Bets, Seatbelts and September rainbows.

I remember once making a bet in year 6 for the Collingwood v Essendon game.

My mate Sam was a Bomber; he was also a left hander. I remember the nudge fights we’d have when our elbows would smack. You see, I was the right hander sitting on the left and he was the left hander sitting on the right. Footy was the main talk of the table in between the filling out of comprehension sheets.

So once we decided to make it more interesting with a bet.

Loser of the match has to wear the other teams scarf during recess and lunchtime.

We were both highly confident and even had witnesses on our table witness the signing of the bet contract. Being the tomboy that I was during primary school, everyone and I mean EVERYONE knew about my Collingwoodness.

So imagine the HUGE blow when Collingwood LOST the game.

That’s right; Danni Eid slumped to school in an Essendon scarf, in all its red and black glory.

The ridicule I had to endure was endless.

One particular Essendon supporting boy had the guts to tell me that I he liked my scarf and that I looked good in the colours…..hmmm…right. (Not a bad way to get attention from the boys ey?)

So now every time we play the Bombers I think back to the day, when I was so cute and naïve, so scarily passionate about my team- oh wait, I haven’t changed a bit! Lol

I have to admit I did have my worries about this game, could it really be possible for my Pies to keep the streak going? The Bombers seriously need to win yet we are pretty comfy on the ladder. A cold glass of one of those Lemon Lime and Bitters should calm the nerves; yeah I’m up for that.

I settle down in front of the TV and the boys run out I can’t help but smile seeing that cute little number 7 and that oh so hawt number 16 run out onto the ground.

The Bombers are up early with the help of Neagle. Travis is quick to reply.

Hille goals, Lee-Lee goals TWICE!

Mr. Blair Flair passed off to Mr. Flamboyant Daisy who drills it HOME!

Just to get even more attention Blair threads one from the boundary.

To my delight Lee-Lee Brown kicks his third and I erupt into a series of fairy claps.

Mr. Brownlow Swan gets a goal after all his efforts as the Welder hops of the ground with the trainers. Angus Muffin Monfries sneaks one through just before the siren.

Travis starts the second term well by kicking straight.

Medders misses to my devastation. – He needed that to go through, he needs to do SOMETHING!

Jolly goals, Cloke dribbles his third though.

Dawesy’s goals are amazingly gorgeous and im so seduced by it that I have to fan myself with my match report paper. How lucky is his girlfriend? Not that I’m not lucky myself :)

Carlisle shows good confidence for a young player and manages to kick a goal and is followed by Ryder.

God’s gift Nathan Brown turns my heart to goo, such a stunner. Jollywood kicks his second, it’s the revenge of the ruckmen!

Didak fudges his first shot at goal but Caffer scores.

Beamsy adds his name to the list of goal kickers.



Melksham kicks one- “My Melksham brings all da boyz to da yard and they’re like it’s better than yours….” –LOL sorry couldn’t help myself.

Didak joins the par-tay with his own number and Travis kicks number 5.

*blesses TV, gesturing the sign of the cross, thanking god for the beautiful gift that is Nathan Brown. *

Angus Muffin Monfries gets his second of the night and then the Bombers score again.

Baby Magpie Blair impresses me further, I’m slowly starting to warm to the fellow shortie.

Caffer bangs his third and I start to see the rainbow that is September.

Didak slaps his second and his opponent LOL!!!


As you can see I get VERY excited when Heath turns from defender to goal kicker!

Siren sounds and my dad and extended family arrive.

I run over and hug my dad around the middle.

“I guess you watched the game then?” he asks

“YESSES!!!!” I reply

We all gather to watch the replay as if it was live.

The paryt didn’t end until morning at five.

(Gee this is going to be EXTREMELY HARD)

3- Swan

2. -Wellingham

1- Lee-Lee Brown

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Coming off last week’s game, both Geelong and Collingwood fans had excuses already prepared for sub-par performances.

    Instead, both teams put on season-best performances.

    If these two don’t play off for the premiership, something is seriously wrong in the world.

    It’s a lovely time to be a Cat or Pie :-D

  2. Nice report Danni,

    I was hoping you saw Chris Dawes all over his girlfriend in the 7 plays in 7 days? She isn’t bad.

    Looks like the good teams are really getting the job done against their opponents this weekend. Makes me worry about North’s chances tonight.

  3. By the way, never seen a title as this one so unique.

  4. 1- lol i agree Susie, and its even better being a HOT PIE than a Cutie Pie :P

    2&3- Thanks Joshy, yes i did see the little cuddle, it was adorable. the funny thing about it is that hes so big and GRR and then you see him all cute and cuddly! lol :):):):):):)
    i dunno about North Josh…can they pull of an upset this big?

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