Footy: Hawthorn’s left footers v right footers


B: Brent Guerra, Josh Gibson, Matthew Suckling

HB: Grant Birchall, Ryan Schoenmakers, Jarrod Kayler-Thomson

C: Rick Ladson, Luke Hodge, Xavier Ellis

HF: Clinton Young, Jarryd Roughead, Cyril Rioli

F: Rhan Hooper, Lance Franklin, Garry Moss

R: Wayde Skipper, Travis Tuck, Jordan Lewis

INT: Luke Lowden, Jordan Williams, Taylor Duryea


B: Murphy, Gilham, Brown

HB: Whitecross, Renouf, Stratton

C: Burgoyne, Sewell, Bateman

HF: Osborne, Lisle, Muston

F: Morton, Dowler, Peterson

R: Taylor, Shiels, Mitchell

INT: Grimley, Savage, Stokes, Breust

EMG: Milne, Bailey, Sierakowski

I expect the left footers would win easily due to significantly greater potency up forward.


  1. Great article Adam, you should do one for every team in the AFL.

  2. There’s hardly any point when no other team has nearly as many lefties as Hawthorn. I wonder what the most left footers to ever play in the one team is? I’m pretty certain it would be the current Hawthorn team, but with how many?

  3. I guess their wouldn’t be enough, perhaps an All-Australian team of left-footers?

  4. Danielle says

    interesting piece..comparing leftys to rightys lol
    naww Mitchell is a righty!! how cute

  5. What are you Adam?

    My whole family are righties, except my brother. Jeff is ambidextorous.

  6. I’m a righty normally, but I’ve been a lefty for the past week since I twisted my ankle at basketball the day I met you. My left foot kicking has improved considerably in that time. Now I’m teasing my lefty friend Dylan about being able to kick further on my left foot than he can, although admittedly he’s more accurate.

    My brother’s right handed and left footed.

  7. How is your ankle going? Are you off the crutches?

    I’m a pretty good left foot kick, although i can’t kick a drop punt, only snaps.

  8. Steve Healy says

    9/10 in my family are right handed. My brother ben is left.

    My brother Brendan kicks with his left foot, bowls with his left arm, throws with his right arm and writes with his right arm

  9. Danielle says

    im right handed

  10. Danielle says

    Hey there pretty eyes!! :)
    lol sorry couldnt help myself!

  11. Considering I’ve been kicking a footy around this week (albeit on my left), it would suggest that I am off the crutches. Also I played basketball on the weekend, although I couldn’t jump very well.

  12. I rolled my ankle pretty badly in Year 8, i had to stay home from school a couple of days. It hurt more than i anticipated.

  13. Rick Kane says

    Good article Adam. I have to agree, the ‘lefties’ would win. And not just because Hadge is in that team and Murphy is in the other side.


  14. Steve Healy says

    Did you make this on general knowledge Adam. or did you do some research? impressive either way

  15. Cheers Rick, it’s good to get some feedback from people other than the fab 5 and co.

    Steve – I knew the preferred kicking foot of most of the Hawks list, however there was a few Hawks, particularly some of the younger players, for which I had to so some research. (Duryea, Williams, etc.)

    Incidentally, Richmond only has Newman, Connors, Simmonds, McMahon and Gourdis.

  16. Danielle says

    ADAM!! :)
    how did ur oral go?????????

    ello Steve :)

  17. Steve Healy says

    ello Danni, dont you love those early tuesday finishes.

    Still impressive Danni, I reckon you know more about players feet than I do Adam. But one things for sure, Scully and Grimes both kick equally well on either foot

  18. Danni! We did the orals in groups of 5 or 6 with two teachers marking, and I wasn’t particularly happy when I discovered I was with the best English student in the entire year level, I was worried she’d make everyone look crap in comparison.

    Indeed hers turned out to be good, but mine went very well too. I got a few laughs from the audience and even from one of the teachers marking and got inside the time limit. I made one clanger though: at one point near the end I said “attacked, branded and demonised as child abusers” when I was meant to say the words branded and demonised the other way around.

  19. Danielle says

    18- sounds good! dont worry im sure you did fine! :)

    i got back my business Sac mark my first BUSINESS SAC ever and i got Nathan Brown out of Ben Reid!! :)
    which is pretty good for a first timer.

    how is ur ankle going?

    lol how am i impressive steve i didnt do anything.. lmaoo

  20. So 4 x Ben Reid percent?

    My ankle’s mostly better Danni.

    I wonder if/when we get a mark back for the oral…

  21. hey guys, just back from school

  22. Good news for Steve and Damo, the AFL has announced free entry to people under the age of 18 to this weekend’s games.

  23. LIT SAC next week :(

  24. Hey Dom, are you in year 11 or 12?

  25. year 10, but doing Year 11 Literature

  26. Steve Healy says

    sorry Danni I just put your name in there unintentially lol, I didnt even mean to put Adams name.

    your kidding Josh? right? it must be cos of the poor crowds so far in the nab cup.

  27. Danielle says

    25- gee your brave Dom

    Well Adam i was supposed to get my mark on monday but i got late to school and my Teacher left before recess cos shes really sick, hopefully shes better and I will get it back 2mro.

  28. Steve Healy says

    whats the big deal about SACS? im really sick of SACS, can we please stop talking about SACS?

  29. 29: Same, this isn’t sacsalmanac.

  30. 29- Yes

  31. Footy training, cya guys

  32. Steve Healy says

    Thanks, hopefully it loads with my slow internet

    go on MSN please Josh

  33. Danielle says

    33- cameronnnnnnn!! :(

  34. 34- ?

  35. 33 was Cameron Cloke, it’s Brad Dick now.

  36. Danielle says

    36- i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :(

  37. Steve Healy says

    cloke doesnt wear 33 for Port… lol

  38. Yeah, he wears 47 or something. David Astbury.

  39. Danielle says

    38- I KNOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

    i miss Cameronnnnnn

  40. Danielle says

    someone cheer me up…
    “cameron….:( “

  41. Cameron…Wood? ;)

  42. Danielle says


  43. Setanta O’hAilpin?

  44. Danielle says

    44- ….please tell me thats not the best you can do!


  45. Steve Healy says

    Rohan Bail..sobs :( :(

  46. Steve Healy says

    James Strauss.. sobs :( :(

  47. 46: Haha that was a classical joke that night..

  48. Danielle says

    Steve…i miss Cameron so much..

  49. You can still watch Cameron in black and white..and teal.

  50. Relton Roberts!

    Replay of St Kilda vs Sydney’s on ONE, but my brother has the remote to the only digital/HD Tv in the house.

  51. Danielle says

    50- :( i know..but its not the same
    i miss yelling “I LOVE YOU CAMERON” when he went up in the ruck……

  52. I wish i had ONE

  53. Damian Watson says

    I can’t say the same Danni, I’m glad he left Carlton.

    When are the Power going to get a major sponsor? it would be embarassing if the Power come into the opening round donning guernseys with the sole sponsor as

  54. 54: What happened with Bianco?

