Boxing Day Blog

Play is under way at the ‘G.

Gloomy skies but no substantial rain.

Will Australia’s questionable batsmen get the better of an Indian attack with several question marks of their own hovering?

Fire away sports fans.


  1. A real chance here for Punter to get some runs.
    The Indian pace attack could best be decribed as workmanlike during that first session.

  2. John Butler says

    Smokie, a lot of working men would be offended by that comparison since lunch.

    Bowling mostly crap. Tactics (such as there appear to be any) barely better.

    Big chance to run the old Indian team ragged in the field. Just what Clarke would have wanted when he decided to bat.

    But can we take advantage?

  3. John Butler says

    After a very poor 80 minutes of cricket, Sharma suddenly reminds the Indians of a few basics.

    Yadav follows suit and benefits.

    Well done Punter on the 50, but I wouldn’t say it was completely convincing.

  4. Peter Flynn says

    The central theme of this series will be umpiring/DRS/Indian bullying of umpires.

    The wheel will turn.

    I expect the Indian threat to pull out of the series to come at some stage during the third Test.

  5. Punter’s innings was one of graft rather than class. Much like
    myself, when I come to think of it! Fair enough, it’s a fifty, but no,
    not convincing. The issue with him making these ordinary 50’s
    is that they both keep in the team, and do not stop the dogs from

    Once again, M Clarke plays the ball onto his stumps. How often
    is he dismissed in that manner? And given what follows, very
    irresponsible when Australia was clearly on top.

    I feel for Hussey, but the selectors’ determination to hang on
    to both he and Ponting means that the side is unbalanced
    without Watson. How many goldens has Mr Cricket made in
    recent times?

  6. All of a sudden, the Indians are bowling hand-grenades.

  7. John Butler says

    The worrying thing is that the only time we really looked strong was when India played poorly.

    Whenever they got their act together we struggled.

    No luck with a couple of decisions, but Warner probably used some up early.

    Well played Cowan on debut.

    PF, I reckon the TV commentators will ensure DRS remains an issue, if not the teams.

    Smokie, you nail the issue with Punter. If he makes a 50 every few innings it could well keep him in the team, but the team really needs more from the no. 4 slot.

  8. John Butler says

    Courtesy of Cricinfo, Hussey has 3 first-ballers in his last 7 knocks.

    Mr Wicket?

  9. Interesting day’s cricket. Ponting fought like aa aging world champion light weight boxer; he knew what he needed to do but his feet failied him. Hussey was stiff but it soo often happens that blokes get more and more unlucky as the end approaches.

    I actually feel pretty good about Australia’s future post Ponting, Hussey and Haddin. Play Khawaja, Watson, Cummins and Wade (probably puts Hilfy out of the side in the long run) and we have the makings of a good team. The selectors need to get their timimg right.

  10. Skip of Skipton says

    Give Hussey one more chance at a dignified exit by being dismissed legitimately, and then let Hilf actually bowl a few overs, Dips. Siddle is continuing the tradition of Victorians capably playing the no.8 spot.
    Merv, Reiffel, Warney. Pattinson looks adept enough with the willow also if required.

  11. Max Walker wasn’t a bad number 8, either.

  12. I left work early yesterday (Day 3) to go down for the last session. A thoroughly entertaining afternoon’s cricket, and a reminder of what you miss when watching on tv – eg. Hussey & Ponting were terrific running between wickets, sneaking the extra single and turning a 2 into a 3; I don’t reckon that aspect translates as well on the telly.

    The good and the bad of the MCG crowd showed up. Firstly, the good: a large knowledgeable element to the crowd – cheering ever run in a tight contest, recognising the above-mentioned running between wickets and good fielding, and large applause for Pattinson defending out the 2nd-last ball of the day, thereby ensuring Hussey makes it through to stumps and we have 1 recognised batsman in the morning.

    The bad: the racist bastard element. Took me back to 4 years ago, when India & Sri Lanka toured and I had my 2 most unpleasant days at the cricket, when I sat near visiting supporters at the MCG and witnessed them copping sustained abuse from racist idiot Australian supporters all day (and not in a jovial manner, but delivered in an extremely agressive way). Just sickening. Yesterday I sat in the AFL Members and didn’t have that in my immediate area, but by late-afternoon, the bay of Indian fans at square-leg were surrounded by a double lining of police and security, as Aussie yobbos on either side of their bay yelled and gestured at them.

    An intriguing match of high quality between 2 talented sides, with a (generally) knowledgable and appreciative crowd – such a pity that a few dickheads find it necessary to do their utmost to ruin it.

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