Call for Writers : SCG (Sydney Coup de Grace)

Not much to say after the formalities of Melbourne.  I got Pup to send them in.  Just to stretch it to a fourth day, but there is only so much you can do.  Thanks for all the hard work from the Almanac writers, selectors and commentators.  Together with my inspired leadership you have made all the difference.  Leave the names and days you are available for the Sydney Test at the bottom of the post.

Nothing much else to say, so I thought I would just share a few family snaps.

Invers Boof

Keep your voices down.  Boof and I tied on a big one with Ricky at the Beefsteak and Bourbon last night.

Invers wheres homework

Where is your day three homework Else?  You were late Dawson, but at least you made an effort.

Invers Leslie NielsenInvers LN2

Family likeness.

Invers Drama Centre

Alma Mater.  John Inverarity Music and Drama Centre.  Modesty forbids….

Mitch delivery stride

Sorting out Mitch’s delivery stride.

Watto Magic

Message to Flynn. 

Watto OMFG

Message to Faded.

Watto lest we forget

Dawson recants.

Watto nude

Youthful indiscretions??

Warnie and Liz


Wishing all Almanackers a happy new year in 2014.  I have seen the schedule for the year – South Africa and India??  Time to leave ’em while they’re laughing??

Much to consider.





  1. Is that a bat or is he just happy to see us?

    Not certain as yet Invers. Will be back at work Thursdie.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Invers very enjoyable and a , Happy New Year available at your beck and call
    Master what ever you decide , Thank you

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    Could give Day Two a bash if required.


    Peter S

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Raj Singh Day 3 or 4 hasn’t got Internet access for a couple. Of days currently

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Mark/Faded and I have resolved our Nintendo issues and I’d be happy to bat with him again if and when he’s available. Otherwise happy to slot in wherever needed.
    Cheers, Steve/Funky.

  6. Invers

    Tell Luke/Funky…

    Faded is willing

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Sean we must be due to open….

  8. Invers,
    Might I suggest that you rotate me out until the South African tour,
    whereupon I will happily report on a brilliant Shane Watson ton.

  9. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Seems to be a air of complacency amounts the , Knackery Invers come on folks put your hand up for the chance to let , Botham no he got the , 5 nil part right ! Hopefully !
    Would you like me to do day , 2 Invers ? Thank you

  10. Gather round lads:
    Dawson you are excused. Your sick note says too many cream buns on New Years Eve but I have my doubts.
    Else – where are you son?? Showed such early promise, but now you have disappeared without trace. If you keep this up you will end up becoming an Essendon supporter.
    Thanks to the rest of the School XI:
    Day 1: Faded and Funky. Thanks for putting your hand up.
    Day 2: Rulebook and Schumacher. No going off-piste lads. We don’t want any injuries.
    Day 3: E.Regnans?? Has Clarrie made it up the Hume to the Emerald City? If not I’ll saddle up myself.
    Day 4: Raj Singh. Sterling efforts lad. Keep them coming.
    Day 5: Doubt we’ll need it. Will keep you posted.

    One last verse of the school song lads:
    “Here come the Knackers and cricket is our game,
    Here come the Knackers we’ll flog the poms again’
    We’ll fight on through the sun and rain,
    To bring the Ashes home again,
    To bring
    The Aaaashes


  11. Invers,
    Day 3, Sunday.
    That’s grand.
    Clarrie Grimmett and your mount could perhaps meet up during the tea interval.
    Regards, etc

  12. I can do Day 3 as well. Will be a Newell story.


  13. Sorry, PB, only just saw this.

    Looks like I’ve missed the bus, but I’ll be at the ground for Days 1 and 2 if you need a “runner”.

    PS. Just back from my first round at NSW Golf Club at La Perouse. Magnificent course!

  14. Peter Schumacher says

    Rearing to go for Saturday! If Australia lose this test all of the good of the previous four matches will be undone. So don’t lose the bloody thing!

  15. MOC – would love to read a ‘colour’ piece from you for our weekend pullout supplement section ‘Almanac (low) Life’. The SCG looks very different on TV. Is the Doug Walters Stand still there? The Ladies Stand? Have they homogenised the romance out of the place? Anything you can give us would be grand.
    Harms – I will drop myself down the order to bat with Raj Singh on day 4, so you can give us the Newell highlights of Day 3. But ONLY if we get full hamburger and banana milkshake reviews (names and ratings) for the Almanac’s new Monday ‘Epicurious’ liftout supplement.
    Go to it lads.

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