  55. Danielle says

    Damo I remember being shattered when he left to Carlton…my Cameron…

  56. I’ve got a cold, ahh it bloody sucks.

  57. Danielle says

    57- nawww poor Joshy!
    My friend and i were admiring your full first name today and how cute it is.
    Joshua is such a muffin name :)

  58. 58: Don’t talk about me to your friends! Lol

    Oh i was talking to Candy last night, saying how i saw the dance video and she said she was ashamed of her performance or something like that lol.

  59. Danielle says

    59- lmaoo it wasnt about you it was the name Joshua!!

    lmaoo oh yeah she told me and i was like
    “oh shut-up betch u totally standout heaps in that dance!”

  60. I didn’t even notice her, but i only looked at it once.

    I’ve got the day off school on Thursday, well not really a day off, we go off to towns in our area and play sports. I’m playing Table Tennis.

  61. Danielle says

    61- lmaoo u cnt miss the yellow feather bowa!! lmaoo

  62. Steve Healy says

    can you stop saying Josh is a muffin name! for crying out loud!

    Damo, free entry my friend!!!

  63. This conversation is infuriating.

  64. Danielle says

    63- but it IS
    and Steve is an accountant name :P

  65. Damian Watson says

    Bianco pulled out because it didn’t have enough money available to fund the Power on their contract, I’m not sure if they are still with Adelaide United.

    Table Tennis! I’ve always loved playing that.

    By the way I can’t play footy this year we have failed to gain sufficient numbers for a team which is a bit of a shame.

  66. Steve Healy says

    I was ashamed of your performance Danni, I mean you were ok, but you didnt set the world alight but you’ll need to regain some star form heading into the season

    Whats a feather bowa?

  67. Damian Watson says

    63- Yeah I just heard about that Steve lol that’s great, I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to attend now as well but this is a bonus.

  68. 66: I’m just scared of coming up against some asians..have you seen how good those people are at Table Tennis?

    Damo, come play for Waaia my friend!

  69. Steve Healy says

    I loved drawing bianco sponsor on my score sheet. I only got to do it once though, Round 5 2009, Port 5.6 36 to St.K 15.12 102.

    We played footy in sport today, I played ok, I got about 5 kicks and 3 handballs but I ran a bit too hard for myself. I kicked a behind but I played mostly as a follower

  70. Damian Watson says

    lol that’s right Josh, I can do the Peter Hudson and travel by helicoper every week.

  71. Danielle says

    67- lmaoo what did u want me to do? cartwheel my way down the stairs?

    i hadmy moment in the middle and thats all that matters, i also lost my

  72. Danni check your email

    Did anyone read in the Herald Sun today…Peter Street is now officially a policeman?

  73. Danielle says

    its feather boa steve, ingnore my dodgey spelling.

    status- english essay

  74. Damian Watson says

    Don’t worry Danni, I still think you’re a good dancer even though I’m not a fan of rap music.

  75. 71: I’m serious, we need the numbers. Can you make it to training tomorrow at 5:00? Lol

  76. Steve Healy says

    68- yes. 6:45 on the bridge this friday?

  77. 73: Yeah i saw that this morning, but i thought it was just a joke, i mean of course if they are going to have a police officer, to get a 211cm fella to do it.

  78. Damian Watson says

    Well I am 98% certain, so yeah that’s a good time. Hopefully we get a match as good as Sunday’s!

  79. Steve Healy says

    73- Really? Lol, It’d be scary seeing a 211cm policeman strolling around the streets.

    Danni, I didnt say that cos of the spelling, I dunno what a feather boa is? Is it some sort of bird costume?

  80. Damian Watson says

    Footballers that have been police officers:

    Peter Street
    Rex Hunt
    Allan Jeans

    I can’t think of any more.

  81. Danielle says

    73- gotcha

  82. Danielle says

    8.- its like a scarf made out of feathers. lmaoo its part of a showgirl costume which is why me and candy used it when he broadway kicked down the stairs and into the pool
    can-can style

  83. Peter Street- patrolling the mean Streets of Melbourne.

    So what exactly was Candy wearing in the dance? I’m gonna have another look for her now. Is she in your group?

  84. Steve Healy says

    thats strange, I was almost certain that it was a bird costume

  85. NBA basketballers that have been police officers:

    Shaquille O’Neal (he’s 2 inches taller and a lot wider than Peter Street)

  86. Danielle says

    84- Shes in the first dance, white- top light jeans- sunnies- yellow feather boa.


  87. 87: Hahaha i see her, dreadful performance haha.

  88. Danielle says

    88- lmaoo im gona tell her u said that 2mro!

  89. 88: :(

  90. Danielle says

    did u see our Lady Gaga? in the second class?

  91. I heard the song, that’s all..

  92. Steve Healy says

    yeah Shaq is 216cm and 147kg, hes broken the ring and backboard a few times in his career lol

  93. Damian Watson says

    There must be some NFL players that have had a career in the police force.

    Who does Shaq play for at the moment? NBA players are traded to clubs so frequently it’s hard to keep track.

  94. Cavs. It’s his fifth franchise now. They’re not clubs, they’re franchises, which is why AFL is superior.

    He also has played for the Magic (who drafted him with pick 1 in 1992), the Lakers (who he won multiple championships with), the Heat and the Suns. This is his first season with the Cavs and Lebron James.

  95. Steve Healy says

    Cleveland, he’s injured at the moment now.

    St.Kilda V Fremantle is on at 8:30 on Saturday night! an hour and a half delayed! what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luckily im going


  96. Danielle says

    you know i have always wanted to buy myself a basketball jumper. it would look cute if i tied it up and wore it with shorts…

  97. Danielle says

    96- i love steves reactions to delayed footy.. lmaoo :)
    keep on rocking steve

  98. Steve Healy says

    arent there rumors that Lebron is going to New york?

    I will keep on rocking

  99. Steve Healy says

    sad to see that Cam Wood will miss the opening round.

  100. Danielle says

    100? what?? why??

  101. Danielle says

    status- eating 3rd row of cadbury chocolate

  102. Steve Healy says

    finger injury

  103. Damian Watson says

    Well his arm was in a sling I think he has a broken finger and will be out for six weeks.

    I suppose live footy comes with a catch doesn’t it Steve lol.

  104. Danielle says

    103- well thats not good, atleast it will give Jolly more time to impress.

  105. Damian Watson says

    Danni that reminds me, I brought Swiss chocolates to the footy the other day, too bad you missed out!

  106. Steve Healy says

    that doesn’t help your dancing career Danni, lol.

  107. Steve Healy says

    yep, but im so glad im going to St.Kilda V Freo

  108. Danielle says

    106- lmaoo trust me Damo im all good I bought a jumbo pack of Crunchies and TWO packs of those huge Cadbury slabs im talking bigger than the family block ive eaten almost all of it in 3 days

    107- hey I have a top bod for someone who lives on chocolate steve!

  109. Steve Healy says

    109- How do you afford all that. Where does this money come from?

  110. Danielle says

    lmao steve it was only 20 bucks.

  111. Damian Watson says

    But they put all those unhealthy additives and acids in cadbury chocolates, I am forbidden to eat Cadbury products lol.

