Prostate examinations and the mighty Tigers.

Sitting in the doc’s waiting room this morning as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin’ chairs waiting for my prostate check and PSA result. All good in the end, so to speak, so nerves should have dissipated, yes? But no, still nervous about the Tiges tonight. Nervous like I was last year and the year before that when we played the blue scum. Nervous like I’ve been every first round since we haven’t been much chop, which is pretty much the last 30 years.

Thrashed in the last two round one encounters by Carlton and last year the Juddster wasn’t even there! Still can’t see how you can win a Brownlow giving everyone else a head start?

I must say I’m not really that confident so I don’t know why I’m nervous. I hope the new blokes can add something that we haven’t had for a while like, talent!

Helbig, Conca, Grigg, Houli and Batchelor. I wonder if they’ll become household names like Richardson, Sheedy, Bartlett, Weightman etc. I’d love to see some of the old grunt like “The Flea” used to provide and, of course, Sheeds, Balmey and Richo’s old man “Bull”. Different game now though, of course.

Anyway, another year and we all start at the bottom. I just hope the Tiges don’t hang around down there for the next 6 months. As the doc’ did this morning pull the finger out Tiges’ and let’s go!

About Tim O'Sullivan

Frustrated Tiger supporter for the last 30 years since we thrashed the Pies in 1980. I love all sports but footy is my first love. Never a good player myself (hearing was too good!) but loved trying to get a game.


  1. Tim – Billy Connolly (funniest man alive) tells a very funny joke about his visit to get the prostate checked. He tells how he puts two hands against the wall and has legs apart, in preparation for the gloved finger. He says over his shoulder to the doctor “If I hear the noise of a zipper there’s going to be big trouble.”

    Tigers will suffer a promising loss.

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