                   3 (us) / 1 (them);

Q2                   1 / 3;

Q3                   4 / 3;

Q4                   2 / 4; and

Total               10 / 11. And we Lost. The Scoring Shots – 20 (Us) / 23 (Them), not counting our significant number of OOBOTF (I don’t have the numbers – working from memory).



Match Report:


Coach’s Comments: Worth watching, especially the distinction between being losers and losing a game.


Statistics & Lessons:


Statistics across the game. Look at the numbers, below, with some comments:


Statistic category Comments
Hit Outs 48 (us) / 34 (them) The degree of our HO dominance was not reflected in either Clearances or Inside 50s.
Clearances 42 / 41 The fact that our HO dominance is not reflected in the subsequent statistics means we are being sharked, losing the Midfield battle.

The Clearance numbers have levelled off, as have the Inside 50s; as have the Goals scored.

Clearances – Centre bounce 10 / 10
Clearances – Stoppages 32 / 31
Inside 50s 56 / 53
Goals scored 10 / 11
Contested possessions 134 / 155


Application, broadly reflected in the CP and Tackles numbers (219 / 225) reflects the equivalence of application by both sides. They did well.


85 / 70


90 / 62


55 / 457
Disposal effectiveness 69.7% / 68.4% Worked with a very minor advantage, but look what’s coming….
Inside 50 – DE 42.9% / 49.1% This is critical. With a very similar Inside 50s number Geelong’s substantial advantage here demonstrated they used the ball more effectively Inside 50. This is the match Winner statistic.
Inside 50 – Marks 13 / 9
Inside 50 – Tackles 10 / 12
Frees 13 / 14 Always where and when awarded. See comments, below.


The Difference in the game? See highlighted sections. Over the course of the game the principal areas of difference between the teams were the HO numbers, seemingly giving us no major advantage, and the DE Inside 50 which gave Geelong a substantial advantage, and Won them the game.


So, what is going on?




Continued great variety of entry into the 50 and varied goal-kickers, but need to ‘slow-down’ sometimes to look for a better placed kicker.

Application was great.

Great intercept work, particularly in the Backline and punching in packs, with an exception or two.

Great passages of the ball through the corridor – the reason we watch this great game.

The players still enjoying themselves. Love the smiles and the support to teammates.





We need to get control of the game, and keep it, for four Quarters.

Need to continue to emphasise punching in defensive packs (see the Q4 Rohan’s marks) and avoiding too many ‘talls’ and crumbing behind packs.

Our failure to exploit our HO dominance into Clearances, particularly, is concerning (still).

Umpires protection of the players (I’m leaving this in. Do you remember when we used to say “The umps had a great game; we hardly noticed them.”). I think the 50 m penalty is a disgrace. Do the Umpires have a policy that ‘Jack’ is never to be awarded a Free?


Best. Listed Best were: Moore, Pendles, De Goey, J. Daicos, Sidebottom, Crisp and Noble. No comment – a team effort throughout.


Ground Reporting. Who else was there? Ground Reports please? Or I’d love to hear from those who simply watched it on TV;  please?








Collingwood versus Fremantle at the MCG.


Saturday, 10 September 2022; bounce at 4.35pm.


Tickets go on sale today (at 11.00am). You can also get a guest ticket with your Membership one, unlike last weekend.


Injuries: Go to Check later in week.




A clip from the AFL website on last weekend: “The stars had to align for Fremantle to turn a 41-1 deficit into a 13-point victory in Saturday’s elimination final against the Western Bulldogs”. They emphasised their physical and mental fitness, seen in their run home in various games, the impact of their momentum and their crowd support in Perth; not sure how relevant that is next weekend.


The Best from their games against us plus their game last weekend (and the place on the AFLCA Player of the Year) gives me the list of players to watch.


Who to watch?


Fyfe – Centre (maybe, subject to injury?);

Serong – Rover;

Mundy – Midfield (about to retire);

Walters – Forward;

Darcy – Ruck;

Ryan – HB;

Taberner – CHF; and

Andrew Brayshaw – Centre.

Maybe keep an eye on Aish at Half Back for old times sake.


Anything else, people? Your views?




Injuries: Go to Also check later in the week.


Out?   Adams, Johnson. Not sure who else.

In?     From Carmichael / Madgen / Macrae / Henry / Kelly?


Your thoughts?


Team: Very hard to change a successful team except for essential changes (like Adams (again; we missed him previously).


Things to do – mostly (not entirely), the same as previous weeks:


Focus on the Ruck battle. Critical for the next steps – Clearances, then the Inside 50s, then score;

Seek to shark the Clearances in the Centre bounces and at stoppages around the ground;

Continue to better establish Forward targets – a variety is essential – take time to decide;

Maintain the speed of movement; avoid stoppages or delays (particularly amongst the Backline) – open the game up;

Use the centre corridor;

Continue to enjoy your footy; and

Pursue the execution of the high-intensity Game Plan for the entire four Quarters.

Your thoughts would be welcomed.





My Result. Collingwood to Win by 26 Points. BOG – Pendles with 28 Disposals, 9 Clearances, 5 Tackles and 1 goal;  Mihocek kicks 5; Jack gets 2. Your thoughts?


Go get em, boys.


  1. Check next week.


Weather. Light rain is forecast on the day, following several days of rain. Way too much slip sliding still. Moulded sole boots should be replaced with boots with stops.




A Win over Freo sends us to a Sydney Preliminary-Final, followed by the Grannie.




Footy Almanac. Go to More specifically go to for the history. Readers can make comments at the end – interesting reading. Highly recommended.


Believe. Go Pies







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