  112. Danielle says

    122- Damo look at me, i live on Cadbury and Nutella, im fine! :)

  113. I don’t like Crunchie Bars, and i don’t like Snickers.

  114. Danielle says

    ..u DONT like Snickers!!!!

  115. 115: I don’t like nuts.

  116. Danielle says

    116- Well do you atleast like dark chocolate???

  117. Steve Healy says

    Snickers is all right, mars bars are way better though.

    Only 20 bucks! only? Does money just float into your hand?

  118. Danielle says

    118- i dont get what the big deal is..YES i spent 20 bucks on chocolate, which is food (kinda) and something i NEED. it was an emergency

  119. 117: Not really, my favourite chocolate bars are twirls, flakes and i had one i’ve never had before on the weekend and it was bloody delicious.

  120. Danielle says

    120- ahhh i see, you are what a call, a ‘light sweet Tooth’, you like chocolate in light moderation and unlike me who has to have big, rich slabs of chocolate

  121. I love chocolate paddle pops, they’re nice.

  122. Steve Healy says

    twirls and flakes? nah, there all right but not on the top of my chain. Twix is delicious

  123. Never had Twix

  124. Danielle says

    122- there we go thats perfect while u go for the standard chocolae Paddle pop i go for the tub of extra chocolate chip with chocolate bits and chocolate sauce chocolate ice-cream. lmaoo
    with on the side a cold ice-chocolate milkshake, extra chocolae please… :)

  125. Danielle says

    123- twix doesnt have enough chocolate in it for my standards.

  126. Chocolate milkshakes are really nice too, especially the ones at the milk-bar in Numurkah. I swear the old lady puts a whole bottle of chocolate into them. And they only cost $2.20!

  127. Steve Healy says

    danni, I think thats a bit too much chocolate in one go.

    How much money do you spend on chocolate and ice cream?

  128. Danielle says

    lol when i go to maccas and order a sunday im like
    “can i get extra chocolate on the bottom and top thanks”
    normally if its a guy serving they do the job well. ;)

  129. Danielle says

    128- no its not, Steve u aint seen nothing yet honey! :P
    i dont care how much i spend, its chocolate, i need it! :)
    im willing to pay 5 bucks for a Maxibon

  130. 129: I never used to like choc sundaes, i thought the chocolate was terrible, but now i love them. But the stupid Maccas people make them first, then go make the food so the ice cream melts!

  131. Does anyone think its a bit suss that me and a couple of friends are going to see the movie ‘Precious’ on Monday?

  132. Danielle says

    131- thats cos u should back back for ur sunday after u have eaten your food! lmaoo

    132- lol whyyy…

  133. Steve Healy says

    but where does this money come from? You must be so rich.

    thats just picky Danni, they usually put too much chocolate in those anyway.

    honey bird

  134. 133: Trust me, having to re-line up just to get a sundae, it’s not worth it.

    Have you seen the trailer for Precious?

  135. Damian Watson says

    It’s true, the sauce they have at Maccas is just full of sugar, I know I sound corny at the moment lol.

    Steve did you see james McDonald and Brad Johnson launch that Field of Women conference at the MCG today?

  136. Steve Healy says

    I always get a sundae afterwards, do they have massive queues at the local McDonalds?

    Precious? never heard of that movie.

  137. Danielle says

    124- im not rich for the last time!
    i dont work!
    my parents provide for me and know that at 17 its important that i have money on me at all times.

    im not picky, i need more chocolate! :)
    lmaoo Darlingdeeee

  138. Danielle says

    136- Damo u sound the opposite of me lmaoo

  139. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I saw footage of that on the news.

    I usually just get a large big mac meal at mcdonalds

  140. 136: I saw that, did anyone see the membership video North Melbourne has released?

    Precious is about some black lady, that’s all i know. Not a movie that i would pick but Jeff wants to go to it.

    Yes, after you order the line at Maccas always grows so if they stuffed up your order, you can’t go back and complain!

  141. Steve Healy says

    How is it important for you to have money at all times? How much do you get per day/week from your parents.

    If I told my parents that I needed to have money at all times they’d tell me to go to my room and they wouldn’t talk to me for a few days

  142. 140: I’ve never had a big mac or anything, i just get a large cheeseburger meal with a frozen coke, and sometimes a sundae.

  143. 142: Mum won’t let me leave home without some money for school!

  144. Damian Watson says

    Large Big Mac!? do you know how many calories afre in that burger lol, it’s like eating filth with bits of Chinese newspaper.

    What is North’s slogan Josh?

  145. 145: you sound like Michelle Bridges Damo haha.

    Our slogan for 2010 is ‘New Game, New Era’ but here is a link to the video they have also made:

    It wouldn’t work for me, so i’ll just see it when i attend a North Melbourne home game during the year.

  146. Danielle says

    Steve, it’s just something my parents go by. Im a girl so I buy lots of stuff, I might be out and see a top I like and my parents would want me to have money with me to buy it.
    I get about forty bucks everyweek but I get extra ontop if I plan to go out with friends. Dad doenst like me leaving the house to go out with less than fifty bucks.
    My grandparents also like to give me money, im pretty spoilt.

  147. Steve Healy says

    144- hahaha nice joke Josh.

    Sorry Damo, I dont go to maccas that often at all, but I just get that cos its the nicest thing there

  148. Danielle says

    I have 3 cheese burgers, large frozen coke, medium fries and a medium chocolate Sunday with extra chocolate!!!!

  149. I’m serious Steve. When i go down the street she just pulls out $10 for me.

  150. 149: Omfg.

  151. Steve Healy says

    you don’t buy a lot of stuff cos your a girl, you buy a lot of stuff cos your parents let you!

    40 dollars a week! you are kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is all fake isnt it, this is a dream!

  152. Danielle says

    151- lmaoo yeah i know i eat a lot.

    152- …..okayy thenn

  153. Damian Watson says

    I probably spend from the range of only $5-$15 a week maximum sometimes I don’t really spend anything at all.

    Danni! how can eat that filth! lol 3 cheeseburgers? surely one is enough.

  154. Can’t too many cheeseburgers kill you? I think it was Greg who ate a Big Mac in two bites, and ate about four of them in one sitting on school camp last year, not to mention the 19 weet-bix he had for breakfast.

  155. Danielle says

    154- with pleasure Damo i tried to get mum to go drive thru today but i failed

    one is not enough..they are tiny

  156. Danielle says

    155- lmaoo me and greg should be food eating buddies

  157. Damian Watson says

    The Weet-Bix is alright, two bites! is that even remotely possible!

  158. 156: I actually feel ill after eating one cheeseburger.

  159. I think he had 19 weet-bix one morning, 13 the next and 11 the next day so that’s 43 in three days. I only have three.

    158: For Greg, it is.

  160. Steve Healy says

    I eat 5 or 6 weetbix.

