Phil Walsh – A Light In The Room Has Been Dimmed

Author Wesley Hall on the tragedy of Philip Walsh’s death and how it has touched him.

Some Perspective Needed For Bomber Fans

Bombers fan Wesley Hall attempts to give some perspective for all Bombers fans in light of the disappointing result for Essendon on Saturday night,

AFL Indigenous Round Celebrated Far And Wide

Ahead of tonight’s Dreamtime at the G, Wesley Hull provides an insight into the importance of the AFL Indigenous round for us all and not just in the big smoke.

Supporters The Lifeblood Of Footy Clubs

Build it and they will come. If they don’t come the foundations will crumble. A thoughtful piece by Wes on why football clubs need supporters more than supporters need football clubs.

We Want You! Fancy Coaching in Odense, Denmark?

The Odense Lions and Lionesses are looking for an experienced player and/or coach from Australia to take them to the next level of footy.

Racial Vilification: A Threat To Multicultural and International Development

Racial vilification in the AFL not only threatens the rights of people to live without threats, bullying, stereotyping and fear, but it also threatens the integrity of the sport on the international stage. The ignorant and damaging actions of a small minority of AFL followers has to stop, writes Wesley Hull.

Round 3: So, What Does Round Three Really Mean?

After Round 2, Wesley Hull looks at the trends for the season. Who will likely make it to finals, and what do they need to do in Round 3 to get there?

On The Bench

Almanacker Wesley Hull was allowed into the inner sanctum – and onto the bench – to observe at close quarters the workings of the Queensland Kickstart team at the National Diversity Cup.

National Diversity Championships Wrap Up In Cairns

Wesley Hull saw the grand finals of the AFL National Diversity Championships in Cairns. Celebrating youth indigenous and multicultural footballers from across the country.

Round One Fan Consensus – Eighteen Teams to Make Finals

The joy of round one! Everyone’s team is still a #MathematicalChance of making the finals, says Wesley Hull

Another Footys4all North Queensland Road-Trip

Wesley Hull updates us on the latest work of Footys4all amidst the backdrop of one of the most scenic locations to get some kick-to-kick happening: Walsh’s Pyramid in Gordonvale, Queensland.

Remembering Talent Lost

Wesley Hull ponders the intersection of talent and fate.

Some Of My Footy Firsts

We all have childhood footy-related memories that stay with us for a lifetime; your trip to a footy game, your visit to the ‘G, kick-to-kick at school lunchtimes and that first specky over the top of the pack. Wesley Hull recalls a moment we can all identify with; the passion of collecting footy cards and being presented with your first footy jumper, knitted by Nan.

Celebrating Essendon’s Back to Back Flags

Ahead of their 30th Anniversary and reunion celebrations later this year, Wesley Hull recalls a time of great joy for many Essendon fans: the back-to-back years of 1984 and 1985. [I still tear up in joy watching Leon Baker’s blind turn goal in the last quarter that starts the comeback avalanche! – Ed]

The Extraordinary Generosity Of A Brotherhood Of Footy Clubs

What a brilliant concept: a world-wide family of “brother clubs” assisting each other in any way they can. And it all started with Pyramid Power and Facebook.

Maningrida Footy – A World Away (but getting closer)

Wesley Hull tells his story of community footy in the remote Northern Territory. Some great work being done in the Indigenous community of Maningrida. Local footy at it’s best.

Groote Eylandt Football – Brave New Worlds

The latest addition to Wesley Hull’s profile of footy in the top end. Today; Groote Eylandt.

Mount Isa Footy – Mining For Aussie Rules Talent

It is quite likely that the last thing on the mind of John Campbell Miles – as he hopefully kicked rocks along the bed of the Leichhardt River back in 1923 looking for gold or other treasures – was that 90 years later, Australian Rules footballers would be kicking goals of their own near that [Read more]

Lajamanu Footy – “The Lifeblood of the Community”

Wesley Hull paints a picture of the great game in the Lajamanu community and the impact it has had on everyone involved – especially a whitefella from Tasmania.

Yarrabah – An Aussie Rules “Paradise by the Sea”

Wesley Hull continues to take us on a journey of exploration about footy in the top end of Australia. Today: welcome to Yarrabah a footballing paradise by the sea