Round 1

As many have said, so why not one more, not much can be taken out of the first of 22 rounds. Still, I would rather be a Brisbane  than a Richmond supporter as the Lions commence their relentless march to the finals. Hope that they don’t expect to keep on winning though by producing one quarter of decent footy.

Whilst having a general whine, why no free to air, even if delayed, of the Adelaide Collingwood game. Indeed thinking more broadly as was pointed out by one ABC commentator when discussing before that game the general scheme of things, how on earth does the AFL expect to make any impact in Sydney with the current (again) ridiculous telecasting arrangements in that promised land. In fact if Sydney lose their first 4, the game will be set back years there and that is just with one team.

Felt sorry for Cousins, he must  feel the heat on him to perform brilliantly personally and in so doing lift the aspirations of an entire footy community. Carlton looked really good though.

Geelong should have beaten Hawthorn and of course did, how good is Ablett, (and Buddy for that matter).

Was glad to see Adelaide get up because at times in the past Mick has been less than complimentary about Mr Craig’s coaching ability. Tell you what though, what if Dale Thomas’s kick for goal had been from inside the boundary. Then all of the postmortems would have put a completely different slant on the matter. Adelaide would have been seen to be a well drilled team still not up to using their game plan when under real pressure and Mick Malthouse would have been feted for again exposing Adelaide’ s weaknesses, well drilled but no imagination.

Bit sad that St Kilda beat Sydney because as stated previously the future of the AFL in Sydney hangs in the balance in my view.

Port beat Essendon but if that goal in the last counter had been allowed at it appears it should have been the Bombers could have well got up and Mark Williams would have been the one feeling the heat. Good game to watch though.

Winning in Perth is always difficult for visiting teams so that the WB should have been very happy.

Nearly forgot the North Melbourne win, seemed to do it fairly easily.

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