Big Things are Afoot at The Footy Almanac (With thanks to Bill and Ted)

The Footy Almanac started – literally – as a blank white webspace back in 2007.

Three million visitors to the site, thousands of copies of our yearly Almanacs sold and more than 1,200 contributors later, The Footy Almanac has become a great community of writers and a loyal citizenry united in a love of sport, and what sport means to us beyond simply who won and who lost.

As we’ve grown and as the online digital space has become so much more sophisticated in a remarkably short period, it’s well past time to enhance a few things with the Almanac.

Or as JTH puts it:

“It’s a little like an unplanned family home, which has a particularly fertile Dad and Mum. Every time we’re pregnant we add an extra room. So we look a bit like an old Queenslander, with the veranda closed in and a room added out the back and a bungalow and a shed. It’s homely, but it’s getting hard to manage, and there’s a danger we’ll forget one of the kids.”

To do this, the Almanac is moving into unchartered waters – crowdfunding.

We’re oiling the cogs for a big website development and we need to raise the funds to make it happen.

If everything goes to plan with the powers-that-be at Pozible, we’ll be going live tomorrow (Wednesday March 4th) and, once that happens, you’ll be able to snaffle some great rewards: everything from books and merchandise to our about-to-be-launched eMag, artwork, golf and lunching adventures with JTH, and even golf with a mystery footballer.

The crowdfunding will extend right across the month until the first bounce of the AFL season.

We’ll be asking you to get involved in a number of ways e.g. do you have a name for our new eMag? We’d like to hear it.

Get ready for it…






  1. Grant Fraser says

    you had me at golf and lunch with jth

  2. eMag could be “The Sporting Globe”.

  3. I was hoping for “The Truth”. I bags writing the Hartbalm column, and Crio can do the racing formguides. The page 3 girls might be a step too far in a more enlightened age.

  4. E.regnans says

    “Message Stick” or indigenous variant.

  5. Sporting Globe most likely gone.

    what about Inbox Sport.

  6. How about SportnLife?

    Cheers, Burkie

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Your Shout Sport

  8. The Sportsball Quarterly

  9. Caught Marsh, Bowled Lillee

    ‘Bowling Shane

    The Goal Umpire Hasn’t Moved

  10. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Sporting Kink

  11. Peter Schumacher says

    For The Sporting Connoisseur

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