Wood On You

A few weeks ago, I had an idea.  I want to find out some things about wood.

Not wood as in Colling – wood.  I know all about that ‘cos I’m one of them.

No, I’m talking about the other kind of footy wood.

I ran my idea past Daff and he asked me to put it in a story, so here it is.

Everyone dreads their team playing certain other teams.  It doesn’t seem to

matter if your team’s in the top four and the enemy’s down the bottom.

They’re still darned hard to beat.  Every time.  You say, “They’ve got the

wood on us”.

My Woods have this trouble with the Dees, the Hawks and the Lions –

every time.  In 2010 we were only beaten four times, and one draw.

Two of those defeats were by two of our ‘wood on’ teams, Hawks and Lions,

both in the bottom half of the ladder.  The draw and a lucky one-point win

were against the Dees, in the bottom four.

When the 2011 draw came out last week I heard a Hawks fan whingeing that

they will only play the Pies once.  He said this is because he thinks we are

easy-beats.  He’s right!  Phew!!

So, you might be saying, who cares?

I think the thousands of people who enter footy-tipping competitions every

week would love to know who’s got the wood on whom.  We all know this about

our own teams, but not on the others.  It could increase their tipping

success rates and add to the fun.

I don’t know why this mystery factor is called ‘the wood’.  The dictionary

doesn’t help.  But I reckon it’s related to that other mystery my coach

doesn’t believe in; the business of ‘coming to play’.  If the sports

psychologists can one day crack the code of the wood and thwart it, they’ll

become overnight millionaires.

Meanwhile, I want to use AFL statistics combined with your feedback to try

to make it more predictable.  Please email me about your mob’s wood teams,

both those who beat you and your easy-beats, on [email protected]

and I will make up a table for this website in time for 2011.

About Sue Currie

A devoted Magpie since my father took me to my first game at Victoria Park when I was five years old. That was nearly 70 years ago. Even when I was a nurse on a remote Aboriginal desert community I managed to see most Pies' games on Imparja TV. When I went to work up Cape York and found that the only way to find out what was happening to my Pies was to sit in my FWD and listen to HF radio I quit my job and came back to where they play civilised footy, ie., Aussie Rules.


  1. Sue,

    North Melbourne always had the wood on the Bulldogs, up until 2009, where the Roos haven’t defeated the Doggies since, while our victory against Adelaide in Round 8 this year was our first since Round 1, 2004.

  2. The Pies seem to have no problem disposing of the Swans in recent years.

    Despite current form lines suggesting the opposite, Essendon seem to be able to get past St Kilda recently where others try & fail.

  3. The Bombers also had the wood on the Blues until our last meting.

    Roos’ Swans have usually had our measure.

    With two wins from our last three encounters, Carlton now obviously own Geelong. :)

  4. JB – I think I’m right in saying that the Blues have no wins from the last one encounter with Geelong. No wood there.

    Cats have had the wood on most teams over the last few years up until the 2010 season end, but particularly the Dogs and Bombers.

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