    Yeah, the cheeseburgers are tiny, mcDonalds rip you off

  161. Danni, what do you do with the pickle in cheeseburgers? I chuck them out the window trying to hit a car.

  162. Danielle says

    i take em out for the bin.
    lol id ask for one without but it takes em longer to leave it stupid

  163. Danielle says

    nah only kidding, I try to chuck em at the hot dude sitting closest to my table.

  164. 163+164: That’s no fun..

  165. Damian Watson says

    When my Dad went to a Paramatta McDonalds once about a decade ago there was a huge huntsman spider in his burger, he has barely eaten ayt McDonalds since.

  166. 166: ahhhhh!

  167. Danielle says

    whats not fun about chucking pickles at hot guys?

  168. Danielle says

    166- well..i always open my burger before i take a bite.

  169. 169: Same, to get the pickle out

  170. Danielle says

    170- yerp and then i do an inspection, im picky..somethimes

  171. Danielle says

    where did pretty eyes go?

  172. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s what he did, he took a look first imagine if he actually ate it without noticing lol.

    When I went out to Inverloch a few years ago there were a family of insects inside, so there is a lesson never buy an Ice Cream at Inverloch lol.

  173. Damian Watson says

    173- Sorry I was referring to the ice-cream.

  174. 173: I would have killed myself if i took a bite out of a spider. Apparantly cooked tarantular legs are quite delicious.

    Someone’s in a grumpy mood..

  175. Damian Watson says

    Well if it was a redback it would do the killing for you, a few of those redbacks crawled onto my friends barbeque a few years ago the next few minutes weren’t pleasent lol.

  176. Danielle says

    i hate spiders if i see one this ia all i have to do..

  177. What is it with you and bugs Damo?? Lol

  178. Damian Watson says

    What can I say, bugs hate me and I’m scared of them lol.

  179. I don’t like moths.

  180. Damian Watson says

    Yeah moths have an eerieness about them.

  181. Oh and i hate flies!!

  182. Danielle says

    BEES!! i hate BEES!!
    if u see me and Candy screaming and bolting it means there is a bee nearby.

  183. I remember last year at the opening of the Numurkah Skate Park a huge bee swarm went through the main street, my car window took forever to close! I haven’t been stung by a bee in a few years, which is good coz they are the most painful things ever.

  184. Danielle says

    184- omg..ive never been stung!!
    and thats cos i bolt for my life

  185. 185: Just don’t walk on your lawn barefoot in spring, that’s when they attack.

  186. Steve Healy says

    how can you be scared of bees? their stings dont even hurt.

    Are you guys kidding? The pickles are delicious!

  187. Steve Healy says

    I got stung a few weeks ago, I was walking across and one hit my face and stung me simultaneously. stings dont bother me at all

  188. Damian Watson says

    Anyway guys lets divert the conversation back to footy for just a moment, what do you guys think of David Rodan’s procedure is it too risky or well it revolutionise the game?

    We all saw what happened to Nick Maleceski.

  189. Danielle says

    189- please explain

    187- throws pickle at Steve

  190. Damian Watson says

    Knee procedure, Rodan is returning to the track already even though he neede a knee reconstruction late last year.

  191. Steve Healy says

    i think the LARS surgery (I think thats what its called) is great, but remember, its only possible if the ligament isnt completely torn so I reckon all players with the chance should go for it

  192. Danielle says

    191- well in that case its up to him..i wouldnt do it, one knock could be the end all really.

  193. I think it’s too risky at a time so crucial to his career, but i hope it works out for him. He is probably Port Adelaide’s most exciting player. But Hitchcock could have taken Rodan’s place if he went with the traditional recovery.

  194. 190: Lol

  195. Damian Watson says

    Well I reckon Rodan’s recovery will determine whether the procedure has a place in the game.

    Okay you can go back to the bee talk now, by the way I’ve never been stung.

  196. Danielle says

    status- craving chocolate for the third time

  197. Does anyone give Freo a chance on Saturday?

  198. Steve Healy says

    no, lets talk about footy

  199. Danielle says

    footy= SUPERMAN yay!!!! :)

  200. Damian Watson says

    Good idea Steve,

    You would probably have to back the Saints on this occasion, their power around the stoppages and up forward will be too much for the Docker youngsters.

  201. Steve Healy says

    Lets give Danni a footy quiz.

    What numbers do the following players wear:

    James McDonald?

    Liam Jurrah?

    Lance Franklin?

    Leigh Brown?

    Brent Harvey?

    Chris Judd?

    Matthew Pavlich?

    Brett Kirk?

  202. Danielle says

    okay im gonan randomly guess

    24 or 25?







    kirk…. meh i duuno

  203. Danielle says

    lol sorry i got jurrah wrong steve..dont eat me..

  204. Danielle says

    omg hes so upset..he cnt talk (type)

  205. Steve Healy says

    Jurrah? 34? are you crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    No, 23

    No, 24







    5/8, well done Danni

  206. Danielle says

    204- knew there was a 4 in his number but i didnt knwo if he was 24 or 34… lmaoo

  207. Damian Watson says

    This should be an easy question Steve: Which round did Aaron Davey make his debut and who were the Dees opponents and the score as well lol.

  208. Steve Healy says

    no, im not typing cos my internets slow

  209. Danielle says

    Put these players in pretty order

    1. Mitchell
    2. Mooney
    3. Ablett

  210. Damian Watson says

    Oh sorry about that Steve lol.

    How are we mant to judge that danni lol, by the way what is your opinion on the Fev-Lara Bingle photo fiasco.

  211. Danielle says

    lmao its a trick question Ablett is not pretty!
    so it would be
    1. Mitchell
    2. Mooney

    i think its sus how this surfaced now that hes got a new slate with the Lions.

  212. Damian Watson says

    Which one do you think Danni?

  213. Danielle says

    213- which one do i think what??

  214. Danielle says

    OMG Roger got a haircut!!
    i miss his winning streaks… :)

  215. Steve Healy says

    Davey debuted in Round 1, 2004 against Hawthorn I think

    sorry, internet wasnt working

  216. Damian Watson says

    hahaha that’s good terminology.

    I thought you were asking me a question with those players in comment 212.

    Yeah it is an intresting issue, if you don’t mind me saying Mrs Bingle has a good figure although she has that reputation of making dumb choices.

  217. Danielle says

    217- lol Damo the pretty ones dont always have the light on up there, if ya catch my drift, remember i go to an all girls school.
    Bingle is pretty but im more envious of Kerr even with Kerr i think shes too skinny.

  218. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s correct, yeah the internet is frustrating sometimes.

  219. Steve Healy says

    I don’t miss tennis one bit.

    More questions for Danni.

    Who is the Collingwood all time leader goal kicker?

    Who was Collingwood’s last premiership captain and coach?

    How many games and goals in Jack Anthony’s career?

    Who won the premiership in 1930?

    Who won the premiership in 1953?

    Who won the premiership in 1997?

    Who won the premiership in 1993?

    What number did Peter Daicos wear in his career?

  220. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Miranda is good, although her skinny figure doesn’t compare to Nicole Ritchie she appears to have snuck out of a science museum display of a skeleton.

    I still remember the Ashes cricket ad in which Bingle starred in, where they did a parody of an Aussie tourism ad.

