NAB Cup, Round 1: Eagles easily exterminate Essendon

It’s been 139 days since the 2009 Grand Final, the memorable game where at the final siren Geelong was leading by six points, and 12 points after Max Rooke dribbled his kick between the two big sticks after the siren. Come October, I was already missing the footy season (the Spring Racing Carnival which dominated the back pages failed to sustain my interest).

The offseason footy events were enjoyable – trade week was a hot topic of discussion at school, the draft definitely not so, but hearing about all the young guns I had been hearing about being randomly dispersed all over the AFL got my pulse racing. But these events were just too far apart!

I never fully pushed footy from my mind after the draft, as I was always keen to stay in touch with what was going on in the league, particularly at Richmond. I scoured the footy forums for reports on how Richmond’s youngsters were training and in January I went down to watch the boys train myself. On holiday in New Zealand in the summer holidays, I managed to get access to a computer and one of the first sites I accessed was the Herald Sun website, to get in touch with my estranged love, footy.

Now it’s 2010 and despite the loss of my longtime hero Richo, I’m as pumped as ever for the start of the footy season.

But I’ll have to wait till to see the Tiges play, as tonight the NAB Cup kicks off with my brother’s Bombers visiting the West to challenge the Eagles. It’s only preseason, but after a long separation, I’m looking forward to reuniting with my long lost love footy.

The day passes slowly. I spend my time at school working hard in my spares while listening to a German-accented teacher entertain his Year 9s with some jokes. “A boy drowned in a bowl of muesli, the currant pulled him under,” the teacher says. A few Year 9s chuckle awkwardly. After school basketball training at lunch, I endure the last two classes of the day before heading home and wasting away the hours until the match.

As there often is at Subiaco, and in the NAB Cup, there was a rather bawdy, excited atmosphere in the crowd. In the first minute of the game, the much-maligned and even more frequently injured carrot-top Ashley Hansen took a strong mark on the lead and kicked straight, shortly followed by Josh Kennedy.

However the boy from Eltham College, Michael Still, earned a free kick and kicked truly from a tight angle. From then on Essendon dominated the quarter. Kyle Reimers made up for missing a sitter by nailing a goal on the run from 49 metres, straight from a centre bounce. Jetta grabbed a loose ball inside 50 from a Lonergan kick and executed a sublime snap. Mark Nicoski, on a couple of occasions, kicked some attractive left-foot passes that entirely failed to hit a target.

Despite Essendon’s 7 goal to 3 lead at quarter-time, Nick Naitanui, who, despite the Herald Sun’s reports did NOT have blue and yellow dreads, was seldom failing to win a hitout. Ten goals in seventeen and a half minutes – a good start to the season, I thought.

Matt Rosa did a nice snap early in the 2nd quarter, followed later by Mark Williams’ first two goals for his new club. My brother David was getting excited, making sure everyone in the house as well as the families over the back fence knew that Mark Williams had kicked his second goal. I observed many of the West Coast midfielders were struggling to hit targets, even Kerr.

Then suddenly the momentum turned on its head with goals to Embley, Masten and Lecras. Essendon’s run had deserted them and they seemed to have no answer.

Then the amazing happened. Naitanui, already having a good game, snatched up a loose ball and executed a curling, right foot snap from the right forward pocket. The crowd went wild as it soared through the posts. Naita then compounded his good efforts with a slick chase-and-tackle and a leaping mark over Jobe Son of Tim that showcased his giant vertical leap and the way his arms reached up like giant testicles, as Jack Dyer would say.

With three seconds to go in the quarter, the Sherrin rolled out of a pack in the square through the goal umpire’s legs and hit the post, before bouncing back into play. Embley idly kicked the ball through for a goal, but the Essendon players and fans were incredulous when the umpire signalled a goal! Luckily, it wasn’t allowed to stand and the Bombers maintained a fragile 4 point lead at half time.

The second half began as the first had, with a goal to Ashley Hansen. When Naita kicked a supergoal from a 50m penalty, Essendon were well and truly in trouble, they couldn’t seem to buy a goal. David next to me was becoming more subdued.

When Zaharakis missed a left foot snap, his good mate Luke Shuey let him know all about it. Later Shuey set up another goal to Naita, then a melee ensued, sparked by Reimers, who due to his cocky, in-your-face nature has a tendency to attract trouble. The ruck combo of Bellchambers and Bock was no match for the lanky Fijian. Nicoski extended the lead to 40, the Eagles had kicked 7 goals to none in the third and the Bombers were thanking their lucky stars it was only the NAB Cup.

After Naitanui caught a boundary throw in and nailed his fourth goal, the last quarter was noteworthy only to give the viewers a taste of West Coast’s young talent, in particular Shuey and Brad Sheppard. Essendon debutant Kyle Hardingham, on the other hand, had throughout the game seemed to turn it over every time he touched the ball. The 35 point loss for Essendon was disappointing considering their 25 point quarter time lead.

Out of the Essendon players, Jobe Watson and Tayte Pears were the only ones who could hold their head high. Despite the final quarter, it was refreshing to be watching footy again after 139 days, and the match was brought to life by the ebony, athletic, dreadlocked giant wearing number 9. It was only pre-season. But it was still footy, and it’s good to be back.

West Coast 0.3.0 0.8.5 1.14.8 1.16.12 (117)

Essendon 0.7.1 0.9.3   0.9.6    0.12.10 (82)

Nine pointers: West Coast: N Naitanui. Essendon: Nil.

