C Down promises to get off the couch for an important cause (SUDC research)


Team Sylvie Sunshine is a group of friends and family who will be participating in Run Melbourne 2014 to honour the life of Sylvie Jules Watty. Sylvie was a beautiful, happy and active toddler who had a wonderful life: it was just way too short. At 15 months of age, she went to sleep perfectly well but never woke up.


The aim of Team Sylvie Sunshine is to raise awareness of SUDC (Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood) and raise funds for SIDS and Kids NSW and Victoria, who fund research and provide support for families affected by this tragedy.


C Down, who has counted exercise over the past ten years as leaning for the remote and shuffling to the refrigerator, will be hauling his ample carcass over 10 kms in support of Emma and Stephen Watty who are, simply, two of the most courageous people he has ever met.


If you are interested in contributing a sheckle or two to the cause, a link to the Team Sylvie Sunshine webpage is below.




C Down is listed under his nom de plume: “Craig”.”



The run is on Sunday 27 July.






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