Balcony Banter: Calling all MCC members who would like to write a report on the Boxing Day Test

G’day MCC Members


As you may well know, the Almanac works with the MCC on their blog, Balcony Banter.

Their summer memoir theme has gone very nicely, which has included some nice stories on the 60th anniversary of the `56 Olympics including a delightful piece from Ann Rusden.

We are looking for writers for the Boxing Day Test. If you are an MCC member and would like to report on one of the days – in whichever way you like (memoir always welcome!) – please let us know.

Send John Harms an email with your preferred day.





  1. I’m a possible, JTH.
    Will speak to you.

  2. I’m certain Anna Pav will want to write about it

  3. Michael Crawford says

    Darren – you will not be in a fit state to report anything other than what happens in the Sir Bernard Callinan Bar! And even that might be subject to interpretation.

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