Round 8 – Carlton v Collingwood: The appropriately titled “Unbiased Report”

A summary of the game follows:


Howe for Collingwood throws the ball – it is ignored by the umpires. Silvagni picks it up, is pushed in the back by a gang tackling group of players – Collingwood free.


Cunningham gets the ball on the wing, is tackled. Spins and handballs out. Umpire says incorrect disposal.


Pendlebury receives the ball, but is caught and throws the ball. It is received by Charlie Curnow who is tackled and cannot release the ball. Collingwood free to Howe.


Cripps and Stephenson chase the ball centre wing and their feet tangle. Free kick to Stephenson.


Treloar tackled by Gibbons – apparently no prior. Ball moves to Sidebottom who is tackled with the ball. Free kick Collingwood: leads to Thomas goal for the pies.


Maynard tackles Paddy Dow. Free to Collingwood


Greenwood throws the ball in Carlton forward line. It is missed by the umpire. Ball gets to Reid who after disposing ball is tackled and awarded a free.


The second quarter starts and shortly the ball finds itself with Petrevski-Seton, who is hammered high by De Goey: advantage free to Collingwood. The Pies play on with the ball loose before Mihocek deliberately dips his legs and body as he is about to be tackled by Murphy to receive a high tackle free, that results in a Grundy goal.


McKay takes a nice mark on centre wing, making incidental contact with Roughead. Free kick for holding to Roughead.


Sidebottom has possession and kicks long to Reid, with Murphy carefully punching the ball away. Free to Reid for illegal contact.


Weitering is tunnelled on the Southern Stand wing. “Play on”, before recovering for a great team goal by young Jack, shortly afterwards followed by McGovern.


At the bounce, the ball goes into the Collingwood forward line, where Stocker brilliantly tackles Brown. Free to Brown.


Back on the wing, De Goey blocks and turns towards Cripps who flies over JDG. Free to Collingwood for unrealistic attempt, that leads to a Grundy goal.


What a great half by the umpires!


The third term starts with scores level. Stocker receives the ball from SPS and JDP tackles well and receives a free that leads to Mihocek mark and goal.


At the resulting bounce, JDP is tackled by Cripps and SPS. Ball up. Shortly afterwards, JDG has the ball and is held by SPS. Free to JDG who then knees and pushes SPS. “Play on”.


The ball is in Collingwood’s inside 50, Casbault and Reid are contesting. Perhaps (this is just a guess but makes sense based on decisions to date), out of respect for the death of the Red Witch in Game of Thrones, the umpire intervenes. Free to Brown; leading to minor score.


The ball enters the Carlton forward line with Fisher kicking the ball towards Silvagni. Howe is leading and is untouched. Free to Howe for imaginary contact. Eventually ball moves to Collingwood forward line for JDG goal.


After the centre bounce, good ball movement by Carlton leads to a kick to Charlie Curnow near the goal square. His arms are chopped by Moore. “Play on”.


Another fine quarter by the umpires.


The final quarter kicks off with the Blues 5 points ahead. Collingwood kick 2 early goals.


On the wing, Weitering and Mihocek are positioning themselves for the ball and it is a good contest. Free kick to the ever-falling Mihochek.


Back on the wing, Wills is well tackled and after a 540 turn, eventually drops the ball on his left boot, with Hoskin-Elliott being tackled to the ground by Cripps. Free to Collingwood for dangerous tackle, despite it being single motion and safe action.


Carlton kick 3 goals in a row, one from 2 x 50 metre penalties, before the umpires take control of the match by awarding Grundy a free for a thrown-in on the wing. The ball finds its way to Crisp who is awarded a 50-metre penalty. He kicks quickly to the forward line where his kick goes to the goal square, where Plowman is man-handled and thrown illegally to the ground by Elliott. This is ignored by the umpires and the goal counts.


At the centre bounce, JDG and Murphy are contesting the ball and the umpires feel obligated to give JDG his 4th and final free for (presumably) being next to Murphy. In due course Brown kicks a goal and the momentum changes for the last 5 minutes of the match and Collingwood kick 3 more goals to ice the match.


CARLTON     1.4     5.6     10.8     13.9 (87)
COLLINGWOOD     2.1     5.6     9.9     16.10 (106)


McGovern 3, Cuningham 2, McKay 2, C.Curnow 2, Cripps, Murphy, Silvagni, Gibbons
Collingwood: Hoskin-Elliott 2Phillips 2, De Goey 2, Brown 2, Stephenson 2, Grundy 2, Crisp, Treloar, Mihocek, Thomas


Carlton: Cripps, Murphy, Cuningham, E.Curnow, Marchbank, McGovern
Collingwood: Treloar, Phillips, Sidebottom, Grundy, Crisp, Brown


C.Curnow (ankle)
Mayne (concussion), Thomas (ankle)


Reports: Nil


Umpires: Dalgleish, Howorth, Fleer


Official crowd: 69,289 at the MCG


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  1. george smith says

    Son I once nearly destroyed a TV set watching free after free go to Carlton in front of goal back in the 70s. There are many legendary matches over the journey where the umpires favourites, such as Johnston Bradley and Judd would hurl themselves forward and get a free from Deller and his friends. Umpires fell over themselves to give frees to their pet team. The world has moved on and the handouts to the Showponies, such as the best zone in Victoria, and the Claytons’ salary cap of 1986-88 are no more.

    Now they are just a bunch of battlers who let opportunities slip because of lack of class. This is not the first match they lost in the last quarter nor will it be the last. One of the rare matches Collingwood won in 1998 was a match against Carlton, where the biased umpiring caused the Magpies to rally and lift to win.

    But revenge is a dish served cold. Store this one in your memory banks for the next time, who knows, your team could cost the Magpies a finals berth next year…

  2. Boys, I admit to only watching the final 10 minutes of this match. As an unbiased footy fan, it appeared the ‘Pies won by playing “steamroller footy” and had considerable good fortune eg bounce of the ball and some lacking or dubious umpiring in those hectic minutes. Carlton can’t seem to take a trick at the moment.

    For all that, in my humble opinion, Collingwood are way out in front of the others at the moment but the season has a long way to go – who knows what injuries await the teams around the corner. I’ve got my fingers (and toes) crossed tor the Crows’ good form to carry on.

  3. John Butler says

    I believe it was Brett Ratten who said the following (or something like it):

    “Umpires don’t decide games. They just affect field position, scoring opportunities, and momentum of play'”

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