Brownlow Blog

Football’s Night of Nights is with us again.

A night for the WAG’s to shine, and the blokes to look out of place in a tux.

Expect the grog to flowing less freely (courtesy of Fev).

Andy D has been polishing up his best gags (be warned), and practising his pronunciation (won’t help).

As is the custom, a solid 70 minutes of entertainment should be crammed into the 4 hour broadcast.

We at the Almanac fancy ourselves good judges of footy, so who do we fancy? What highlights of the night are you anticipating?

Share your thoughts and predictions.

Winner: Chris Judd 30 votes

Runner up: Gazza 26 votes

Third: Dane Swan 24 votes


  1. A live cross to a pub in Frankston where Aker and Fev are sitting at the bar bemused that they weren’t special invitees to the count. There are contant references to how their respective team mates would not have polled in a particualt game if it wasn’t for me.

    Dane Swan to win the inaugral player’s ” best tat of the year and sleeve” award in a countback from the nong from Melbourne.

  2. Tony, a career in TV production awaits.

  3. I know all the talk is about Swan.

    But surely Luke Hodge would have to be a show?

    Could Lenny Hayes embarrass the All Australian selectors?

  4. Sydney Malakellis says

    Wonder if Chappy will be joining Aker and Fev in Frankston?

  5. SydMal

    It’s not shaping as a good week in any respect down Geelong way.

  6. JB,

    Hodge is a place chance (might poll a few too many 1 and 2 votes).

    Yes re Hayes.

  7. Swan could poll more votes than Teasdale (59).

  8. Sydney, did you read the comments from the girl who was “involved”? If not, read the story on The Age website. It’s guaranteed to make you half as smart as you were before you read it.

  9. Don’t dismiss the inaugral Sun’s captain. He has had some outstanding 3 point games ( probably more than last year) and probably a few less 1 and 2 point games so might even things out. Have you ever seen an umpire with a tatoo? I rest my case.

  10. My tip is a Brendon Goddard-Luke Hodge tie.

  11. Except R. Naaaahaaaassss to get a couple of votes..

  12. Get Michael Barlow as the leader after 10 or 11 rounds – probably get 8/1.

  13. He’ll be up there Dips.

    Ablett to be leading after Round 11.

    A couple of Saints will be in the mix.

    Back Geelong for most team votes after Round 22.

    Swan/Didak to charge home.

  14. J Brown will lead after Round 4.

  15. He probably scored all 6 votes against the Blues in round 2 Josh.

  16. Andrew Fithall says

    Michael Barlow’s date for the night is his father Herb. Dips/Flynny – I agree he will be up there mid-season. All I care about is that he gets 3 votes in Round 1.

  17. Can’t go past Dane Swan. Multiple sources point towards him getting 30 votes+, including my own tally i made up. Michael Barlow should be on 5 after two rounds but I suppose it’s just a matter of whether the umpires noticed him in his first two matches.

  18. Will Jason Blake get a vote?

    Currently on most games without a vote.

  19. Yeah I’ve seen that as well Peter, He did get 29 possessions and 11 marks against Adelaide in Round 22 but I doubt that will get him any since it was a bad loss for St.Kilda

  20. G’day Steve.

    Probably rated 4th best on the ground!

  21. Brendan Goddard and Lenny Hayes, for me all heart

    I may be a bit biased, but go saints


  22. With no Riewoldt for most of the year, they might be a chance Yvette. :)

  23. all i have to say is-
    ps- keep an eye out for my up-comming piece covering the hot fashions on tonights Brownlow blue carpet! ;)

  24. Looking forward to it Danni. :)

  25. cool jb! :)
    Sam Lane’s frock looks great from what ive seen, she jst tweeted a pic! :)

  26. Remember to keep it nice(ish) when you get to discussing Brynn. :)

  27. lol depends on what shes wearing…or should i say NOT wearing LOL.

  28. Hayes was 34/1 last I checked which left me licking my lips. $3.50 to finish top 5 was delicious as well.

    Rischitelli to be top Lion was $4.50 as was the Gold Coast’s G. Ablett – A price I could not ignore given Dane Swan only pulled 12 votes last year.

