Tigers – What’s the point?

Tim O’Sullivan won’t rest until he discovers the cause of further Tiger injustice from the weekend’s game. (It may seem trivial to those not afflicted by Tigerness but rest assured, it’s important, says Tim.)

Stawell – The Hush

John’s story about Ken Trewick was a ripper and it brought to mind many happy memories of Stawell from a time long past. While Trewick’s story is, was and always will be part of the folklore of Stawell it made me think about the thousands of runners who, over the past 130 years or so, [Read more]

Prostate examinations and the mighty Tigers.

Sitting in the doc’s waiting room this morning as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs waiting for my prostate check and PSA result. All good in the end, so to speak, so nerves should have dissipated, yes? But no, still nervous about the Tiges tonight. Nervous like I was [Read more]