Poetry: Footy Time

by Sue Currie

We’ve sent the Pakis packing
The Open now is shut
The hot cross buns are in the shops
And school is going back.

The silly season’s ended
The NAB Cup’s nearly here
It’s time to meet our new boys
And bag the umps again.

Pre-season’s nearly over
We’re members once again
It’s time to love our own lads
And hate the rest again.



About Sue Currie

A devoted Magpie since my father took me to my first game at Victoria Park when I was five years old. That was nearly 70 years ago. Even when I was a nurse on a remote Aboriginal desert community I managed to see most Pies' games on Imparja TV. When I went to work up Cape York and found that the only way to find out what was happening to my Pies was to sit in my FWD and listen to HF radio I quit my job and came back to where they play civilised footy, ie., Aussie Rules.


  1. Amen.

    Except the Collingwood bit..

    Especially the Collingwood bit! :)
    Carn the PIES!!!

  3. “We sent the Pakis packing.” Nice bit of everyday racism, there.

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