  29. What would they do if Swanny or Judd rocked up in jeans and a t-shirt?

  30. I think Swanny should just go the whole stretch jeans/moccies combo. You know he wants to.

  31. Juddy has to dress up. Twiggers would make him pay otherwise.

  32. You don’t have to worry about Dane Swan Tim.

    The matter of last year’s poor performance has been raised at the inner sanctum and directions given.

    He will win and deserve to but the umps would be well aware that it is only the Mr Demetrio and co who are allowed to miss ‘the bleeding’ obvious aka Lenny Hayes.

  33. Mick Molloy doesn’t look right in a suit.

  34. Phanto

    You aren’t insinuating AFL interference are you?

  35. Josh,

    Dane Swan could get away with bare arms.

    He could argue at the door that he had a Paisley long sleeved shirt.

    Ask your gran what paisley is. We olden day folk used to wear it to events like Woodstock and stuff.

  36. Liz Ellis just suggested Andy D stuffed up lat year.

    He looks impressed.

    I think she’s off the list for next year.

  37. No JB,

    just noting that he will get the votes for big numbers of posessions rather than how effective they are. There would have been an instruction to note his presence.

    Collingwood is the club of big numbers after all.

    I just noted on the ABC news that Mr Pert was very curt and he implies that the pies have an allocation of grand final tickets of a larger size because Eddie thinks it wise.

  38. Will Gary Ablett move to a Rugby state? After all, his name is an anagram of BAG LATE TRY…

  39. Gigs, is there an anagram for Rebecca Twigley?

  40. Angry’s looking well.

    He’s mixed his songs up though.

  41. If Baby Jesus doesn’t win, I hope they at least give him a membership to Seaworld, a giant pineapple and a wide brimmed hat. It’s hot up there.

  42. Dave

    I reckon he’ll be able to afford all the sunscreen he wants.

  43. Not to mention the biggest brimmed hat on the market. He can stack it full of bananas, pineapples and mangoes.

    Should put Carmen Miranda in the shade.

  44. #39 – “Wet bicycle gear”. That’s what she should’ve worn.

  45. If that’s Angry he’s either had a skin graft or has molted.

    Do Swan’s molt?

  46. That mockery of ACDC was terrible.

  47. Who is the out of contract player from the Pies to go to the Suns?

    That would be like scoring the get out of gaol free card at Monopoly I would expect.

  48. Gigs, I like the way your mind works.

    Josh, absolutley agree. Who thinks these things up?

    Phantom, he looked like an attempt to clone Angry gone wrong.

  49. Have you got an enigma code breaker(ish) machine for those anagrams Gigs?

  50. I thought he just looked sad.

  51. After 7 rounds Sandilands in front

  52. Judd 5 BOG’s from 5.

    I told you all he started well. :)

  53. 47 best keep that get out of jail card for Chappy Phantom

  54. Dave

    Enjoying these highlights of 1970? :)

  55. Yes, highly relevant considering Carlton’s ordinary 2010 season.

  56. Good to see Tim Eddie everywhere Lane has gotten over his conflict of interest issues.

  57. Good to see Tim Eddie everywhere Lane has gotten over his conflict of interest issues.

  58. Andrew Fithall says

    I am sick of all the concentration on betting within the telecast and throughtout the ads.

  59. Does the concept of conflict of interest have any meaning in the AFL?

  60. AF

    At least it keeping Andy Maher from asking someone how they feel.

  61. Having trouble with the pencil Dave or is it just nerves?

  62. Let’s hope they don’t get Andy Maher to interview the winner, or the loser for that matter. They would be ‘absolutely gutted’.

  63. Anyone else think Gazza’s extremely large bow tie makes him look like a cartoon character?

    Hoping to see some more votes from J.Riewoldt.

  64. These adds are giving me the tom tits. I hate commercial television.

    Who were the other players to win a Brownlow at more than one club JB?

    Ian Stewart (Tasmanian lad)

  65. Andrew Fithall says

    Peter Moore

  66. Just on the topic of trivia, does anyone know which other player in VFL/AFL history has played in two consecutive Grand Finals for different clubs? Luke Ball will become just the second ever on the weekend, if he plays.

