Moving Day

Last week Gigs wrote a touching and heartfelt piece on being sacked andwhat that meant for him and his family. It was raw, brilliant, brave and open and generated a tremendous amount of support and commentary. This Friday is moving day for me, and I can’t guarantee I won’t fall in a crumpled emotional heap.

What’s Going on?

In my months with the Almanac, I have been incredibly impressed with not just the standard of writing, humour and general football wisdom, but also with the sensitivity and care many writers show when dealing with serious football issues. In recent weeks, and again in the past few days, the issue of how football manages [Read more]


With the AFL starting their season with a cracking opening round of games, that seems in many cases to have divided tipsters, and other leagues around the country in full swing, it is worth sparing a thought for where all this begins, especially playing careers. This weekend sees the start of junior football, at least [Read more]

Welcome to the new Coach

With less than three weeks to go to the start of the football season, there are a number of new coaches anxiously counting the hours until Round 1. For some of them, this time will be one of either confidence that they have inherited a well-managed list with great potential, or a realisation that there’s [Read more]

What becomes a champion most?

  by Sean Curtain A recent Litza article on the way some members of the Channel 7 commentary team were described and the debate about the irritating overuse of certain words in football  such as ‘elite’ has led me to want to challenge a word that in my mind is thrown around far too easily [Read more]

The Commentary Box

As we hit mid-February, clearly our attentions now turn to the winter game. As Perth hits 37 degrees, 774 breaks into broadcasts with bushfire reports, and a meaningless triangular cricket tournament with one completely disenchanted and apathetic team continues, the papers are full of AFL pre-season conjecture. Also about this time of the year, the [Read more]

Footy Tipping, Supercoach and its impact on traditional support.

As the cricket season dies a slow death in another meaningless One Day competition, like all Almanackers, I await the football with great anticipation. The discussion on this site in recent days about the winter game, coupled with membership drives, calls for Foxtel subscriptions, players talking up pre seasons (where everyone is ‘flying’ on the [Read more]

I am ready again

  by Sean Curtain I’ve been patient. I’ve sat quietly whilst being overlooked and never made a fuss. Because that’s not me. That’s not what a team player does. Not what a person who thinks of the bigger picture gets involved in. Not what someone who seeks to avoid the limelight does when they are [Read more]


  I am a forgiving and tolerant man. I forgive easily, turn the other cheek and all that other rubbish. However, as much as I am a stickler for tradition and the 5 day white outfit form of our summer game, I am also one who appreciates good manners.