  221. Danni, put this players in order of hotness:

    -Jayson Laycock
    -Kepler Bradley
    -Stephen Milne
    -Alan Toovey
    -Steve Johnson

  222. Damian Watson says

    Add Scott Thornton to that list Josh lol.

  223. Danielle says

    Steve u cnt be serious
    all i know is tha Jack kicked 50 goals and that hes even hotter in real life.
    Daicos…number 4??

  224. Danielle says

    222- gimma a sec i gotta do some research

  225. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I saw that photo of Lara Bingle on the news, the only bad thing about the picture was the blurred parts of her body

  226. Damian Watson says

    224- You can’t be serious!

  227. 226: Are they blurred on the internet? Time to investigate!

    223: And Scott Thompson from North.

  228. Steve Healy says

    Are you crazy? you don’t know who Collingwood’s last premiership captain and coach are? You dont know their leading goal kicker. There’s an end named after him for crying out loud!

  229. GORDAN COVENTRY! Do a quiz like that for me Steve

  230. Damian Watson says

    Do you know any player from the 1990 Premiership Team aside from Daicos Danni?

  231. Who kicked five goals in the 1990 Grand Final?

  232. Damian Watson says

    Shaw, McGuane, Millane Monkhorst, Kerrison Francis Banks Daicos Turner Crosisca Brown Kelly Gayfer etc are these names familiar?

  233. Damian Watson says


  234. Danielle says


  235. Danielle says

    1. Thompson
    2. Johnson

    Ps- Nathan Thompson, now that was A HOT Rooboy!!

  236. Danielle says

    lol sorry guys, im not into the past history of footy happenings, like i said i live the moment the past was a time i didnt exist and you cant get back.
    while i understand u guys love that stuff im not into it.

  237. 236: Your kidding, Nathan Thompson was the worst looking bloke ever. Top player though.

  238. Danielle says

    238- im as serious as Mick Malthouse

  239. Steve Healy says

    whats the point of following footy and remembering nothing? Thats like going to school and not remembering anything at all

  240. The fact that you think Dean Laidley is cute is enough to make me belive you are not serious.

  241. Steve Healy says

    You dont even know who the 1990 premiership coach was?

  242. Hey guys, changed the oil and oil filter in the cars for mum and dad today. Worst looking player ever Damien Peverill

  243. Damian Watson says

    Is Channel 7 a good clue? lol.

  244. Danni the 1990 premiership coach is easy you have to know this one?

  245. Steve Healy says

    Danni, what is the end at the right of screen of Etihad Stadium?

  246. Danni – Look at 230!

  247. Steve Healy says

    Danni’s done a runner, not IMPRESSED EID!

  248. Steve Healy says

    no, don’t look at 230, Josh spelt his name wrong

  249. Danielle says

    what..huh.. sorry had to take a call :)

    Yay Adams back ;)

  250. Danielle says

    ohh HEY jeff! :)

  251. Clue, he played for Hawthorn and coached multiple premierships at another club.

  252. 252 is for who the 1990 premiership coach is.

  253. Danielle says


  254. Danielle says

    241- WHAT
    Laidley is HOT
    and so is Thompson

  255. 251- HEY DANNI! We had Super8’s practice in the gym today and Greg and I partnered up, I accidently ran him out lol.

  256. Danielle says

    256- lmaoo Greg!

  257. Steve Healy says

    254- (The sound the crowd makes when their team finally gets a free kick)

  258. Danielle says

    258 *gasp*
    thats just mean Steve

  259. Steve Healy says

    And who kicked 1299 goals for Collingwood Danni?

  260. Steve Healy says

    hows it mean? im just testing your footy knowledge

  261. Damian Watson says

    Which team was the opponent to Sydney the afternoon Tony Lockett kicked his 1300th goal.

  262. 257- It was a nightmare, it was like the whole Watson Katich debarcle all over again :/

  263. Danielle says

    261- You know i have none! i coulda told ya that myself

  264. 262 – And how many goals was Lockett on at the beginning of that match?

  265. Steve Healy says

    sorry, i didnt mean to hurt you

  266. Danielle says

    266- bit late

  267. Steve Healy says

    sorry, ill put a band aid on that then

  268. Danielle says

    a band aid aint gonna fix it…

  269. Steve Healy says

    ok, does a hug fix it?

  270. Danielle says


  271. Steve Healy says

    does a strong friendship fix it?

  272. Danielle says

    how does that fix anything?

  273. Danielle says

    funny how everyone hides when Steve upsets me

  274. um hmm thats right uh huh
    oh no

  275. Danielle says

    did Adam leave… :(

  276. 275- Fix youself girl you’ve got a camel toe :O hahahahahaha that was so funny when i heard you singing that today

  277. Steve Healy says

    yeah lol.

    I dunno, because we’re friends?

    Status- brown pencil on my chest

  278. Danielle says

    i was hoping hed say something funny..

  279. Yep, he’s gone.

  280. Danielle says

    280- :)

  281. 277: Camel toe? That was on Video Hits the other day. Worst song I’ve ever heard, even including that atrocity by Brokencyde.

  282. Steve Healy says

    Does that mean Adam’s your favourite Almanacker.

    NOOO! down goes Steve in the list

  283. 282- Yep thats the one I was flicking through the channels then BAM! its pretty cruddy song although its quite catchy…

  284. 282: Best song ever Adam

  285. Danielle says

    yeah Adam is tied with Damo :)

  286. I can’t be Danni’s favourite, she’s never met me, unlike all of you guys bar Jeff.

  287. 286: :o I SEE HOW IT IS :|

  288. Danielle says

    287- well when i do if i dont look u directly in the eyes its cos i dont wanna die from the prettyness…dman u and your amazing eyes!! Lmaoo

  289. 285 downloading it right now :D

  290. Steve Healy says

    Do you like Josh more than me?

  291. Danielle says

    288- lmaoo Joshua!
    man i love that name
    i goot work it into one of my kids names..who knows if i have 3 boys i could name one Joshua :)

  292. Danielle says

    291- i dont like anyone more than anyone


  294. 293: 281!!

  295. Danielle says

    294- i have no idea what ur on about…Joshua *squeals at muffin name*
    omg im so gona get another teddy bear and name it that

  296. Sorry i mean 293: 286!!

  297. So you like Damo and Adam more than me and Steve?

  298. Steve Healy says

    293- WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! you just said Damo and Adam are the same!

  299. Danielle says

    298- no and i dont like them any less

    all it is is that Damo never upsets me at all and Adam makes me laugh all the time.

  300. Steve Healy says

    Then what are my good qualities?

  301. 300: Your dead to me. :|

  302. Danielle says

    Well Steve you care about whats happening, which is nice you know to have some one say “what do you think about this?” or “how do you do that?”

  303. What are my good qualities?

  304. Danielle says

    302- i think ive diedddddddddddd way to many times Josh.