  67. Peter Moore.

  68. Oops, beat me to it AF.

  69. Good question Josh.

    Gigs, you still out there?

  70. #64 Diesel Williams (of course)

  71. Bruce and Dennis mentioned it last Friday night, said they would reveal who the other player was at the end of the telecast. They didn’t, so I suspect they didn’t know either..

  72. 69. No I’m not. Oh wait. Yes I am.

    Was I supposed to do something, JB?

  73. Oh, I see. 66. Good Q, Josh. S King 2007 and 2009 but two years running? Hmmmm.

  74. Josh’s question #66

    Do you know?

  75. Mal Michael?

  76. No, how about Martin Pike? Or maybe Blake Caracella?

  77. Martin Pike 1999 and 2001 (NM & Bris)

  78. Caracella 2001 & 2003 (Ess & Bris)

  79. Thought you were on the money with Caracella then, but he moved to the Lions in 2003..

  80. Mal Michael no.

  81. David Downer says

    If overacting at the Brownlow is a crime, Count Vlad is again guilty as charged

  82. Will Judd Hang on and start the magpie decline so early in the week

  83. Judd-Swan-Ablett tie.

  84. DD I like the contrast between how he’s rattled off most votes, and then the dramatic pause on the crucial ones . Shakespearean.

  85. Pendlebury’s 3 vote game against Richmond just then has more than likely cost Swanny the Brownlow, we’ll see.

  86. Did anyone notice the look on Swan’s face after round 18?

    Not happy Jan.

  87. Eddie looks more unhappy.

  88. OH ! isn’t it upsetting that it’s already starting to unravel for the white on blacks

  89. Andrew Fithall says

    We are now seeing the greatest argument for taking the brownlow votes away from the umpires. Their blinkered vision prejudices thier ability to award votes to the best player. Look where Judd has finished on EVERY other major award and you will see that in 2010 he has not been the BEST and fairest.

  90. 2 rounds to go and the best Swan can hope for now is a tie !

  91. They umpires may get it wrong in other’s eyes but it is from ‘their’ perspective there is too much paralysis by analysis from champion data stats, that drive the media awards.

    Just because you win a ‘media’ award or two dosen’t mean you have a hand around the brownlow.

  92. AF

    It’s a poisoned chalice being media favourite.

    More often than not they lose.

  93. Juddy you beauty!!!

  94. Right now Eddie is contemplating getting on stage and strangling Demetriou. If looks could kill… I wonder, if he looks like that now, what will he look like on Saturday when the Saints get up?

  95. Andrew Fithall says

    Media favouritism is irrelevant. He was not the best player this season.

    Saintly – it is not champion data, it is every other commentator. According to the umpires, Dane Swan got best on ground in 2(?) games this season, there is not one other being who has seen Collingwood games who would share that view.

  96. Oh well a creditable third and he almost doubled his last years votes.

    Dear oh dear was that a wobble I just felt or just a log truck rumbling past on the highway?

    Ablett could win another next year and join Judd as a two club winner. Good players in weaker teams seem to stand out.

    Swan looked definately very off colour at the end. I hope he’s not coming down with something in the lead up to the big one.

  97. Can we just get out the footage of both the Judd “non-suspension” and the Chris Grant suspension incident from 1997 and compare them please?

  98. Must say I agree with Andrew on this one…Swan woz robbed !! And Ablett was also !!

  99. Andrew Fithall says

    Chris Judd deserved his first medal. He was as deserving of this as Brian Wilson was of his in 1982.

  100. Well said Gigs…Ian Collins personally interfering with the tribunal process and costing Grant a Brownlow…what a disgrace.

  101. i feel like Chris Judd ran past and snatched my Louis Vuitton handbag and drove off in a car with Pendlebury as driver!!

  102. Onya Danni!

  103. If looks could kill Tim I reckon Pendlebury may have to keep out of Swanny’s way for a week or two.

    Hope they are all patched up by 2.30 on Saturday.

  104. David Downer says

    Umpires dont dig tatts

  105. What about Shane Woewodin? the year he won, he polled a 3 in one of his games but did not even get a vote in Melbourne’s b & f in that game…even though Melbourne had a 10 through to 1 voting system at the time !

