Happy 20th Anniversary Liverpool

Most anniversaries are joyous occasions highlighted by celebrations from the parties involved.

Not this one.

This anniversary represents 20 years since Liverpool stood triumphant on the dais with a trophy representing ultimate success in English top flight football.

The only positive to come out of the 2009/2010 campaign was that Chelsea held on for the title maintaining our record as having won the most English titles; albeit a tied record with one of our great on field foes, Manchester United.

Thank you Chelski, sorry Chelsea.

On behalf of the millions of Liverpool supporters around the globe, I fondly bid farewell to the 2009/2010 season in the hope that the (World Cup filled) off season brings brighter news regarding the ownership of the club and the strengthening of the playing squad.

The past season has brought to the fore the full array of emotions for the ‘red’ Scousers and the plethora of LFC fanatics worldwide. Emotions like frustration, anger and at times laughter were prevalent.

Whilst frustration and anger were most obvious, it was not uncommon to sit back and chuckle at times in relation to the results (or lack of) together with team choices and the number (and extent of) injuries to key players.

May the woes of 2009/2010 disappear into the ether and be forgotten forever.

The period between June and August 2010 presents challenges not seen at Liverpool since the arrival of Bill Shankly in 1959. Shankly bought a second division side that had only won one trophy in 36 years to be the most successful English team both at home and abroad.

Their place as one of England’s ‘Big Four’ is now in serious jeopardy.

Whether or it not it was the correct move is arguable, but Liverpool has already made one significant decision; their Manager of the last 6 years, Rafael Benitez has left the club by ‘mutual agreement’.

Some observers believe that he has left a ‘sinking ship’ as the funds were simply not available from the much maligned American owners to improve the squad and consequently, Liverpool would have to sell some of their prized assets prior to the forthcoming season in order to not only improve on field but meet what appears to be a spiralling debt off field.

Others suggest that his time was up and the respect he had gained from the squad has been ‘lost in translation’ sometime between the success of the 2005 Champions League triumph and a dismal seventh finish in the recently completed domestic season.

Only time will tell which school of thought is correct.

The next move is to finally remove the current owners and replace them with those that have a vested interest in the success of the club and not just see it as a business venture.

The search for a Manager who will lift the spirits of the ‘red’ Merseysiders and the rest of us around the globe has been handed to one of Liverpool’s favourite sons, ‘King’ Kenny Dalglish.

Blogs worldwide are suggesting that Liverpool do not have three or four years to recover from the last 12 months as teams such as Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City have the necessary capital to compete not only for title honours in England but also be regular participants in European Championship football.

Some very humerous Leeds United bloggers have the audacity to mention that they will wave to Liverpool on their way back up to the Premier League!

PLEASE, spare us the embarrassment. Nothing against Leeds but this would be the end of the line for many staunch Liverpool supporters.

No pressure on you King Kenny but we have the faith.

Liverpool has thrived on top flight European football over the last 25 years and it would be great to ‘back in the fold’ come 2011/2012.

Whilst not a true Scouser I know that Liverpool fans are patient and whilst patience is a virtue, I am one (amongst millions) who are hoping that celebrations will become an annual occurrence from our 21st anniversary onwards…


About Stephen George

I am an avid sports fan who admires anyone who can play or participate in sport at pretty much any level. My favourite sports are AFL, soccer, Major League Baseball, Rugby League and NFL. I have recently finished my Diploma in Sports Journalism and I am interested in improving my skills by contributing to the Footy Almanac


  1. Richard Jones says

    FANCY a Liverpool supporter giving out thanks and felicitations to ChelSki. Still when your mob finished 7th in the EPL, and just one rung up on cross-town rival Everton, perhaps anything is feasible.

    As a lifelong Mighty Man Yoo supporter — from 1952, actually, before the Munich air disaster wiped out a heap of our young up and comers — it’s delightful to see Liverpool well and truly out of Europe for 2010-11.

    Liverpool the city is a much changed city from the era when Maggie Thatcher and her minions almost shut it down. Around the docks/waterfront area the development there has been fantastic.
    In that precinct there are museums, cafes, gastro pubs and restaurants and a branch of the Tate gallery: Tate Liverpool.

    We were there with UK-based family between Xmas and New Year in 2008. Altho’ it was bitterly cold we saw plenty and enjoyed the city ambience. Pity about the football clubs!!

  2. Stephen George says

    Thanks Richard.

    Terrible, terrible year for the Reds. They are definitely going to have to chosse wisely in relation to new Manager and their list management has to be much better than th elast few years.

    Despite the debt (which EPL hasn’t got debt?) I am confident we will move back up the ladder – I am just not sure how long it will take

  3. Ian Syson says

    Apparently Birmingham alone has no debt.

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