Almanac Music – Father’s Day Giftbox at Stereo Stories

Here at Stereo Stories we celebrate Fathers’ Day not with gifts of angle grinders and barbecues and golf balls but with fatherhood stories, fourteen in all.

Almanac Music: Chester Bennington, gone too soon

Deborah Tayloe, of North Carolina, relfects on the passing of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.

Cold Chisel + Festival Hall = Stereo Story

Everyone’s got a Festival Hall Story. And a Cold Chisel story.

Drive All Night. Brothers. Stereo Story.

This week Vin Maskell joins the dots between Glen Hansard, a love song from the Springsteen double album The River, and a five-minute drive from Moggs Creek to the Aireys Inlet general store.

Lit Fest looming: Almanackers front and centre

Almanackers are once again front and centre at the Williamstown Literary Festival on the weekend of 17 and 18 June.

Kerrie Soraghan, Yvette Wroby, John Harms, Smokie Dawson and Vin Maskell are amongst the guest speakers.

Soundgarden. Audioslave. Two Stereo Stories.

Chris Cornell, frontman of Audioslave and Soundgarden, died on 18 May, shortly after a concert in Detroit. Stereo Stories contributors Imogen Knight and Ali Schnabel were fans of the man, and his bands.

Neil Young. Markus Zusak. Stereo Story.

Which Neil Young song has helped Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief, get words on the page for his next book, a novel that has been a dozen years in the making?

Postcard from the mixing desk

Stereo Stories now has postcards, designed by none other than Chris Rees (the man behind the fabulous Footy Enigmas designs).

Almanac Music: church, childhood, Dave Graney

Hobart graphic designer Chris Rees is known to more than a few Almanackers for his artwork, especially his images of footy enigmas from the 1970s and 1980s.

Chris is also a dab hand at telling a story, as he shows in his debut Stereo Story, inspired by the Dave Graney song That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be.

Almanac Music: Chuck Berry at Festival Hall 1975

The sweat, smoke, and cold misery of thousands of defeated fist-fighters never seems to leave the suspended air of Melbourne’s Festival Hall. Even though the venue’s famous boxing ring has been disassembled for tonight’s show, the hall’s echo-enhancing walls still reverberate with the tolling clang of the bell. It’s a big, bloodied, booming cavern.

I’m here as a wide-eyed 13 year old anticipating the presence of true rock’n’roll royalty.

Almanac Music: Cattle And Cane Stereo Story

John Butler (the pioneering Almanacker, not the muso with a trio) makes his Stereo Stories debut with a story inspired by Cattle And Cane by The Go-Betweens: a series of finely-crafted vignettes stemming from a trip last year to the Far North.

Almanac Music: Racing In The Street Stereo Story

As a teenage boy in a dark suburban room, I was a long way from the turnpikes of New Jersey. I didn’t have a job, a car or a girl, just an Apollo 10-speed bicycle and a dungeon I called my own. What on earth was I connecting with here?

Stereo Story: first time I heard State Trooper

Vin Maskell recalls the first time he heard Springsteen’s State Trooper, from the Nebraska album…the sixth song began, its guitar line pulsating like a fresh bruise.

Stereo Story: Rick Kane. Ben Lee. Good grief.

A mix tape for mourning? Rick Kane’s latest Stereo Story is typically candid and insightful.

First kiss: New Year’s Eve poem for an unknown song

Vin Maskell shifts the goalposts a little in this short poem about a long ago New Year’s Eve, a kiss, and table-tennis.

Stereo Story: Status Quo and Black Saturday

Rick Parfitt, singer and rhythm guitarist with Status Quo, died on December 24, aged 68.

Our partner site, Stereo Stories, pays tribute via a story about listening to Status Quo in the aftermath of surviving the Black Saturday bushfires.

Stereo Story: goodbye George Michael

The death of a musician always drives us to their back-catalogue. On hearing the news about George Michael, like millions of others, Lucia Nardo spent the day listening to his albums again, and the song They Won’t Go When I Go in particular.

Stereo Story: making sense of Making Gravy

As a young teenager Cassandra Atkinson enjoyed but misunderstood the Paul Kelly song How To Make Gravy. Then things changed.

Almanac Music: Rick Kane and Culture Club

Rick Kane first heard Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? many years ago. The moment still resonates. This Soundcloud recording of Rick recalling that moment, accompanied by the Stereo Stories Band, is from a show at the Willi Lit Fest in 2015.

Almanac Music: ‘Smokie’ Dawson and The Stereo Stories Band

‘Smokie’ Dawson’s Stereo Story about young love and Before Too Long is always a hit at Stereo Stories concerts. Here is Smokie and the band at the 2016 Williamstown Literary Festival.