Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: A Solid Weekend

True Believers, a solid weekend (except for our Netballers). Keep it up.


Firstly, a real, warm welcome to Lauren, a True Believer from a staunch Pies family. Lauren, this is just a bit of fun amongst our family of fellow-Pies supporters. Welcome your thoughts; and enjoy.




Not a great start to the game, but the recovery was impressive. A Win 13.12.90 over the Western Bulldogs 8.7.55; noteworthy after we trailed by four Goals plus after the Q1. And we are in the Eight – well done.


Progress against my list to the Bye – Where do we go from here?

–         Round 9 – Saturday, 19 May; 7.20pm – St Kilda; ES                              Win.

–         10 – Friday, 25 May; 7.50pm – WB; ES                                                  Win

–         11 – Sunday, 3 June; 3.20pm – Dockers; MCG                                      Next; see below

–         12 – Monday (QB Holiday) 11 June; 3.20pm – Melbourne; MCG   This game is starting to look absolutely season-defining. Melbourne have produced the results, so far. We will need to be at our best to get the result here?

–         13 – Bye

My previous statement: “So, we should expect to go into the second half of the season on 8 Wins (32 Points on the Ladder) from 12 games; a sound basis which should have us in the Eight and heading for the Finals. The final run might be challenging.”

Let’s keep it up. Your views?





  • Numbers:


–         Frees: 22 (us) to 25 (them). It always depends on where they are awarded?


–         Hit outs: 42 (us) / 22 (them). Grundy had a field day; well done. But, as always, if he gets the tap and it goes to the opposition that is not useful. See next step.

–         Clearances: 39 / 33. Given the advantage (above) from the Hit-Outs this statistic, again, is not good enough.

–         Inside 50s: 59 / 52. About what you’d expect given the Clearances.

–         Marks inside 50s: 9 / 12. Both sides should see this transition into the 50 to marks as pretty awful; we were slightly more awful than them.

–         Scoring shots: 25 / 15.

–         Goals: 13 / 8. ‘Sound’ kicking.


  • Best: Agree, particularly the recognition the Backs are getting in addition to the usual recognition of the Mids. Noteworthy: Grundy – 26 Disposals @ 73% DE, 38 Hit Outs, 7 Marks and 7 Clearances was outstanding; Scharenberg – 26 Disposals @ 100% DE – also outstanding; Treloar (40 Disposals @ 70% DE) and Phillips (36 @ 78% DE) were hugely influential. Well done.


  • Effort. The Contested Possessions and Tackles reflected great application by both sides (CP: 163 (us) to 132 (them) and T: 58 each).


  • Disposal Efficiency? Better across the board: we had five players with DE under 70%; they had seven. DE amongst key Mids is addressed above.


  • Lessons:

–         Positives – Backline (in total) and kicking (generally) good. The handball transition out of the Centre (or other stoppages) is outstanding – breathtaking, almost.

–         Coaches box influence. I have been critical in the past of the absence of influence during the game of the Coaches’ box. Not so this year. And if you need an example look at the movement of De Goey and his influence during this last game. Well done.

–         Transition of Hit Outs to Clearances – better, but still needs to be worked on. We claim our Midfield is the best in the League (well amongst the best) – they should start dominating – the output of the Midfield is receipt of the ball (see next).

–         Delivery into the 50 to a Mark. This was poor and needs to be addressed. A Clearance that fails to be converted into a Mark inside 50 is wasted.

–         Conversion of Inside 50s to scoring shots also needs to be addressed.


–         Injuries. Varcoe – a key loss if unavailable. He provides immense pressure wherever he is playing. Cox is also recorded as injured (no detail).

–         Other. Cox? Will probably miss a match – see above under Buck’s comments re Cox’s ‘booking’.

Your thoughts?




  • Round 11. Versus the Fremantle Dockers at Etihad Stadium (again) on Sunday, 3 Jun; bounce: 3.20pm.



  • Them. The Dockers have not been having a good season, so far.  They are sitting 13th on the Ladder with Wins against Essendon (R2), the Suns (R3), the Bulldogs (R5) and St Kilda (R 8), but importantly significant Losses against Sydney, Richmond and Port. They are coming off a fairly substantial Loss to North last week though they were about equal until halfway through the 3rd Quarter. People to watch for – Fyfe (of course), Sandilands (if fit (concussion)), Walters, Langdon (all Midfield) and Matera (FP). Fyfe, in particular, is a game changer – might need watching.


  • Us?

–                  Team? Dropping Murray surprised me – whenever he touches the ball there is a sharp intake of breath as we all wonder where he going to go with it. I love the underlying arrogance of the man’s run. Greenwood did well for a first run – a good resource to have on the paddock – Fyfe maybe? Replacements for Cox and Varcoe – McLarty (if fit) and Mihocek (deserving of a run down Back). Also consider Wells’ return.


–                  Game Plan? Same as last week; Convert Hit Outs to Clearances – critical and emphasise the low, hard passes to a target inside the 50.


  • Picks? Pies by 37 points. BOG – Grundy with 37 Disposals at 87% DE; 51 Hit Outs; 17 Clearances and 10 Tackles. Hoskin – Elliott, Thomas and De Goey each get 4 Goals. Your thoughts?


  • TV? No; at least not in Canberra. Find a friend or I’ll see you at Eastlake for afternoon drinks?


Reporting? All, let’s get into it, please. Your pick?




  • A terrific Win 15.5.95 over Footscray 9.9.63 (fifth straight Win). Still sitting second on the Ladder behind Richmond on percentage (see next week). Well done.




Magpies Netball


  • A disappointment, particularly given the start. A Loss to the NSW Swifts 64 to 54. Well done, ladies; great effort; onward and upward.







  • Well done, ladies – another great result and still unbeaten this season: 6.2.38 over the Bulldogs 4.6.30.







  • Next Round: Sunday, 3 June; 12.00pm. Pies vs St Kilda at Boroondara Sports Complex, 271C Belmore Road, Balwyn North.


  • I haven’t seen any results.  Actually, I suspect the results are of less significance than getting onto the court and having a go. Well done, everyone. Go Pies (and everyone else).





–                     GWS – Not until 11 August;

–                     Raiders – Round 13 – Bye; and

–                     Brumbies – Home to the Tokyo Sunwolves on Sunday, 3 June; kick-off at 4.05pm (their timing – it’s not a typo) – a little bit of a conflict of events. You can always wear a radio to listen to the AFL while watching the rugger. Remember that when you are wearing a headset you tend to speak more loudly so everyone within 40 rows will hear your game updates (as I managed a few years ago, much to the disgust of some patrons – but the Pies were on a roll, so it was all good news as far as I was concerned)..



Go Pies.




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