Tigers – What’s the point?

Much has been written and said about my beloved Tigers’ loss to the “WAnchors” last Friday night. In particular, the goal umpire who “blocked” Matty Whites’ certain winner in the death throes of the last quarter.

But, there was another incident earlier in the night that had me jumping up and down and sloshing the clean skin shiraz all over the already crappy lounge room carpet. Just before half time a Freo bloke either took a mark or had a free kick awarded (I can’t remember which – clean skin shiraz?) and took his kick after the ump had signalled the end of the quarter. It didn’t make the distance and was punched through for a behind – one point! As in, losing margin one point!

Despite my best efforts to engage with the replay function on the AFL website and to view a replay on Fox, (nothing to do with shiraz this time just luditeness); I’ve been unable to determine who punched it through. According to the rules (12.5.2), if it was a Freo player the score shouldn’t have counted. If it was a Richmond bloke he’s an idiot! If it looks like it’s not going to score the defending team shouldn’t go near it and the attacking team can’t assist it through.

Did anyone else pick up on this? I’d like to know who the punchee or toucher was!

As an aside, it seems strange, at least to me, that what I would consider a second action, or piece of play, by someone other than the kicker can incur a score after the ump’ has blown time.

Anyway, not much point bleating about this I s’pose, if either Sandi or The Pav had played we’d have lost by 4 or 5 goals.  And if both had played we’d have been thrashed!

And, no doubt, this will be deemed trivial (dare I say, pointless), by those of you who are lucky enough not to be afflicted by Tigerness but for those of us who suffer from this incurable and seemingly interminable disease there’s a bloody big difference between 3 and 2 and 4 and 1 or even 3.5 and 1 after the first 5 rounds of a season!

By the way, Daniel Jackson’s and Alex Rance’s junior coaches and/or their Dads’ should be punished severely for not teaching them how to kick properly. It’s soooo bloody frustrating watching the Tiges cough it up time and again on the backline only for the opposition to celebrate their good fortune by scoring goals! Oh no, just reminded myself of the GC nightmare from last year!

Haven’t posted for ages but I still love reading the FA site. Go Knackers!

About Tim O'Sullivan

Frustrated Tiger supporter for the last 30 years since we thrashed the Pies in 1980. I love all sports but footy is my first love. Never a good player myself (hearing was too good!) but loved trying to get a game.


  1. The Wrap says

    A great believer in the Handy Point and that Every Score Counts myself Tos. I was away for a few days and haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the recorded version of the events of last Friday. I will now.

    And just in case you’re a conspiracy theorist, who coached Richmond from 1974 until he was asked to clean out his locker – it is rumoured by the players – in 1978?

    Eat ’em Alive Tigers!!!

  2. Tim – I really like your idea of public floggings for the junior coaches of good players who can’t kick.
    Personally my first target is the milkman who sired Joel Selwood. Neither Scott or Adam can kick over a bucket. I am awaiting the DNA tests before asking questions of Mrs S.
    I expect this to be a bigger scandal than the Flying Peptides and Plugger’s Dodgy Dishlicker Dads combined. We were sold a pup (to quote Plugger).

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