    I like each of you for a different reason
    JOSH- is always supportive and I can talk to him about random stuff
    STEVE- values my opinion and who could forget the wallaby story
    DAMO- never upsets me..hes just really nice
    ADAM- always makes me laugh and I admit to feeling a bit closer to him cos we wre both in the year 12 boat
    MIKEY- everything is debatable

  305. Steve Healy says

    So i’m not funny? :(

    Josh, she obviously trusts you enough to give you her super coach pass word

  306. Danielle says

    306- Steve u cna be funny but Adam well just add Sandler on the end and it makes sense!

    exactly Josh

  307. 305: Hmm, alright i’ll admit i laughed at the top bit of that comment.

  308. JAYSONS coming up this weekend :)

  309. Danielle says

    and Jeff
    lmaoo i dont even know Jeff that well, but hes cool! lol

  310. What about Domenic?

  311. 310- Well thanks Danni your cool too lol

  312. Steve Healy says

    Well all I’m after is to be labelled funny and caring.

    And I can talk about random stuff well too

  313. Steve, i think your very uncaring and pretty unfunny at times.

  314. I don’t think Steve is unfunny.

  315. Danielle says

    oh yeah Dom is the tennis go to dude! :)

    Steve you are caring, but i have to admit ur probably the cutest comment one i mean how many time hav u said stuff tahts really cute?
    WALLABY STORY!! i have that down in my diary

  316. Danni and Barn make me laugh the most, well barn more at school and basically only today in 1 period but I laughed alot. and Danni just says some funny stuff lol.

  317. Steve Healy says

    When im uncaring that means im being funny, and when im unfunny that means im being caring

  318. Danielle says

    Its not that Steve isnt funny, but Adam is the funniest.

  319. Danielle says

    317- :) lol merci

  320. Dom is the “tennis go to” dude, while Josh is the “go to tennis” dude.

    Thanks Danni

    321 – The classroom in which I did my oral

  321. I think i’ve seen ‘LMAOOO JOSH!!’ the most on the Almanac..

  322. Danielle says

    omg if i get my result for my oral u guys better be on at the same time to either stop me form crying or celebrate 2mro

  323. Danielle says

    322- Josh is like my long lost cousin

  324. Steve Healy says

    Oh on camp I got within a couple of metres of a kangaroo, or it might’ve been a wallaby lol but still. I nearly touched it but it hopped away

  325. Has anyone here seen the movie Kangaroo Jack?

  326. Danielle says

    325- ;)

  327. Danielle says

    326- YES! lmaoo naww kangaroom JACK!! JACKK

  328. 324: Hey cuz

  329. I immediately regret that last comment.

  330. Danielle says

    329- yeah cuz! :)

    330- lmaoo

  331. Josh member those mange as wallabies that were fightin on camp ?

  332. Danielle says

    i would name my Kangaroo Jack… :)

    you guys im craving Maccas

  333. Steve Healy says

    If Josh is your cousin, Danni.

    Am I your fourth cousins son twice removed?

  334. My opinion of you guys:

    Adam: Very smart, going to go a long way in life. Top bloke in person as well.
    Damo: Wouldn’t hurt a fly, also has a successful career ahead of him. Very knowledgable too.
    Steve: Talkative, freakish at remembering footy statistics and will be one of the biggest footy nerds in football history. Very respectable and passionate and friendly.
    Danni: Funny, dramatic, knows all the latest goss and WAGS of most players, and always provides the answer to a question that only a girl would know.
    Michael: Comes across as arugative (that a word?) but in person is very friendly and easy to get a long with
    Susie: The only female i know that knows THAT much about footy, and very respectable.

  335. Danielle says

    334- yeah if u want lol

    hahahaha dramatic, its always teh way :)

  336. Steve Healy says

    Here’s why I like all of you as people (I’m not putting “because you like footy” as a reason andIn order of who came on to the site first, Michael the exception cos I didnt know he existed until round 18):

    Josh- can be funny, sarcastic, and theres plenty of funny debating in our conversations, but overall friendly and kind and easy to talk to for ages

    Danni- very enthusiastic, and even though we have our fights, we are back to being good friends and laughing with each other the next day.

    Damo- Always kind, easy to get along with, doesn’t mind a bit of humor.

    Michael- enjoys a laugh

    Dom- Can tell he’s a good guy even from his few comments

    Adam- Funny, and knows his stats.

    Jeff- dont know him much, but hes pretty funny and good to chat to

  337. Danielle says

    335- lol nice to see you find Mikey nice to get along with ;)

  338. 338: He is, i talked to him the most at the footy last week.

  339. Thanks Steve. I’d do what I thought of all of you guys but I think i’ll get too know you all better first.

  340. Danielle says

    337- steve this is us fi we got married

    dayone Married
    FIGHT divorce
    Daytwo Married
    FIGHT divorce
    daytheree Married
    dayfour Married
    lmaooooo :)

  341. I’ve only met most of you once and some of you not at all, so I won’t comment either.

  342. Oh and Dom: Just loves his sport and knows a bit of knowledge, and look forward to catching up with him sometime.

  343. Would like to get into more of a discussion with Dom on here sometime, he tends to pop on then pop off quite soon after.

  344. 342: Me and Steve are like the Almanac veterans on here with you guys, although none of us are showing signs of age and will be a long time before we retire, we haven’t hit our peak form yet.

  345. I havnt talked to Dom or Damo much at all.

  346. I like Damo’s comments, they’re quite rational, intelligent and unbiased, unusual in my experience of Carlton supporters.

  347. Danielle says

    347- exactly my thoughts 100%

  348. Steve Healy says

    Yeah your right Danni, lol.

    Yep, we’re the veterans Josh

  349. If you didn’t know who Damo was, you would think he was a very smart adult judging by his comments.

  350. Danielle says

    Adam DONT SHAVE…

  351. Danielle says

    350- again exactly correct

  352. I think Danni and I were the first to talk to each other on the Almanac though..

  353. Steve Healy says

    Damo told me on the train that when he first saw my posts on the almanac he thought I was an adult lol.

  354. And the first to talk to each other in real life I believe.

  355. Yes that’s true Adam. I think..

  356. Steve Healy says

    353- Yeah thats true, but it wasnt my fault, Danni commented on your piece and I didnt really know who you were for that whole time during the season

  357. I think all of us could pass for adults. Except Danni, she’s an obvious teenage girl, but that’s what makes her unique among the Knackers.

    I was amazed when I found out Susie was 20, she seems a lot older too, and not just because there aren’t many 20 year olds named Susie.

  358. 353- thats right cuz! lol

  359. 357: I’m not saying it was your fault, but i think Danni noticed i was a teenager coz i got to sleep-in instead of going to school in my Queens Birthday report.

  360. Steve Healy says

    Was it, I thought you and Danni just stood at the opposite side of the room until I came up to you and started talking to you Josh

  361. 355- I spoke to Josh on grade free i mean three camp 8)

  362. 358- woooooooooo girl powerrrrrrr

  363. 353: No, You and I were the first to actually see each other in the flesh, but i think Steve was the first person i talked too, then you came up to us? Ah i can’t remember.

  364. No i went up to josh before u rocked up steve

  365. Steve Healy says

    Isnt Susie 19?

