What’s wrong with footy in 2018?

It’s the year for debating the state of the game; Sue Currie has some areas she’d like to see targetted in the future

Dear Gillon

Stand up and cheer Knackers. Read this amazing letter that Sue Currie sent AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan passionately summarising all the problems of the modern game. To his credit Gillon rang Sue personally to respond.

Wood On You

A few weeks ago, I had an idea.  I want to find out some things about wood. Not wood as in Colling – wood.  I know all about that ‘cos I’m one of them. No, I’m talking about the other kind of footy wood. I ran my idea past Daff and he asked me to [Read more]

Cloke and swagger

by Sue Currie Anticipation was buzzing on Saturday as I climbed aboard the Collingwood Special at Clifton Hill station.  This week was ‘rivalry round’ between my Pies and our historic arch-enemy, Carlton, which is a misnomer in our case, since every Melbourne-based team sees us as their greatest rival.  Just look at Sheeds’ new joke [Read more]

Footy: A Magpie childhood

Bu Sue Currie I have always been an outsider. It started when I was three months old and my parents bought our house in Chadstone. We were a nest of Magpies in a suburb of Tigerland. I’ve remedied this now as a Magpie living in black and white Northcote! That was a long time ago. [Read more]

FOOTY: Diesel and dust, and desert footy

By Sue Currie I hear it before I can see it. A rowdy mob of wild-looking Aborigines surges into the clinic a minute after I open the door. I could be scared of them if I did not know them all as individuals and families. Men of all ages with red headbands; handsome, husky youths [Read more]

Poetry: Footy Time

by Sue Currie We’ve sent the Pakis packing The Open now is shut The hot cross buns are in the shops And school is going back. The silly season’s ended The NAB Cup’s nearly here It’s time to meet our new boys And bag the umps again. Pre-season’s nearly over We’re members once again It’s [Read more]