Biography boxes, Avatars and general Knacker love

Hi all,

Cookie here. Our IT guru, Dermie, has added a new feature to the site. You may have already noticed it – at the end of your story, there is a biography box. You can have it at the end of your stories, or not. There is also an option to upload your photos here if you couldn’t work out the Gravatar technology.

Work your way through these steps and see how you go.

(p.s. Dermie is also a Geelong fan and thinks Geelong will win the flag this year.)


1) please log into you the Footy Almanac using your username and password and visit your profile page


2) If you haven’t got a gravatar icon, you can upload your own photo via your profile page.  Click on UPDATE PHOTO from near the top right corner of your profile page.  Select an image from your computer, crop the picture as desired and press CLOSE.


3) fill in your relevant details in Contact Info area and also write a one or two paragraph biography (HTML code is allowed)



4) Note: if you do not want to display your Biography Box under each of your posts or pages, please tick the two boxes in your profile (at the bottom of the page)


Don’t show the Biography Box on your posts 

Don’t show the Biography Box on your pages 


Once all you have made your changes, please make sure you press the UPDATE PROFILE

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