Goals: West Coast:
J Kennedy 3 M LeCras 3 N Naitanui 3 A Hansen 2 A Embley C Masten M Nicoski M Rosa W Schofield.

Essendon: M Williams 3 A Monfries 2 J Winderlich 2 L Jetta 2 D Zaharakis K Reimers M Still.

Best: West Coast:

Naitanui, Priddis, Embley, Kerr, Masten, Kennedy.

Essendon: Watson, McVeigh, Dyson, Prismall, Zaharakis.

ADAM’S VOTES: 3 – Nick Naitanui 2 – Chris Masten 1 – JobeWatson


  1. Josh Barnstable says

    Great report Adam, fantastic read.

    What a way to start the NAB Cup, it was entertaining from start to finish, even if the last quarter was a bit dull, i was expecting Naitanui to bob up and kick a couple more. Oh and he washed out the Blue and Gold in his locks a couple of days after he got them sprayed in.

  2. Steve Healy says

    just got home from the game!

    Amazing stuff, Red beat white 14.7 91 to 12.10 82. Jurrah kicked 4 for the reds! including a ripper for the boundary line and he almost took mark of the year on the goal line in the opening couple of minutes of the game. Jake Spencer started at full forward for the reds, and kicked the openeing two goals of the game. Scully played for the whites, he was a bit quiet in the first half, but really impressed me with his work ethic, he kicked a late goal which put the Whites in front in the last quarter. Trengrove starred all day. Jurrah kicked the last 2 of the game as well, he lept high and grabbed one just before it was going through for a behind, before casually wheeling around and kicking the goal.

    And after the game I got about 12 signatures, including Jurrah’s. Jurrah had a huge crowd around him, he’s pretty shy but I managed to pat him on the back

  3. Steve Healy says

    And great report Adam

  4. Josh Barnstable says

    Nice work Steve, sounds like a good day’s worth.

    Any big news from Casey Fields? Injuries or anything?

  5. Steve Healy says

    nup, no injury worries at all I think. Davey went off in the second half and didn’t return, but they were just resting him. Brad Green played mainly as a lead up forward as well, he kicked 3.

    Wonaeamirri, Garland, Watts, Blease, Tapscott, Bate, Johnson, Meesen and Gawn all didnt play.

    I spoke to Watts after the game and he just said he tweaked his calf or something. Everyone looks in great shape

  6. Steve Healy says

    I liked the look of Joel MacDonald, especially in the first half. Frawley ventured up the ground for quite a while, Grimes was solid. Rohan Bail was another who looked awesome I would say that Jurrah was best on ground

  7. Josh Barnstable says

    Okay sounds good.

    Made some pretty big changes to my SC team after the match last night. Traded out Wonaeamirri, Weedon, Leuenberger and Currie just so i could afford Naitanui in the Ruck. I replaced Wonaeamirri and Weedon with Tapscott and Podsiadly and Leuenberger and Currie with Naitanui and Bass.

  8. Steve Healy says

    cool, Bruce didn’t play either I forgot to mention him.

    All the players who didnt play were there, though, I saw Max Gawn, I didnt think he looked that huge until I was standing almost next to him. I spoke to Fitzy after the game too

  9. Josh Barnstable says

    Bloody hell i’m bored. Should go kick the footy but i can hardly move from playing Ultimate Frisbee at school and after tennis this morning.

    Did a pretty weird shot in my last match today too. I hit a backhand that just went over the net, and it bounced back over onto my side of the court. I had no idea who’s point it was, but they gave it to me.

  10. Great report my fellow graduating class mate! lol

    i watched the game from the halftime to the end whilst doing my busniess hw.
    it wasnt that great..i mean i think everyone is so caught up on saving themsleves for the real season, thats the only excuse i could come up with for all those spilt chest marks!

    Steve, im glad you had fun, you should have asked Jurrah for a hug!

    the preview shown of Ball for the Collingwood vs Saints game left me with shivers..i can’t wait!!
    i probably would have! :)

  11. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you should’ve been watching the first half it was really exciting, but it did get a bit boring in the last. Yeah I should’ve Danni lol

  12. yeah i know i was just soo exhusted by the time i sat down to watch the match and i wanted to get hw out of the way.

    oh well steve, just go to the next open training session and ask him for one! lol
    i seriously would have. :)

  13. Steve Healy says

    I spoke to Jack Watts Danni, he’s bulked up quite a bit and his hair has grown back to what it used to be

  14. well did u tell him NEVER to cut it again

  15. Steve Healy says

    lol no, he’s really nice in person Danni

  16. Nice work going to the intra club match Steve.

    I’ve discovered some bad news – my bball match is at 6:30 in Fitzroy. The match tonight starts at 7:40 which means it will be impossible for me to get home in time for the start, unless I leave early.
    I should be glad its not later than 6:30…

    Adelaide and Port starts in about an hour…

  17. 15- yeah so? you should have told him!!
    i mean hes so much hawter with more hair.

  18. Josh Barnstable says

    Now you know how i feel Adam when i found out that we were going out for tea last night, although its not as significant since you’ll be missing your own team play. Can’t wait for my report to be put up, i finished it last night but didn’t send it coz i thought it was too soon to send.

  19. well i prob will be still getting ready. (gonna take longer than normal b/c i look really drained)
    im going out with cousins for dinner.
    so i dont think i will see much of the game.
    i know it too cold for a skirt but stuff it im wearing one! lol

  20. Josh Barnstable says

    Too cold??