  366. The first people I saw were in order:

    Steve (I recognised first)
    Michael (a few seconds later)
    Damo (a second after Michael)
    Josh (about 5 minutes after the others)

  367. Josh dontcha remember i came up to and said “hey, josh?” and then u kinda just stood there really embarassed….

  368. 366: Think so

    365: What were you thinking Danni when you were across the room from me? I was trying to avoid eye-contact so bad, then noticed you were walking over.

  369. I thought Susie was older too Adam. For some reason i think Susie may look like our teacher Gaz, Josh. :|

  370. Steve Healy says

    Josh, did you read any of my reports before we started talking to each other?

  371. Danni the only type of conversation i remember us having was talking about your purple pen.

  372. 370: Is that a compliment or an insult?

  373. 372- LMAOOO
    i was thinkinh
    ‘okay well i think thats him i mean hes wearing the jumper so its gotta be him…okay is he comming over or do i have to go…okay fine ill do it!’

  374. Danni: Hey Josh
    Josh: …Yeah?
    Danni: Look at my purple pen.
    Josh: Yeah, its nice…

  375. 371: Yes i did, Mum was the first to read your reports when she was on the Almanac one day and she told me that i ‘had competition’.

  376. 373- Neither I just think she sorta sounded like Gaz, don’t ask me why lol.

  377. 372- dont ya rememeber how Hayle was like to us “are we over being shy?”
    and i said “yeah im only half shy now”

  378. 375- LMAOOO
    Mikey loved my pen he wanted to sign everyones book with it and i was a bit confused…LMAOO

  379. 375: It was more like this:

    Danni: Will you sign my book?
    Josh: Okay, i got my pen..
    Danni: Here use this one!
    Josh: Its purple though!

  380. 380- hahahah and its still living might i add

  381. 378: I remember tasting that energy drink shot thing at our table and you laughed when i said it taste like crap. And my coke taste like crap.

    379: In all seriousness, that was a good pen.

  382. I wouldve just sighned the book thinkin it was a blue pen :| I have a purple pen atm apparently :|

  383. 382- lmaoo oh yeahh!! i remember ur face was all screwed up when u tasted it LMAOO

  384. Ahh the memories are coming back now..

    Lol and when Michael, Damo and I were in the alleyway and Michael tried a banana kick and it went on the balcony and he put his hands up to his mouth and was like “OMG i’m so sorry!”

  385. Which alleyway was it? I want to Google Maps it.


    “you dont look like linngy!!”
    MIKEY”OHHHH i thought u said i didnt look like my book photo!”


  387. Do you know what pub it was? If so, it was to the right of that, up the alleyway you see and we were kicking the footy in the longer alleyway that goes from left to right on screen.

  388. Clyde Hotel

  389. Josh – I think it might have been mentioned in one of your reports on the launch but I can’t remember.

  390. And what about Anson Cameron and John Harms? Gee they were funny behind the mic.

  391. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh, I remember reading your articles and thinking the same thing about competition. You were the enemy back then

  392. Clyde Hotel in Carlton

  393. What’s Harms like in person?

  394. Steve Healy says

    387- hahaha yeah that was hillarious

  395. Yeah i thought i was the only teenager because Cath and Zander hadn’t made an appearance on here. Little did i know you had been on here the longest and i didn’t realize until Round 10.

  396. Steve Healy says

    394- friendly and funny

  397. 349- lmao i remember when i was talking to Harms in person all i could think was

  398. I really wanted to sing… Lmaoo

  399. 394****

  400. Have you met Cath and Zander in person?

  401. Harms: Very loud and could tell a joke as good as he built it up
    Daffey: Quiet but very nice
    Gigs: Smart and friendly
    Pam: Friendly and made me feel welcome when i got their.

  402. Better head off too bed guys, talk tommorow.

  403. 401- nope

    lmaooo Gigs was cool! :)

  404. cya jeff

  405. Steve Healy says

    I’ve gotta admit Danni, it was really strange when I walked in and you were just sitting down and staring at me lol.

    I remember when I was about to walk in, I was so scared, but it all turned out well.

    I don’t remember the launch night that well, it was like one of those dreams where you just remember a couple of moments

  406. 406: Same, it feels really surreal to me.

    The reason i wanted to get their early was coz i didn’t want to have to walk past any of the Fab 5 members on my way in. And i felt like a dork holding a footy with me.

  407. Steve Healy says

    hahaha you looked like a dork too. nah just kidding.

    It was so scary when I saw you standing there Josh, but even scarier when I saw Danni, but even scarier when Damo came out of nowhere!

  408. 406- lmaoo i was staring at u cos u were straing at me!
    i was like..okay hes still staring but hes not comming over…oh well heer i go again! lmaoo

    yeah i had to walk in and pass Josh on my way in! lmaoo an dmy heel got stuck

  409. 408- im not scarey! im cute :)

  410. It’s funny, two of the three tallest players in the AFL are called Max. There isn’t any short players called Min though.

    Susie do you have facebook?

  411. 408: It wasn’t scary for you, you came right up to me and casually said “Hey Josh”

    Lol remember us texting on our way there?

  412. 411 – Whoops.

  413. 412- steve was like a deer in headlights around me! lmaoo

  414. Now i remember! Danni came up to me, said hello, talked for a bit, then went back. Then Steve and Damo showed up and Danni came over again, she left again, we went out to kick the footy and Michael followed us coz he was at the bar.

  415. lmaooo Josh was shy and Steve seemed nervouse and i was trying my best not to sound like an idiot and stop looking at the ground!

  416. And Danni making a superstar entrence and then tripping over! God that was funny..pity i didn’t see it :|

  417. Steve Healy says

    I get nervous around new people thats just me.

    412- Spot on Danni.

    Yeah our texting was awesome, I was so scared when you said Danni and me are on different sides of the room and I was just walking around the corner to the pub

  418. 417- OMGGG lmaooo it was so not uncle found it hilarious!

  419. 418- lmaoo why?

  420. I remember being in the hotel room sitting on the bed and Hayley goes “The taxi is here!!” and i didn’t want to move.

  421. So were you nervous around me Steve?

  422. 419: If i had of seen it, no doubt i would have broken out into the biggest laugh ever Danni.

  423. Steve Healy says

    I dunno, or maybe im just nervous in front of girls

  424. Steve Healy says

    422- 424

  425. Hahaha, you guys (+ girl) are funny.

    I’m 19, Adam, for two more precious months. And I know what you mean: I think I’m one of three girls christened “Susan” under the age of 50 left in the world.

    I’m curious about this Gaz now, LoL.

  426. lmaoo…i knew it.
    steve what am i going to do with you! i mean u have sisters u should be fine around me

  427. 426: Gaz (Miss Georgia Peters) is mine and Jeff’s english teacher at school. She’s really funny.

  428. 423- DUHHH!! lmaoo

  429. Steve Healy says

    426- I knew you were 19.

    Happy Birthday Gigs in 79 minutes

  430. 335: Thanks Josh, you’re a sweet kid :-)

  431. Steve Healy says

    427- Yeah, I have four sisters, I should be fine next time I see you

  432. Steve Healy says

    Steve’s secret, part 1: I use ‘Steve Healy’ as my display name cos im worried another Steve will join the Almanac and put themselves as ‘Steve’ so you won’t be able to tell the difference.