  106. I think Phantom’s point about playing in a side with less competition for votes is relevant.

    Pendlebury & Selwood took votes.

    The Saints midfield cut each others’ throats.

    Gigs, you are right about Chris Grant. That was a travesty.

  107. 103. Hope they don’t.

  108. Dave L. went to bed early.

  109. …im still shocked.
    to this point all i can manage say is “PENDLES..WTF???!!”
    over and over. i hope he’s still hiding under that table, cos Eddie doesnt look very happy…

  110. His highlight package should include the elbow to the head of Matthew Pavlich in round 13.

  111. Hang in there Danni.

    As I said yesterday it gets harder and harder.

    Brownlow night compared with the big event is like the difference between the Teddy Bear’s Picnic and the Battle of Culloden Field

    Pretty relaxed around here though.

  112. Danni #101, that’s classic. :)

  113. 111- lets just say IF i were Pendlebury’s WAG, (hey a girl CAN dream) i woulda given him a good wack over the head with my swarovski clutch!

  114. 101 – Danni – that is the single most hilarious thing I’ve heard said today. Damn Judd!

  115. My voting system only gave Judd 15 or so. Complete bias from the umpires!

  116. Completely bad voting system maybe Steve? :)

  117. Judd did not deserve 3 votes in Round 20, Heath Scotland did, and shouldn’t have even polled in Round 7 but he still got 3 votes.

  118. How did he even manage 2 votes in Round 13 against Fremantle?

  119. I know, I gave 3 to Barlow, 2 to Sandilands and 1 to Ibbotson in that game

  120. 114- well, if i can make Adam laugh that must mean i can be funny after all. lol

  121. Danni,

    there is an alternative approach.

    If you were Pendlebury’s WAG you would have stuffed the oroton in Swan’s snout for costing him a Charlie.

    They are going to be grumpy enough with each other this week; we wouldn’t want them fighting over you at the quarter time huddle.

  122. I reckon Judd will win from Ablett, then Swan.

    (posted 6.30pm 20 September from Tibet)

  123. Buyer beware betting on this caper.

    Having said that, I’ve got a 2011 Brownlow box trifecta already up and running.

    (1) Judd
    (2) Klomp
    (3) Twigley
    (4) Goodes
    (5) Bunton

  124. Ross Stevenson asked a very good question on the radio this morning. Why do all the WAGS at the Brownlow, when photographed, put one hand on a hip, slightly bend one leg, and turn side on?

  125. #124. Pre Brownlow deportment school.

    I’m a model, you know what I mean, I’m go’na shake my little toosh on the catwalk.

  126. Andrew Fithall says

    A table of interest!

    Team Votes Wins Votes per win
    West Coast 31 4 7.8
    Melbourne 64 8.5 7.5
    Brisbane 49 7 7.0
    Sydney 88 13 6.8
    Carlton 71 11 6.5
    Richmond 37 6 6.2
    Essendon 43 7 6.1
    Bulldogs 86 14 6.1
    Geelong 104 17 6.1
    Adelaide 53 9 5.9
    Fremantle 75 13 5.8
    Port Adelaide 57 10 5.7
    Hawthorn 70 12.5 5.6
    St Kilda 83 15.5 5.4
    North Melbourne 56 11 5.1
    Collingwood 89 17.5 5.1

  127. Andrew Fithall says

    So much for the “table” – 4 columns: Team name; Total votes for the team; Total wins for the season; Votes per win. Sorted in descending order.

    My consiracy theories continue.

  128. #13

    Some sage pundit suggested that you back Geelong for the most team votes.

  129. Andrew Fithall says

    I did mean to point that out Flynny.

    SOTG know that Judd is a good footballer but defensively he is nowhere. This is something other teams take advantage of. His direct opponent will often be very damaging in attack. Umpires would have no idea who Judd was meant to be minding when the opposition have the ball and so would have no idea of his inadequacies in this area. One of the reasons he scores votes even when Carlton lose badly. I repeat: the upmpires have no idea.

  130. Geez AF

    You and Eddie sitting down later for some gruel and grapes?

