Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: A big win in Alice

True Believers, what an occasion?




What a game?  What a performance?


The girls were magnificent.


Guys, some lessons, for everyone:

  • Application – fantastic;
  • Support play – I can’t recall anyone having the ball without someone running past them; and
  • Decision-making – fantastic – no kick and hope (okay, except for Mo Hope’s two Goals and one Assist; well done).


Interview with Wayne Siekman, coach, afterwards?  “If we can put out performances like that and maintain that intent and that work rate, then anything’s possible. This competition is so even, as we’ve seen, and if you don’t turn up and you don’t play at your best, you’re going to be suspect to winning a game of footy.”


The game:

Pies 9.4.58 defeated the Demons 3.6.24 at Alice Springs on 24 February.


Match Reports:

Good summary.  Totally agree the Best -Bernardi, Lambert, Chiocci, Bonnici, Hope, King.  But critically, it was everyone – a true team effort.


Four further match reports from The Footy Almanac





  • For John, the Frees went against us: 20 (Pies) to 25 (Demons).  That, actually surprised me as I thought we benefited from the umpiring.  There you go.


  • Real Statistics:

–        Hit-outs: 14 (Pies) to 18 (Demons);

–        Clearances: 15 to 18;

–        Inside 50s: 26 all;

–        Marks inside 50: 8 to 7;

–        Scoring shots: 13 to 9; and

–        Goals: 9 to 3.


What does this show?  Actually, not a lot.  Hit-out to Clearance numbers as expected; Clearance to Marks inside 50 no difference; but conversions from there?  That was the real difference. While not included in the Match Report I recall seeing the ‘Score from Turnover’ statistic of both teams – we walloped them. Certainly, the ‘hunt in packs’ mentality worked a treat. The other notable difference was the fact that they used handball a lot (51 (us) to 71 (them).  Not sure it was a useful tactic.


  • And for effort:

–        Contested Possessions: 89 (us) to 92 (them); and

–        Tackles: 55 to 44.


My only comment here is to suggest that the Pies’ tackle count maybe low because we tackled in groups; not sure how it is scored – probably based on the individual tackled?  It was fantastic to watch the gang tackles resulting, frequently, in the ball being stolen.


Your views?




Round 5 – Sunday, 4 March versus Western Bulldogs (Ladder Leader) in Moe; ball-up: 2.35pm.


  • In any language this will be a big ask.  The Bulldogs are sitting at the top of the Ladder with three Wins (they Lost against Adelaide in Round 3) but destroyed Carlton last weekend.  Their percentage is 200% from the three Wins; ours is 100% from one.  But the competition is so even, and coming off that fantastic Win against another potential ‘high-flyer’ – Melbourne, anything is possible.  All the girls have to do?  Play to their potential.  Good luck.  Remember we are there at your shoulder; Side by Side.


  • Anyone going to Moe?  You could attend the Magpies Netball game at Traralgon the day before – see below?


  • TV – No FTA TV this week; just Fox Footy.




Intra-club game.  Did anyone go?  Would welcome some feedback?


First Pre-season practice match – Thursday, 1 March; bounce: 7.20pm; Manuka.  Hope you’ve booked a seat; I’d be very surprised if it’s not sold out.  If no booking – get there early.  See the invitation at the end of the email.


  •       Game Plan?  My principal concerns for the past few years related to:

–        Kick-ins – our propensity to give away possession right from the kick-in (since Leon left);

–        Control of Clearances – It is not enough to get a kick out of the Centre; they need to go somewhere and be effective.  Measure the Mids’ contribution by the effectiveness of their disposals;

–        Coach’s Box Influence – The game involves two teams, each of which can do the unexpected.  We need to be prepared to do things – like Tagging.  The Coach’s Box needs to be involved in the game; and

–        Application.  Can the guys match the girls’ application?  We have a fantastic level to try and match.  Well done, Ladies, thank you for setting the standard.



  • Who to watch for?  In addition to the usual, I’d suggest you keep an eye on the following:

–        Kirby – Forward;

–        Stephenson – a newbie who performed in both the AFLX and Intra-Club games – not sure where;

–        Murphy – as above;

–        McLarty – in the Ruck;

–        Marty Hore – 2017 VFL Collingwood Best and VFL Team of the Year.  Move up?

–        Wells – Mid, anywhere / fit?



  • And for them:

–        Heater (of course – still runs ‘funny’);

–        Jezza (No 18); and

–        Their Ruck – whoever has taken over from Mummy, noting that Mumford is their Ruck Coach now.  Do you remember Mummy’s influence against Geelong at Manuka last year?  Incredible.



I’d like to hear your assessment after the game.


AFL / Netball Season Launch – 6 March at Holden Centre.



AFLX.  Nothing more.





  • Thursday, 8 March; 6.00pm – First Practice match versus Richmond at Punt Road Oval.
  • Other matches – go to
  • Saturday, 7 April – Season starts – Northern Blues at Preston City Oval.



VFLW- Swisse Wellness competition






  • Pre-season game at Traralgon on Saturday, 3 March; 12.00.
  • Season Launch – 6 March at Holden Centre.





  • IMPORTANT.  If you are going to the Thursday, 1 March practice match at Manuka (Bounce: 7.10pm) feel free to drop by the Eastlake Football Club (3 Oxley St, Griffith) for a heart-starter; maybe a snack.  We’ll be there from about 5.30’ish, so either call me when you get there (or take out a membership (it is seriously cheap)). It’s only a five minute walk to the ground.



Go Pies.




  1. Luke Reynolds says

    The Magpies Women were wonderful on Saturday night.

    Playing at Moe? Really unhappy with that. The would be a huge buzz around Collingwood home AFLW games if they were all at Victoria Park, not at the Holden Centre and Moe.

    Looking forward to Thursday nights JLT game. Go Pies.

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