    School photos on Monday, and i’m outta hairwax. FML! :|

  21. its freezing in Melbourne!! Josh.
    yet im still willing to wear a summer outfit to look good lmao

  22. Hey Danni, do you know where Coburg Leisure centre is?

  23. yes, why?

  24. I’m going there on Tuesday, I have an interschool basketball thing, lol. Is it anywhere near your school?

  25. Josh Barnstable says

    21: It was so hot playing tennis today, and not because i was playing an all-girls side.

    Hopefully getting my new racket this week.

  26. yeah its near it, you will prob go past it. where having huge constructions going on at the forn ot the school to get rid of the prison fence.

  27. Its a racquet, not a racket, however if you whack your racquet against a metal sheet it will make a racket.

  28. Josh Barnstable says

    27: I typed racquet the first time, then changed it to racket coz i thought it was different.

  29. if you do go past my school make sure to wave lol.

  30. Even if you’re standing there Danni, which is unlikely since you probably have class, there’s probably going to be quite a lot of school buses going past, how will you know which one is ours?

  31. Josh Barnstable says

    10: They showed the St Kilda v Collingwood preview like 10 times, it got dull pretty quickly.

  32. 30- easy ill just look for the pendlebury look-alike. lol

  33. 31- i only saw it twice and all i can say is that HE LOOKS SO CUTE IN OUR JUMPER!!

  34. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m still baffled at why the Eagles wore their clash strip, although it did look good.

  35. Damian Watson says

    I’ll probably be writing a report on the match in Adelaide today, I just hope it will be streaming on that website.

    Great report Adam, if Natanui continues his good form he could be a the biggest Eagle since Eddie the Eagle.

    The Bombers were severly disadvantaged with that small forward line.

  36. Steve Healy says

    Josh what happened to your Essendon intra club match report? where is it?

  37. Josh Barnstable says

    I dunno, maybe Daff and Gigs lost it. I’ll post it here, hope you don’t mind me posting an article on your report Adam.

  38. 34- i didnt like it co sit looks a bit like Hawthorn’s.

  39. Steve Healy says

    well it’ll never be a problem when they play each other

  40. 37- nah they didnt lose it. i think they are just snowed under cos a lot of people are sending in more and more reports. they will be happy to know that i will limit myself to one report per round. lol

  41. Josh Barnstable says

    40: If that is the case, how come Adam’s report which would have been sent either last night or this morning was put up before the Essendon one, which i sent last Wednesday.

  42. Steve Healy says

    5 reports this round for me

  43. Josh Barnstable says

    After a day at school where I learnt that there is all kinds of ways to find yourself unemployed (weird class, I know) I am excited to hear the bell go to finish my second day of school for the year. So far its been a breeze, the only blight being that we are receiving injections for some Whooping Cough disease in March, a couple of days before the season opener. Anyway, once the bell goes I head out the front where my Mum and Dad are waiting. I’m going to the Essendon intra-club practice match in Shepparton at Deakin Reserve. We arrive in Shepp at my sisters place, where Dad and I drop Mum off to stay with my sister, we head to a shop in the city that digitally imprints numbers on the back of AFL guernseys. I had dropped off my North Melbourne clash strip on Monday, and it was ready to pick up. I look at the new number 7 on the back of the jumper, it looks really good. After a quick stop at Bunnings Warehouse, we are finally off to Deakin. We find a park about 100m away from the entrance, and I get half way and realize I left my camera in the car, so I jog back awkwardly in my school shoes. Entry is free, which is a bonus, and Dad and I explore the rooms of one of the tenant clubs, where we find many ex-Waaia players’ names. After a quick look around which involved me almost being bowled over by Ricky Dyson charging into the Essendon rooms, Dad and I take our seats and wait for the match to start. The teams are separated by two colours, one side wearing a black guernsey with red arrows along the front, while the other side wears a grey guernsey with the red arrows. Both sides have no numbers on the back, which I found a little disappointing.

    Black starts well, with an early goal to David Hille (playing his first game since a knee reconstruction after doing his knee on ANZAC Day last year) and Paddy Ryder. Grey works their way back, and at quarter time things are even. The second quarter starts and Grey takes the upper hand, booting four goals to none to double Black’s score, 7.4.46 to 3.5.23. As the third quarter starts, I notice the score is now 47-24, don’t know why that changed before the ball had been bounced. Grey piles on the goals to move further ahead, with Scott Gumbleton in fine form up forward, while Alwyn Davey provided some spark. Courtenay Dempsey was very good for Grey as well, and Black looked in a bad way at three quarter time.

    Dad and I ventured out onto the ground as Black huddled around Shannon Grant, listening to every word. I go to take a photo and notice Dustin Fletcher look straight at me, so I decide not to in case I distract the players’ attention. Or maybe he was just noticing how weird I looked, as I was the only person in the stadium wearing a jumper that wasn’t black with a red sash. Go Roos.

