Umpires Rising In Townsville

Wesley Hull reports on the development of new AFL Umpires from adverse backgrounds.

Indigenous & Multicultural Showcase In Townsville

Who will be the next Cyril Rioli? The 2016 National Diversity Championship will feature players from indigenous and multi-cultural backgrounds hoping to capture the eyes of AFL talent scouts.

A Good Day For Footy? No, A Great Day!

Adam Goodes visits picturesque Power Park in Gordonvale. A great day for all involved!

School Footy Comes Alive In Wolverhampton And Beyond

Wesley Hulls sees the future growth of school footy in the UK and Europe.

A Smile On A Kid’s Face

Wesley Hull explains the simplicity of putting a smile on a kid’s face – give them a footy.

The Foreign Legion

Pre-season is a time for hope, Wesley Hull shares his optimism for Essendon’s Season

A Pilgrimage From Zagreb To Adelaide

How can Josip Habljak, of Croatia, come to be training with Sturt? Wesley Hull interviewed Josip on his (incredible) journey.

Women Meeting The Men Head-On

Wesley Hull shines a light on some people bringing women’s footy into prominence at the local level. Here, it’s the story of Pyramid Waragnu from Cairns.

Rioli Tops NT Draft Prospects

Draft-watchers: Wesley Hull brings news of exciting young footballers out of the Top End. His family name is well known, but Daniel Rioli is not alone.

Heart And Soul

Wesley Hull discusses how people behind the scenes are the heart and soul at a football club and no club would survive without them.

Witnessing Greatness

An interesting reflection by Wesley Hull, in which he looks back at the greats he has been fortunate enough to see live; and in which he also ponders whom of the current crop will one day be considered greats.

From Russia, With Love

Australian football in Russia? With teams such as the Lazy Koalas and Saint Petersburg Cats? Wesley Hull reports on developments in this footy frontier.

Mauritian AFL team fails to take flight – A Metaphor

From the team at World Footy News: While the AFL is directing a vast amount of resources at Sydney’s west and the Gold Coast, and given that Canberra has a League and Rugby presence in the national capitol, this is a really interesting perspective and food for thought from a year 12 student in the ACT about the avenues for growing Australian rules football.

When code-hoppers take a very big hop

Wes Hull considers the rise in the number of AFL players from overseas (code-hoppers) and considers the way in which Australian football embraces those players and also encourages players from diverse backgrounds.

Round 19: Are We Ready For A Multicultural Feast?

Wesley presents an overview of AFL and club initiatives for this Multicultural Round. There’s a lot happening. [Interesting stuff – Ed]

Celebrating Diversity – AFL Multicultural Round

Next weekend the AFL celebrates the diverse backgrounds of those who play our national game. Multicultural Round

AFL Multicultural Round – An AFL Umpire’s Journey…via Cambodia

With the AFL Multicultural Round just around the corner from 7-9 August, Wesley Hull takes the opportunity to look at some lesser-known examples of how people with vastly diverse ethnic and multicultural backgrounds have contributed to the great game of Australian Rules Football. Meet Sampho from Cambodia.

AFL Multicultural Round – A Multicultural Game For All To Share

The AFL’s Multicultural round is once again upon us in the coming weeks. Having spent a significant period of his life in many different parts of Australia, Wesley Hull is uniquely placed to understand the significance of multiculturalism to both society and sport.

Five Reasons Footy Should Stay In Cairns

Wesley Hull gives 5 reasons on why AFL should stay in Cairns.

Cairns Girls Power To A Greater Victory

According to Wesley Hull, the Suns versus the Bulldogs wasn’t the main game in Cairns; what really counted was the half-time battle for hearts and minds.