“These shall not be forgotten years”: Richmond: 1981 – 2016: An occasional series of reflections on the triumphs and tragedies that made 2017 so worth the wait. 2. Impossible Wins

Continuing his occasional series on Richmond’s wilderness years, Sam Steele recalls ten Tiger wins that came against all expectations. (Some unlikely heroes emerge from these recollections – Ed)

Round 8 – Fremantle v Richmond: Some crazy time slot late on Mothers Day

It was a crucial win for the Tigers, but Sam Steele is no fan of Mothers Day footy.

Player tribute: Vale Grigga

Sam Steele pays tribute to the retiring Shaun Grigg.

“These shall not be forgotten years” Richmond: 1981 – 2016: An occasional series of reflections on the triumphs and tragedies that made 2017 so worth the wait.

Stainless is back with an occasional series about the life and times of the Richmond Football Club since the “infamous Ben Cousins” game against Carlton 10 years ago.

Sport as Entertainment – 6. So What?

Here’s the eighth addition to Stainless’ breakdown of sports and their place in the modern pantheon of entertainment.

Sport as Entertainment – 5: Case Studies

Stainless has argued the trend of major sport is becoming predominantly a form of mass entertainment, and in this article he takes cricket and soccer – and analyses how each has changed in Australia in line with these trends.

Sport as Entertainment – 4. Changing Lifestyles and Declining Participation

A major trend in the developed world of changing lifestyles and declining participation shows we’re doing less and less physical activity. Stainless continues his series on the topic of sport as entertainment with another thought provoking article.

Sport as Entertainment: 3. Technology

Stainless continues his series on the direction of sport with this look at the influence of technology.

Sport as Entertainment – 2. Professionalism and Commercialisation of Sport

Stainless examines the development of mass spectator sport from its roots in the late 19th century when most of the games and competitions we know today were being codified and organised. Clubs and stadia sprung up, fuelling the growth of sports with huge spectator appeal.

Sport as Entertainment – Introduction

Sport is increasingly marketed as an entertainment product. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Or is it merely a reflection of a changing society? Stainless introduces a series of articles which will interrogate the notion of sport as entertainment.

The Cape of Bravado- Preliminary Final: Collingwood v Richmond, Friday 21 September, MCG

For Stainless, 2018 was there for Richmond’s taking and they blew it. He can handle being beaten fair and square, but to watch the Magpies and the Eagles fighting for the cup this Saturday, the magnitude of what The Tigers have thrown away will hit him home very hard.

Almanac Football: 1993 Revisited

Stainless takes a fascinating trip down memory lane as he recalls the 1993 AFL season. [With a nod to the Brettig-Collins-Gill podcast – Ed]

Richmond’s Flag to Lose? Ten Reasons why the Tigers might not win the 2018 Premiership

Stainless, perhaps wisely, hoses down the prevailing sentiment that Richmond are a sure thing in September. He has references too!

A 200-Game Richmond Coach: Yes, Really!

In a big week at Tigerland, Stainless has penned an ode to the coach responsible for so much of the current Richmond story, Dimma (or Mr. Hardwick) ahead of game 200.

Round 15 – Richmond v Sydney: Red-blooded humanity amidst the gloom.

For Stainless, Docklands Stadium despite its many re-brandings,has always been a cold, soulless venue as he recalls a disproportionate number of serious, freakish injuries on its hard, patchy surface sustained by Richmond players. But, Stainless was more than happy by the team’s performance against the Swans.

Round 11 – Essendon v Richmond: Dreams, legends, full circles and quick hands

Stainless ponders Kevin Sheedy’s legacy at both clubs during Dreamtime at the G.

Round 8 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Moments

Stainless emphasises a few of the key moments from the Tiges’ win over the ‘Roos and asks what might have been if Dusty had been wearing blue and white.

The View from the Summit

Above all, Richmond has reminded Stainless why he fell in love with footy in the first place. It’s something you do and watch for fun. His Tigers are bringing him a lot of joy!

1981 – 2016: These Should Not Be Forgotten Years

Richmond starts a new ascent of Everest, from Base Camp, competing alongside 17 other hungry, ambitious mountaineers says Stainless Steele. All start equal and expect no special favours. But for once, the Tigers begin their climb with the certain knowledge that they’ve achieved it before.

Of Tigers, Bulldogs, Black Pots and Kettles

Stainless Steele recalls what he had to see about the post-Doggies’ flag adulation a few months ago, and finds some beautiful gymnastics which allows him to get through a similar experience because the funny thing is now he is in exactly the same position as a Tiger! [You are an honourable man Stainless – JTH]