A Reflection…

In the modern era of Australian Rules, the word ‘champion’ gets thrown around easy by supporters and media alike. Whilst there are a few definitions of the word, I am sure one of them is apt when referring to the career so far of the current North Melbourne captain. On the eve of his 300th [Read more]

Is there an App that cures FTF (Fantasy Teams Fatigue)?

The craze that has swept the World in the last few years could possibly have another victim. English Premier League (EPL), Australian Football League (AFL), Australian A-League, The Ashes and most recently, the FIFA World Cup have me caught up in finding the right team balance whilst adopting the most appropriate list management strategy to [Read more]

Have the Changes Been for the Better?

In February 1992, the clubs in the English Football League’s First Division decided to ‘break away’ from the then ‘Football League’ and form the English Premier League (EPL). The League continued to consist of the same number of clubs (20) that were present at the end of the 1991/1992 season. The decision was made to [Read more]

A Rookie’s Debut Can Be Costly (Personally)…

One oft asked question is, “Do you remember where you were when…?” For my wife, this question could easily relate to her first sighting of a young North Melbourne rookie in 2008. As is our want, my wife and I show up at training sessions following drafts to cast our ‘expert’ eye over the youngsters [Read more]

One Flew Out of the Hawk’s Nest

For the first six and a half years of my football life, I struggled year after year to settle on a team that would become an essential part of my sporting life. Family and peer pressure between the ages of one to six can be a daunting and stressful period. My Mother, a Cat; my [Read more]

Happy 20th Anniversary Liverpool

Most anniversaries are joyous occasions highlighted by celebrations from the parties involved. Not this one. This anniversary represents 20 years since Liverpool stood triumphant on the dais with a trophy representing ultimate success in English top flight football. The only positive to come out of the 2009/2010 campaign was that Chelsea held on for the [Read more]

A-League: Sydneycentric?

by Stephen George I have never been sure that what I am about to declare was in fact happening before my eyes (and ears) but after sitting through almost another year of A-League, I am almost convinced there is not just jealousy but rather a conspiracy bubbling away up north towards our poor old Melbourne [Read more]

The House that Jack…Is Building

By Stephen George Whilst the incidence of Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees merchandise appears to increase each year, I often wonder how many of those stem from the generosity of relatives or friends that visit the north east of the United States in the northern summer leading up to our Christmas.

Fantasy Footy: Any pointers? I’ve just got to beat my mate

Flashback, January 2009: My wife brags that she is taking these competitions seriously this year and will purchase the AFL Prospectus to assist her. “You’re kidding. Just go with the players you know and see how you go,” I indicate to her, having confidence in her football knowledge.

Soccer: Is it OK to love another man (in a sporting sense, of course)?

By Stephen George Man love or man crushes are seen as a common and acceptable practice by male members of the sports loving community. How do we best define man love or a man crush in the sporting world? To me, it’s about the ability of a sportsperson to either bring me through the gates [Read more]

Footy: Mighty Mick Conlan continues to stir powerful memories

Even though I grew up a Shinboner, my recent work sojourn to Sydney brought back memories of a great moment of watching VFL/AFL games that didn’t involve the boys from Arden Street. As I write I can sense the grumblings out Windy Hill way. It was one of those moments that would not be out [Read more]

Soccer: A-League gets early pass mark

By Stephen George In 2003, Australian football was struggling to make an impact on the national sporting stage.  In April, the Independent Soccer Review Committee chaired by Mr David Crawford concluded “that the current structure of soccer in Australia is ineffective, does not work and needs changing”. The output on the field was viewed by [Read more]

Footy: Glenn Archer a champion on and off the field

By Stephen George Where egos can overshadow champions of Australian football, few players have had an impact like North Melbourne champion, Glenn Archer. Throughout his career, he admitted to feeling violently ill before games because of nerves, such was his fear of failure. This didn’t prevent him though from confronting each contest on the field [Read more]

Soccer: Hey Liverpool, another title before I’m 64, please!

By Stephen George I sat back and thought about what the Fab Four from Merseyside would sing in these situations. I convinced myself it would be something along the lines of needing help from somebody, but not just anybody. For the last 19 years, supporters of one club have been searching far and wide for [Read more]

Footy: Full points for goal umpire who relishes his part in the game he loves

I often mused when growing up: “What on earth would make someone take up footy umpiring and endure the insults and abuse that came with it”? During my childhood, I was sure it was normal practice to be an overzealous critic of umpires and it was OK to hurl foul language at them. After all, [Read more]