    The final quarter began and the rain started pelting down, and with the strong wind it came in sideways. Everyone ducked for cover and scrambled for the grandstand, which Dad and I were seated in. Why was everyone so scared of the rain? It smelt beautiful. Black started to get a bit of respectability on the scoreboard, only for Grey to pile on some junk-time goals, with a special treat from a VFL listed player. He picked the ball up, evaded an opponent and casually kicked a checkside punt that floated through with the aid of the strong wind. The crowd of around 3,500 cheered and clapped, except me. I had no intention of putting my hands together for this mob. Williams also made a fool of himself, running into an open goal from an acute angle and missing, while up the other end it seemed every Black player was aiming for the guy standing high in the cherry picker behind the goals. The siren sounded as the clock ticked 20:04, Grey winning by 60 points, 17.9.111 to 7.9.51. Grey players started cheering and throwing their arms up in the air in celebration, which made me laugh. One player dropped straight to the ground and starting doing stretches on his back. That’s dedication. As the players returned up the walk to the changerooms, I stood next to the entrance to the rooms with my hand out awaiting a high-five from a player. Andrew Welsh slapped hands with me, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Jobe Watson and a couple of VFL-listed players did as well. As we left, I crossed paths with Grant, who acknowledged my North guernsey with a wink, and then walked past Scott Camporeale who nodded at me. I think the story of the match was how well Gumbleton played, while Hille was good in his return game. I can say that the forward line looks good for the Bombers, it’ll just take time to adjust.

    Best players? The top three best players all played for Essendon funnily enough. Some players caught my attention, some didn’t, so here is a list of players that made good use of this practice match, and others who didn’t:

    Best: Gumbleton, Dempsey, Hille, Davey, Hocking, Fletcher, Jetta, H. Slattery, Bock, Lovett-Murray, Ryder, Pears

    Didn’t perform: Zaharakis, McVeigh, Watson, Dyson, Williams, Neagle, Welsh, Atkinson, Houli

    Not sighted: Stanton, Winderlich, Prismall, Lonergan, Hooker

  44. Damian Watson says

    I only write one report each week as well.

    Was it chilly out at Casey Fields Steve?

  45. Steve Healy says

    no it was mild, beautiful weather

  46. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m gonna try and not write many reports this year.

  47. Good work Josh, it takes some guts to attend an intra-club match in another team’s jumper. If Dustin reads this, he’ll think “Oh, its THAT kid!”

  48. lol Adam…i think hes right b/c you can also say that about why Bryce Gibbs was staring at me confused in my Collingwood jumper at a Carlton V Ess game. lol
    nice job josh

  49. Steve Healy says

    cya guys, listenin to the footy now

  50. Josh Barnstable says

    Thanks Adam, yeah i felt a bit out of my comfort zone in my Roos jumper. By the way, are you guys wearing your footy guernsey’s to the Roos v Cats match?

  51. That’s the plan. It will make it easier for us to find each other then, although I don’t think we’d have trouble anyway.

  52. Josh Barnstable says

    Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.

  53. Steve Healy says

    52- hahahahahaha

  54. Josh Barnstable says

    53: Shut up

  55. 52- trying to remember is i have ever seen a dude in flip-flops at the footy.

  56. Josh Barnstable says

    Anyone, how do i view Port v Adelaide on that Justin.Tv website??

  57. I’m trying too Josh, I can’t find it.

  58. Josh Barnstable says

    Tell me if you find it, i’m listening to SEN through the internet.

  59. its live on FOXSPORTS but mums watching something else and im busy with my makeup.

  60. Adam whens ur bday? i wanna know if ur older than me! lol
    cos i hold the record.

  61. Josh Barnstable says

    Crows by a goal, Knights kicked the first. Sorry if im spoiling it for anyone lol.

  62. March 18th. Can’t find it on Justin unfortunately…

  63. Josh Barnstable says

    Boak kicked the Power’s first. 7-6

  64. well if you turn 18 on March the 18th then congrats you are now the eldest! lol
    cos im 18 on the 11th of MAY.

  65. Yep, I turn 18 then, very excited but a little overwhelmed at the prospect of suddenly being an adult.

  66. Josh Barnstable says

    Susie is still the oldest teenager though on the Almanac.

  67. Until she turns 20. I don’t think she belongs in the same bracket as us though.

  68. lol i know..i don’t think it will hit until uni for me. lol

  69. Josh Barnstable says

    When i turn 18, i’m not gonna be any different to when i was 17 i think.

  70. “When you were 17”? Can you remember all your past lives or something?

  71. lol you say that now, but when u dont need a fake id to get into places u will see the diff.
    (not that i have one) lol

  72. adel- 20 Port- 35

  73. Josh Barnstable says

    70: I meant the difference between going from age 17 to 18 won’t be much a big deal for me, although i’ll rethink that in a couple of years.

    71: Whatever Danni, we know you have a fake I.D and get into all the clubs in Melbourne lol.

  74. lol well im not the only one, i saw Adam at the same club just last week! LMAO

  75. Josh Barnstable says

    I suppose you were able to get in without fake I.D’s, they would have thought Adam was Federer and thought you were Natalie Gauci

  76. HAHAHA lmaoo
    GO ME! i went clubbing with Federer!!
    :) lmao im so cool

  77. Josh Barnstable says

    Quarter Time: Adelaide to Port Adelaide

  78. Josh Barnstable says

    I went clubbing with Swallow, remember? Lol

  79. 78- lmaoo yes ofcourse i do!!

  80. Josh Barnstable says

    Josh Gibson has been ruled out of tonight’s game. Damn, i was looking forward to shouting cusses at him :|

  81. haha thats too bad josh, atleast u didnt LOVE him like me and the whole Nick Davis thing (cos that ended sooooooo well)

    status- excited that i went clubbing with Fed, lol

  82. Josh Barnstable says

    I did love him :(

    Jeez, Daniel Stewart sounds impressive for Port. 3 kicks, 1 handball, 2 tackles and 1.2 so far for the big Ruckman.