    Stay tuned for Steve’s secret part 2!!

  433. 431: Its the truth Susie. It’ll be interesting to see how you fare at the book launch if you go. Will you hang with us cool kids or mingle with the adults? Lol

  434. Steve Healy says

    Steve’s secret, part 2: I wore odd socks to Geelong V North Melbourne. One sock had a red line across it, the other one had a blue. I do this often on purpose cos it makes Melbourne colours. Note- I recieved a pair of red ones and a pair of blue ones for Christmas, so I knew how to wear them have I got them. That’s all guys.

    Stay tuned for Steve’s secret part 3!!

  435. 433- okayyyyyyyyy lol

  436. Steve Healy says


  437. lmaoo id laugh if u turn out more nervous than the first time we met! lmaoo

  438. Steve’s secret part 3: I had a nightmare once that I forgot everything I knew about footy. I woke up sweating and shaking.

  439. 435: I rarely don’t wear odd socks.

  440. 439- LMAOOOOO

  441. 438: (I think you were talking to me..) As long as you trip over on your face Danni everything will be finee.

  442. hmmm that reminds me..i need a new outfit for the launch

  443. 442- yeah to both of u!

    ahhhh lmaoo okay ill try and trip just for ur enjoyment

  444. 434: Aw, thanks :-D I gather from Danni’s rants that guernseys are in and heels are out? LOL

    I feel trapped :-s I still consider myself one of the young ‘uns, but I suppose social decorum will demand I at least mingle with the grown-ups. I think, if I go, I’ll split my time 50-50 :P I shall be VERY diplomatic :-)

  445. 443: I’ve got my outfit. North Melbourne guernsey. That’s all.

  446. Steve Healy says

    I’ve had those nightmares more than once Adam! And don’t make a mockery of my segment

  447. 445- lol im still gonna wear heels again! I NEED HEIGHT, I NEED STILTS! lmaoo

  448. 445: The first five people i talked to at the Launch were adults Susie, but I see your problem haha.

  449. i think ill wear a skirt this time round..

  450. Steve Healy says

    443- That’s all, you mean thats all youll be wearing? what???? disguisting.

  451. And how long will you stay Danni? The whole night? Good idea.

  452. 452- very funny I HAD NO CHOICE!! i mean i left early and got A C+ imagine if i had stayed!

  453. 451: No, i mean who takes notice of the pants/shorts you wear, what you wear around your torso is all that matters, and all i’ll be wearing is a North jumper.

  454. ..i dont know what to wear :(
    i need to go shopping

  455. 453: Don’t tell me you studied when you got home. You would have got home, sat at your desk and thought “i wonder what they are doing right now” and you wouldn’t have been able to keep concentrated.

  456. Steve Healy says

    Steve’s secret, part 3: I have a scar between my lip and my nose, I got thing when I was a few weeks old and it got cut. If you look closely you’ll see it. Go Dees!

    Stay tuned for Steve’s secret part 4!!

  457. Josh’s secret, part 1: I have a scar up the middle of my stomach.

  458. 456- CORSE I DID! i kicked off the heels and hit the books and only managed to cram a C+
    arggggghhhh!! :(

  459. ..i have a scar on my left hand..

  460. Part 4, Steve.

    Adam’s secret, part 1: I used to be terribly scared of safety pins, because my Dad accidentally pricked me with one as a baby.

  461. Steve Healy says

    Josh, your not copying my secret thing, its unfair

  462. 461- really?? nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  463. Steve Healy says

    No, it isn’t meant to be like this! Just say i’ve got a secret, dont copy my title

  464. Josh’s secret, part 2: I’m addicted to Morphine. Haha nah just kidding, but god that stuff feels good.

  465. Actually, I think Steve’s secret is best, because it is alliterative.

  466. adam, were u born with green eyes, did ur eye colour change at all?

  467. 460: :O Me too! I stabbed myself accidentally as a four year old Now I have a ^ shaped scar

  468. Blue eyes Danni, they changed at some point.

  469. Steve Healy says

    466- exactly.

    Steve’s secret part 4 coming up

  470. 468- OMG thats what i did! mines more of a straight line though

  471. 469- yeah its always the way, sorry just curious.

  472. oh and i think i was 5 when i got my scar

  473. Gee, everyone has a scar.

  474. Steve Healy says

    actually it isnt, ive gotta go

  475. 471 – I had been holding a carrot, peeling it in fact, and I slipped. Hence the odd shape :-S

  476. 476- was an apple victim no wonder i dont eat them any more.
    scarey though how similar our accidents were.

  477. Oh, and going WAAAAY back …
    441: yes I do have facebook

  478. I had open heart surgery so that’s where my scar comes from.

    Lol, nah, i don’t think it was open heart surgery.

  479. 479- Josh :( thats not funny dont do that again! :(

  480. 411*

  481. Yep, when I typed 411 I meant to put it in the other thread where we were talking about Melbourne.

    I tried searching you on Facebook and there’s a few Susie or Susan Gieses and I have no idea which one you are.

  482. 482: Susie Dodgy-Ninja Giese. Long story :p

  483. 480: I really have no idea why my scar is there..

  484. 484- you should ask ur mom.

    well guys and girl lol
    i better be off gotta finish my english conclusion and hit the hay.

    NIGHT all :)

  485. Night Danni!

    I’m getting up at 6, so I’m off too.

    p.s. Josh – do I look anything like Gaz? LOL

  486. 485: It’s Mum, not Mom!

    486: I can’t quite figure out who you are in your photos coz the tag thing isn’t working, but i can’t see any Gaz lookalikes. Lol.

  487. I think we can all unanimously agree on that one. Mum, NOT Mom. Danni, don’t use stupid American spelling, its unAustralian.

  488. LoL, I’ll give you a hint: in my profile pic, I am not the guy. LoL.

    Newho. Really off this time. Night.

  489. 489: Lol, now i see it, by the way, your profile pic is misleading, the ‘guy’ really looks like a girl.

  490. And i’m off too, cya Adam.

  491. I’m off too in a second. But before I go I have to do one thing.

  492. Laugh Out Loud for this thread:

    Danni 20
    Damo 17
    Josh 11
    Steve 10
    Susie 5
    Jeff 4

  493. 477: Scary that we should have matching fruit/veg scars on our left hands… LOL

    493: Adam, I don’t know what’s sadder… that we “LOL”ed so much, or that you counted :p

  494. Been home since lunch time, my cold was too much to bear.

    Status – footy training in an hour.

  495. 495: Hahaha, great attitude! Too sick for school, but not footy training :p

  496. Steve Healy says

    Hey everyone, I just counted pieces on the almanac:


  497. Danielle says


  498. Dagnabbit! Will Sierakowski is a left footer too, according to the HUN!
    What I want to know is, who is the 6th left footer for the Tigers apart from Newman, McMahon, Simmonds, Connors and Gourdis?

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