Bob Murphy’s Take On That Tackle

I admire Bob’s writing. This is another piece where he writes from the heart and it made me think of the Almanac motto.


He writes about the influence of one desperate act on the footy field that epitomised the change of fortunes for the previously winless Bulldogs. He stresses the importance of Tory Dickson’s run-down tackle to lift the spirits of his team-mates and thousands of Bulldog supporters.


Here is the link.


About Neil Anderson

Enjoys reading and writing about the Western Bulldogs. Instead of wondering if the second premiership will ever happen, he can now bask in the glory of the 2016 win.


  1. G’day Neil,

    I am glad Bob has written positively for your and his Bulldogs’ website. As always his writing is admired, the same thought as yours.

    His passions and loyalty exist that I also admire. Dickson seems to share his positive mindset.

    Sadly my Saints need better leadership and I think Nick Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna should have been offered mentor jobs at Morrabbin. They should have never been let off to the media…



  2. Neil Anderson says

    Thanks for your comments Yoshi. Bob is likable in so many ways. I see him and Nick R on 360 each week and they seem like soul-brothers. I didn’t realize they were good mates off the footy- field and yes, him and Leigh M would be valuable as mentors at the club. Maybe they both need a break from that daily footy- grind after so many years and it’s time for the next generation to step up. I really believe the move back to Moorabbin will be the start of the Saints revival. Especially if they get a share of the AFL and State Government money about to be splashed around. Bulldog president Gordon is hoping money for the Whitten Oval might lead to matches being played their again. So why not at Moorabbin also.

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