  131. Andrew Fithall says

    A broken sleep, JB, has improved neither my mood nor my abhorence of umpires inability to make a proper assessment of player performance. This was a most undeserved win.

  132. I think awards in all fields need to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Grammies- Dylan, Stones, Beatles, none of them won anything in their prime. But Milli Vanilli did.

    Likwise the Oscars- it’s well documented that certain types of films/performances are Oscar bait. Commercial success used to help as well.

    So it is with Charlie- Matthews, Carey, Whitten, Barrassi… the list of who hasn’t won goes on.

    Don’t make them out to be more than they are.

  133. All grist to the mill now.

  134. The first of the raids has been seen off by the brave Men of Bald. I always thought Gazza would win but for the Messiah to get 10 BOG is amazing particularly the 5 in a row. It only goes the stengthen my point that he does it alone and the umpires have seen it that way. I genuinely think Swan was shattered which augers well for a crap GF performance. Gazza’s 3rd top two finish in a team full of vote pullers (Thats “vote” pullers Phantom) is an amazing effort also. Great player

    Ive also found what I beleive to be the vital factor in seeing off the Pies come Saturday. Basically the group is divided in players with nicknames ending in Y or I ie Swanny, Presti, Shawry, Daisy etc and those with more ambiguous tags such as Dids,Neon,Max etc.

    Where does that leave Jolly. He can’t be called just Jolly and Jolls is plain silly. If the ruckman is divided between the two groups that surely means the group can be equally divided. Conclusion: Take out Jolly, take out the Pies.

  135. Almost every other voting system had Swan on top, but the mincing poodles umpires probably know best, running around like blue arse flies.

    He’s a good player, but I’d be embarrassed if I was Judd to accept that award.

  136. Judd is a champion but he didn’t have that many BOGs.

    How on God’s green earth can you be best on ground in a team that loses by 53 points?

    It’s madness gone mad.

    It’s not a shock though. Swan is not the kind of player who ‘gets’ votes. He’s an unobtrusive accumulator of stats. His game always looks better on paper the next day than it does after the final siren.

  137. Almost every other voting system had Swan on top, but the mincing poodles umpires probably know best, running around like blue arse flies.

    He’s a good player, but I’d be embarrassed if I was Judd to accept that award.

  138. Dave,
    Probably undeserved but Ive got a sneeking suspicion he’s not that embarrassed. As they say Read it in the paper.

    The anguish of the Pies fans remind me of an old joke
    How many magpies fans does it take to change a light globe

    One to change the bulb

    Five to whinge about holding the ladder and Mick Malthouse complaining if the umpires had got it right in the first place the bloody thing wouldnt have blown.

  139. Sydney Malakellis says

    I’m predicting Judd will win the Norm Smith this year.

  140. Chris Grant and Corey Mckernan missed out on medals for less than Judd did to Pavlich.

    Unfortunately it seems that Judd’s reputation (and Carlton’s reliance on him) amplifies his performances so that umpires overplay his effectiveness; ergo if Carlton play well (even while losing)then Judd must have been the reason.

    Judd is a great footy player but he was nowehere near the best player in 2010.

    Oh yes, if Mickey Barlow hadn’t broken his leg then he would have won with 32 votes.

  141. Now I know that Swan or Ablett deserved Charlie, but God it’s good to see people involved with Collingwood pissed off. :)

  142. Think you’re onto something Syd Mal.

    blue eyes / brown eyes, roscharch test, categories and perception, lickspittles.

    Plenty of valid explanations for the votes.

  143. 126 / 127:
    Andrew, a further example why you and I (being a Magpie & a Roo respectively) are in furious agreement.

  144. Josh: slither back down to your sewer, you invertebrate.

  145. Last night just showed how much the umpires love Judd, 5 BOG’s in a row, somethings not right there.

    The Best- maybe?
    Fairest?- missed the first 3 games of the year, should have been reported against Freo for waking Pav.

    For the first time in my life, i actually feel sorry for a collingwood player, Dane Swan was the best player this year, by far.

  146. Serves Dane right for not being a feted private school android.

  147. If you come over to Tassie to visit me Dave you can bring that chip on your shoulder.

    We are getting a mega pulp mill. Should be able to handle one that big.