  83. lol manlove?

  84. Josh Barnstable says

    Every man has a bit of manlove in football. But i love everyone who plays for the Roos (except Hale) but those who decieve the club like Gibson and Smith shall not be liked by me ever again.

  85. lol true but u didnt want to marry him! unlike me.

  86. but now that i look back at Nick Davis- i think- WHAT THE HELL WASI THINKING? lol

  87. Josh Barnstable says

    What was so good about Nick Davis anyway? I thought he was pretty ugly..

  88. Josh Barnstable says

    86: There’s my point lol

  89. lol i seriously have no idea WHY i used to find him goodlooking how old was i then? like 12 or something?

  90. i think i used to like his hair. I used to be into the dark curls with blond tips.

    but yeah..i had different taste back then.

  91. hey guys, all reved up for Richmond’s win tonight (:()

  92. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh 12 years old, how many girls “love” celebrities and the like at that age? lol

  93. lol exaclty i probably had no idea what i was looking for! lmaoo

    lol yeah goodluck Dom.

  94. Josh Barnstable says

    We haven’t seen a proper Supergoal yet in the NAB Cup, disappointing.

  95. port up against Adelaide- 3 goal lead

  96. Josh Barnstable says

    Nearing half time at AAMI Stadium, Adelaide trail by 14 points, to Port Adelaide Vince and Mitch Banner are the leading goalkickers with 2 each.

  97. WOW..and i thought he couldn’t be any nicer- Roger went on a trip today to Ethiopia where he visited the EFDA Project in Ethiopia, supported by the Roger Federer Foundation.


  98. Josh Barnstable says

    On ya Rog

  99. Damian Watson says

    I’ve been watching the game on the internet, the two young Port players Hitchcock and Stewart look promising.

  100. Josh Barnstable says

    Where have you been watching it Damo??

  101. did he danielle, hes a good player as well as humanitarian( no like Tiger Woods)

    Schulz has kicked a goal for Port- what a dud, glad we got rid of him

  102. Damian Watson says

    Type in afl on the search button and it is definitely there.

  103. id watch it on tv, but you know me and Port games.

  104. yes indeed Dom :)
    and i would know that cos im a member of his offical website. :)

  105. Josh Barnstable says

    102: On Justin.Tv right? I did that earlier but didn’t work, i’ll try again.

    Brett Burton sounds like he’s in good form too with 15 possessions.

  106. 103- steve is probably killing himself at that comment. lol

  107. Josh Barnstable says

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Schulz kicked 50-odd goals for the Power this year.

  108. Damian Watson says

    Yeh on I think it is the second link.

  109. 107- he wont

  110. Josh Barnstable says

    K i got it, but i won’t worry about watching it since its half time and the Hawthorn v Richmond game is due to start pretty soon.

  111. 110- i dont know who i want to win!
    mmmm ill back the Hawks just to annoy Mikey.

  112. Steve Healy says

    hey guys, im back.

    thanks for that link Damo, its actually working!

  113. Steve Healy says

    Port by 55! what on earth is going on!

  114. Josh Barnstable says

    113: AGREE!! Since when do Port win?

  115. Steve Healy says

    by the way I wont be doing a report on the match any more lol.

    Port by 57 now

  116. Steve Healy says

    Is Daniel Motlop injured?

  117. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Port really are on top with the intensity, Hitchcock off with a minor shoulder injury.

    I’ll still probably write a report.

  118. Josh Barnstable says

    116: I was thinking that too, he’s only had one handball, which led to an Ebert goal.

  119. Steve Healy says

    yeah I know, he’s had one handball and a free kick against, so he’s not even in popsitive figuers in dream team points. Im just watching it on afl match centre at the moment.

  120. Damian Watson says

    He doesn’t appear to have any injury.

  121. PORT BY WHAT??????????????

    i don’t think i will do any reports on the Pre-season unless we make it to the final. lol

    status- lip glossy time.

  122. Steve Healy says

    has he been on the field for the whole game Damo?

  123. Josh Barnstable says

    I thought you were getting ready an hour ago Danni, you still at it??

    Motlop can put in a shocker, he could have been subbed off the ground.

    How is Phil Davis going?

  124. Josh Barnstable says

    Cassisi just kicked the NAB Cup’s first real Supergoal, Power by 65 points :|

  125. Damian Watson says

    Yeah he has only spent a limited time on the ground but no injury has been mentioned, he laid a silly chicken wing tackle earlier and gave away a 50m penalty.

    Port by 71

  126. 123- Yeah im still getting ready, im not even dressed yet.

    PORT BY 71?
    whats going on??

  127. Josh Barnstable says

    Danni, this will blow you away. They now lead by 72.

  128. lol josh.

    status- fixing hair..again

  129. Steve Healy says

    Go Adelaide! Only 56 points!

  130. Damian Watson says

    Port have won by, wait for it…. 56 points.

  131. Damian Watson says

    Sorry a bit of a belated comment, I’ll tip the Hawks for tonights match.

  132. i agree Damo. :)
    i think they will win by….25
    should be close.

    status- getting dressed.

  133. Josh Barnstable says

    Hawks by 54 for me.

  134. Josh Barnstable says

    Nick Salter played very well and he didn’t even trouble the scorers.

