Galiwinku – An “Island Home” to Aussie Rules Footy

What community has the highest participation rate in Australian footy? Wesley Hull tells us that it is Elcho Island (famous for its musicians) off Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

From Paradise To The Pinnacle Of Success

Wesley Hull profiles four young men from the Torres Strait; Henry, Nathaniel, Leo and Josh – and the impact that football has had on their young lives.

The True Magic Of Wadeye

Wesley Hull looks at how a community put down its weapons (with apologies to Midnight Oil) and picked up footballs: Wadeye strong

School Footy – The Aussie Rules Nursery

Wesley Hull on the importance of school footy in developing future players and a footy culture. Too much falls to too few when it comes to supporting school footy, particularly away from the southern states.

African dreams of AFL glory

Wesley Hull reports from Far North Queensland on the growing interest in Australian footy from the younger generation of African migrants.

Triumph Over Adversity – The Spirit Of Our Game

Wesley Hull’s account of how difficult it has been to fly the Australian Rules flag in a South African village called Bodibe.

Kevin Sheedy – A (brief) World View

Kevin Sheedy – Lateral, International – Wesley Hull extracted full value from his ten minutes with the Eddie De Bono of Australian, nay World, Football

Junior Footy: The Journey Begins

Wesley Hull reminisces about his junior footy days and now that he’s a coach at junior level himself, Wes shares his argument on why it’s essential that the scoreboard stays.

Timor-Leste Footy May Rise Again – All it needs is…YOU!

Wesley Hull profiles the struggles of Australian rules die-hards in Timor Leste to resurrect the local competition and its national team

A Christmas Footy Story

Wesley Hull’s heartwarming tale of dream that came true one Christmas…

Footys4all North Queensland Road Trip

What price the smile on the face of a kid with a new footy? Priceless. What price also a kid’s ability to run and chase with purpose with their own brand new ball in their possession? Again, priceless, says far North Queenslander Wesley Hulls. [Terrific story and ripper photo – Ed]