  148. 145 – Dom, as much as I doubt the validity of Judd’s win, you can’t really cite the first three games he missed as a reason for not awarding him the medal. Those three games were missed because of a 2009 misdemeanour and he was already behind the eight-ball in terms of winning this years medal, simply by his absence in those three games.

    As for the elbow, well, maybe we should ask Chris Grant his opinion.

  149. #131 AF – just can’t agree with you on this one old boy. Every year in the brownlow there is a player or two who “should have won” but didn’t. We should stop over analyzing it all and take it as a given that the medal is voted on by imperfect people who are overseeing a tough game whilst administering an imperfect set of rules played by imperfect players on a large grass field in (usually) an array of weather conditions and whilst using an irregular shaped ball.

    Judd is a star and deserves all the accolades. The umpires sometimes get it wrong, but usually get it at least close to right.

    As for the argument that all the other “experts” had Swan as the winner, well they weren’t out on the field with the umpires. They were usually sitting in a comfy commentary box eating jelly babies.

  150. 139- Judd better not win the Norm Smith!
    i got my dad to put money on Didak for me!!!!

  151. Last year I had a prematch phone call from my wife’s cousin (everyone is related in Tasmania) and he asked me who I had backed for first goal and Norm Smith Medal knowing that I would tip the Cats.

    When I told him I don’t bet on stuff he still asked for advice as he was generally a footy novice. He thought Geelong by heaps, Bartel for Norm Smith and perhaps Rooy for first goal.

    I said the Cats by a couple of goals, gave thought – Chapman for Norm Smith and some one obscure like Max Rooke or Goddard for first goal.

    He went Cats by twelve points, Bartel (NS)and Max Rooke for first goal he got a modest return for the a first goal bet only and was happy. When I told him what my three (don’t even know what you call it) paid he was less happy.

    Cloke first Goal, Goddard Norm Smith, Saints by 17 points.

  152. David Latham says

    #147 – I guess I can put my temporary chip through the shredder.

    Just be sure not to put the zimmer frames through the mill.

  153. Sydney Malakellis says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Joel Selwood polling in 8 straight games a new record? That’s a Gigs question…

  154. Beyond Blue, Zimmer frames, used in humour?

    You are a little bit abrasive towards the handicapped and depressed Dave. So not 2010.

    I would have thought an educated contemporary intellectual would deal with those issues a little less flippantly.

  155. David Latham says

    Luckily I’m not an intellectual, but a prol working at Telstra.

    I fully recommend the services of Beyond Blue to those suffering mental anguish and zimmer frames for the aged.

  156. Cheers Dave.

  157. David Latham says

    certainly Phanto

  158. Pamela Sherpa says

    I was bemused by all the pre count Swan hype . I saw it as another typical media driven/jump on the bandwagon campaign and have to say I was delighted to see so many so called experts get it wrong. How they rated Swan above Ablett anyway is beyond me. If anyone was hard done by it was Ablett. If Judd had been suspended for hitting Pav, Ablett would have had his second medal Why people thought Judd would not poll well also baffles me. Why would someone of his class NOT poll well? Like him or not, he is a class player and a stand out in is team.

  159. Andrew Fithall says

    I knew I liked Gerard Whateley.

    My sentiments exactly.

  160. AF

    I don’t think the reaction of some to Monday night is entirely fair. Mr Whateley included.

    Putting aside club allegiance, there have always been players who caught the umpires eye and others who didn’t. Some Richmond people still get apoplectic at the mention of Keith Greig’s name.

    Some players fit in the unobtrusive category that Swan seems to occupy. I think Matthew Boyd is another. He had an outstanding season. You could argue the same for Lenny Hayes.

    Judd’s first 5 games were outstanding. He picked up some fortunate votes after that. The Freo game is a classic example of what can catch the umps’ eye- we played poorly but finished strongly, with Judd in the middle of the revival. In Brownlow terms, it’s always been better to have a good last quarter than a good first quarter.

    This doesn’t make it right, but it’s the system we’ve had for 86 years.

    If Swan was badly dealt with, what about all the champion defenders down the years who’ve never been given a sniff?

    This decision is no worse than many others down the years.

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