  135. 54? isnt that a bit much..
    i think it will be close …dont know why.

    status- dressed and fixing fringe

  136. Josh Barnstable says

    Status – need hair wax!

  137. lucky Mikey aint my big brother cos he wouldnt let me out of the house dressed like this, i can see it now…

    hope it isnt too cold outside.

  138. Josh Barnstable says

    Go Roos

  139. Steve Healy says

    135- 7.3 45 to 1.1 7, Danni. Do you regret your comment?

  140. Josh Barnstable says

    It’d be cruel to laugh at that, right?

  141. Steve Healy says

    not now. 72 points, im sorry Michael/dom/adam/jeff/callum o’connor/cath

  142. Josh Barnstable says

    And Daff..

    Hope Ben Nason will be alright

  143. Damian Watson says

    I think they would be used to this disappointment Steve lol.

    I wonder if David Astbury is related to that former footy journo Rob Astbury, I don’t think they are father/son.

  144. Josh Barnstable says

    Ouch! Poor Adam Thomson.

  145. Damian Watson says

    What do you guys think of Matthew Lloyd’s commentary?

  146. Josh Barnstable says

    It’s alright, he sounds like a bit of a robot but he’s always had that problem.

    Hey Steve, remember last night when i jokingly said the Hawks would win by 120 points?..

  147. well, you were wrong mate cos they won by 73.

    I hate endings like these

  148. 141: Who are the last 2 people?

    Well, we played badly in the first 3 quarters, the Hawks played well and the umpiring didn’t help us either. Lucky we managed to salvage some pride in the last quarter.

  149. Josh Barnstable says

    Cath is a writer for the book, not the website, and Callum is a writer for the website but only wrote one piece. Both are our age pretty much.

  150. Other tiger almanackers.

    I was impressed with Martin, he got heaps of the ball, especially in the last quarter, but I think he could’ve used it more wisely on occassions

  151. Josh Barnstable says

    I was tossing up between Martin and Luke Hodge for 1 vote for my report, i had to give it to Hodge though. It’s obvious who the other votes went too.

  152. Damian Watson says

    Hislop’s disposal was appaling in that second half, Buddy played brilliantly booting 5 despite playing only a half of footy.

    It was funny when both the Morton bothers exchanged.

  153. Josh Barnstable says

    Lol Yeah the Morton brothers was the highlight of the second half for me.

  154. Hislop’s disposal is appalling full stop. Hard at it, good defensively, just a completely and utterly hopeless kick.

    Disappointing to see Post wasted in defence, would have liked to see him if not Gourdis tried in attack.

  155. Josh Barnstable says

    The biggest disappointment was that Relton Roberts didn’t play.

    Oh and of course Ben Nason’s injury, although he looks like he’ll only miss a few weeks.

  156. Round 1’s not for another 5 or 6 weeks anyway. Would have loved to see Relton Roberts come on as a 2nd half substitute, he’s got the body of Byron Pickett, the speed of Simon Taylor and the skill off both feet of Jason Akermanis.

  157. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh, i thought Roberts was quick..

  158. I gave hodge 2 votes, Buddy 1

  159. Josh Barnstable says

    156: Or did you mean TROY Taylor?

    158: I gave Mitchell 3, Franklin 2 and Hodge 1

  160. The channel 10 commentators are stupid, they were saying Dean Polo had been disappointing only had 4 disposals in the third quarter and he had only just been subbed on!

  161. 159: Yep, I meant Troy. That was an embarrassing stuff up. His main downside is he’s overweight and unfit. I’d expect to see him play though at some point.

  162. Josh Barnstable says

    Well Jeff thinks Polo should have been culled.

    Hey, they can’t be as bad as Channel 7..

  163. Damian Watson says

    lol yeah at least they showed the match live.

    The Tigers aren’t the only team to cop a hiding at the hands of Hawthorn in the NAB Cup. In 2008 the Blues got smashed and Buddy was on fire at one stage the scoreline was:

    Carlton: 3

    Hawthorn: 74

  164. I was thinking in the 3rd quarter “This couldn’t possibly be worse” but the 4th quarter cheered me up a bit. Hope Nason and Thomson are OK. Another two players I was unimpressed with were White, and Tuck.

  165. Josh Barnstable says

    I don’t know whether to judge the Hawks as premiership contenders after tonight, i mean they were playing Richmond. But god they were good, even without Burgoyne, Rioli and Gibson. They’ll probably win the NAB Cup, but after that who knows. I’ll probably use this line in my report lol

  166. They’ll probably win the nab cup? Thats taking it a step too far, they might lose next week to either the Lions or the Dogs

  167. 165: I would say the Hawks decided to be racist, but they did have Savage in their lineup. They’d be a chance of winning the NAB cup, in many ways the NAB cup’s a lottery. Franklin, Hodge and Lewis have slimmed down, and it seems Franklin’s been working on his set shots, so maybe the Hawks will bounce back from 09?

  168. I was disappointed with Roughead’s kicking. It was a shame, he led really well and should’ve kicked 5 or 6 instead of 1.2.4 and one out of bounds

  169. I think we can officially blame Stephanie Gordon for Nason’s injury, although he only hyperextended his leg.

  170. Josh Barnstable says

    The Hawks decided to be racist?? Lol

  171. Burgoyne, Rioli and Gibson out.

  172. Yeah damn you Stephanie Gordon

  173. Well Franklin played

  174. Aargh! Can’t believe I forgot Franklin! For some reason I never think of him as indigenous, maybe its because he doesnt really have the typical indigenous face shape.

  175. Damian Watson says

    I thought Nahas was a shining light for the Tigers but to be honest this match probably won’t give us too much of an indication of what will happen this year.

    status- watching soccer lol

  176. Josh Barnstable says

    First thing Nason is gonna do when he logs onto Facebook: Delete Stephanie Gordon.

  177. Damian Watson says

    Speaking of Franklin, it’s seems as if he has added heaps of tatoos on his left arm I think.

  178. Soccer, thats a bit stereotypical for an italian

  179. Yeah your right Damo, Nathan Jones’s whole right arm is covered in ink as well, it looks ridiculous

  180. Yeah, because Watson’s such an Italian name, although he does support Carlton.

  181. Nathan Jones should get tats on his cranium.

  182. Damian Watson says

    Nah I’m watching the crappy A-league lol that doesn’t compare to Italian or English soccer.

    For the record North Queensland defeated the gold Coast.

    What are your tips for tomorrows match? Bulldogs by 5 goals for mine they seemed to have had a constructive Pre Season.

  183. Josh Barnstable says

    Doggies by 23 points, Fevola to kick four goals.

  184. I tipped the Dogs by 23 points. Should be a good game but my brother said that it could be wet weather. I really hate 4:40 games, I realise that the AFL fixture nab cup games at that time cos of the heat, but 2:10 or even 3:10 or 3:40 is just a better time to watch/listen to the footy

  185. Damian Watson says

    Nah my Italian heritage comes from my mothers side, I’m British on my dad’s side hence the last name.

  186. What! you copier!

  187. Herald Sun fail:

    Best: Hawthorn: S Mitchell L Franklin L Hodge B Sewell C Brown J Lewis. Richmond: D Martin D Connelly B Deledio R Cambling S Tuck J Riewoldt.

    Bulldogs by 14 points for me Damo.

    I’m surprised you haven’t asked who Stephanie Gordon is.

  188. Damian Watson says

    Yeah looking at some of the images the manuka surface looks wet and slippery.

    Yeah I hate the Sunday Twighlight slot although the AFL have to find a new slot for the fixture with the new teams coming in, Saturday Twighlight would be more adequate.

    I’ve seen the images from the dees match today.

  189. No I think Saturday twilight is worse than Sunday twilight

  190. Oh nice Damo, I should’ve actually brought a camera along

  191. Damian Watson says

    Why? I prefer the matches scheduled closer together.

    Alright Adam who is this Stephanie Gordon?

  192. She’s a friend of Ben Nason who wished him luck for tonight’s game on Facebook, using the phrase “break a leg”.

  193. Because on Saturday’s I like games in two timeslots. A 2:10 game and another 2:10 or 3:10 game, and a 7:10/7:40 game (which they usually are). It just muddles up things when theres another time slot on Saturday’s, when GC and GWS come in it’ll have to be a Monday night game, but I cant see there being 3 saturday afternoon game which I would prefer

  194. Damian Watson says

    lol well he only hyper-extended it.

    Yeah you are probably right Steve, gee footy has changed since the simplistic days when it was just six games on a Saturday.

  195. Josh Barnstable says

    Sunday twilight really sucks, they should have the normal Saturday line up, the old Sunday line up with a game at 1:10 and two at 2:10, and another game maybe on a Monday night or an early Saturday match.

  196. Damian Watson says

    Here is a good trivia question Josh, when and where was the first ever morning match and which teams were playing?

  197. Josh Barnstable says

    Omg, did Tambling play tonight??

  198. No I don’t like the Monday nighters, has anyone considered two on a Friday night?

  199. Josh Barnstable says

    North v Port Adelaide at Manuka but dunno when. It was at 11 i think..

  200. North Melbourne V Port Adelaide, Manuka Oval 1998

  201. 197- yeah, he got a few good touches

  202. 200: Wasn’t that the game where Winston Abraham took Mark of the Year? North didn’t kick very accurate that day, 18.23 or something.

  203. Josh Barnstable says

    Monday night is good because i would actually look forward to the most dreaded day of the week. Two Friday night games wouldn’t happen, its tradition for the spotlight to be on only two teams on a Friday.

  204. 198- That has been considered, but I don’t like it, Friday nights should be one game, its kind of the point that friday night football exists.

    Actually, im gonna take a risk and say that I think think they should bring in a morning match

  205. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s correct Steve, thank god for the 90’s DVD lol.

    Thursday Night could be a possibility.

  206. Josh Barnstable says

    196: What was the reason for the scheduling of that match? Any specific reason or just another initiative by the AFL?

  207. Josh Barnstable says

    I really need to get that 90’s DVD..

  208. Damian Watson says

    I think in 2001 they trialled thee two Friday night matches:

    Syd v Ess SCG

    Coll v Rich MCG

    I don’t think it was huge success.

  209. Yeah I remember that night Damo

  210. Josh Barnstable says

    There was the 2008 ANZAC Day where Essendon v Collingwood was played in the arvo and Fremantle v Geelong was played at night, but footy should never be played during school so Friday afternoon is not an option.

  211. Damian Watson says

    I’m actually not sure, I ssuppose it was because at Manuka and it could have clashed with the Rugby Union but I really don’t know why it was a scheduled morning match.

  212. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey, what about a Friday twilight game? But not the 4:40 start, maybe 3:40 or something and that could be a great lead-in to the Friday night match.

  213. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s right Adam Winnie took the Mark Of the Year that day, from memory Glenn Freeborn followed up with another screamer.

  214. Damian Watson says

    I don’t think anyone would turn up with kids just finishing school and adults still working.

  215. No Josh, that’d be horrible.

  216. Damian Watson says

    lol not many people watch TV at that time of the day aanyway, unless it’s Judge Judy.

  217. Could they assign Fox Sports 1 and 2 to broadcast games at the same time? If they could 3 games at 2:10 on saturday wouldnt be a problem, and I dont care if it means sacrificing a monday night on 10 or 7

  218. Or The Shak, or Go Go Stop.

  219. If you were Fox Sports, would you do that? Give viewers a choice of footy…and footy?

  220. not to mention play school and bananas in pyjamas

  221. Josh Barnstable says

    Channel 7 should hand the broadcasting rights to SBS :|

  222. 219- They do that with premier league soccer matches don’t they?

  223. Damian Watson says

    Yeah, I think they already have a Chooseday Night footy segment on Fox Sports, you can choose which classic game you want to watch.

  224. Round 1, 2012

    Friday night 7:40

    Saturday afternoon 2:10 Ten (lets say Collingwood V Carlton at the G)
    Saturday afternoon 2:10 FS 1 (Bulldogs V West Coast at the Dome)
    Saturday afternoon 2:10 FS 2 (Geelong V Richmond at skilled stadium
    Saturday night 7:10
    Saturday night 7:40

    Sunday all the same

  225. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I would accept that, although the AFL haven’t really indicated that they would play three matches at the same time.
    These are the likely options for the ninth game:

    -Thursday Night
    -Saturday Twighlight
    -Monday Night

  226. Geelong Richmond at Skilled? Gee, thanks a bunch Steve.

  227. Or they could alternate between the above each round, that could work, I dont think they need a concreted spot

  228. I REALLY don’t like Thursday nights for a match, from a fantasy football player’s perspective.

  229. lol sorry Adam

  230. Damian Watson says

    lol Carlton haven’t played at Geelong for 14 years, when we do I think it’s an indication that we have lost support.

  231. Josh Barnstable says

    I remember Geelong playing Carlton at Optus Oval in Round 2, 2004. Carlton lost by 51 points i’m pretty sure, or they won by 51.

  232. it might happen in a few years, since Skilled Stadium’s capacity is only gonna get bigger and bigger

  233. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s true Steve.

    I think I was at that game in 2004 and I think the margin was around that 51 point mark. I remember watching the reserves before the match between Northern Bullants and Geelong VFL, a curtain raiser is rare now.

  234. Imagine if Sydney relocated back to south melbourne, I’d love that

  235. Josh Barnstable says

    When i read Specky Magee books, they talk about curtain-raisers at the MCG, racing car games on the ground, i’m like how come that never happens when i go to the footy?

  236. There’s usually a curtain raiser before Geelong games at Skilled Stadium

  237. I like the idea of a curtain raiser, a TAC cup match or a VFL match or something, but the AFL obviously don’t anymore.

  238. The racing thing stopped about 7 years ago, oh yeah, about the time that specky magee book was released!

  239. Josh Barnstable says

    They seriously picked randoms out of the audience to play car games on the MCG?

  240. I think they did that, but they definitely had two guys out of the audience versing each other in a game, it was really exciting. They would represent the teams playing and the announcer would go: The Dees win the race. Good omen for today!

  241. Yeah I remember that now you mention it Josh, a LONG time ago it was buried in the dark archives of my memory bank. I always wanted to play those.

  242. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m sure in that archive are many good Richmond moments Adam.

  243. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s right I remember the old racing cars.

    They only probably have less than 10 curtain-raisers a year.

  244. I remember those racing games really well, mustve been in the 1998-2002 period when I went to the footy regularly with my family.

  245. Damian Watson says

    Speaking of racing did anyone see that footage of a Georgian winter olympian crash? which ultimately turned fatal

  246. I havent seen the footage but I heard about it

  247. No, I didn’t see it, but my Mum and bro saw it. Apparently it was really scary seeing the guy’s face before he put on his goggles, not knowing he was going to die.

    I asked them what his name was, they couldn’t even remember!

  248. Josh Barnstable says

    245: Yeah i did, i thought it was a bit over the top for TV viewing.

    I’m off now, cya’s.

  249. where is the footage on the net, if it is?

  250. How exactly is the name Nodar Kumaritashvili hard to remember? Honestly. Its no harder than Ranga Ediwickrama or Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas.

  251. Damian Watson says

    No the IOC removed it, I saw it on the Today Show this morning before I went to cricket.

    The only reason they were able to show it was because he wasn’t yet declared dead at the time.

    He was basically like a crash test dummy, he fell off the luge and his head was like a pinball smashing into the side barriers.

  252. k, im off now anyway cya

  253. Josh Barnstable says

    Steve’s in the paper!!!

  254. WHAT!!!!!

  255. WHAT?

  256. The Sun?

  257. Hawthorn V Richmond on One

  258. Josh Barnstable says

    In the Age!

  259. Where in the Age? I can’t believe you saw Steve’s name in the AGE of all papers before Steve did.

  260. Josh Barnstable says

    It wasn’t Steve’s name, it was a big crowd of people and Steve was there

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