Collingwood’s Loss is Australia’s Gain

“My fellow Australians, I speak to you tonight to announce that I will be standing down immediately as Prime Minister of this great country.  Over the past year I have given my all to this country that I love so much, and that has given me so much. But I have to acknowledge that the [Read more]


Eagles V Lions at the Gabba; Saturday night27 August 2011 By Peter Baulderstone I hate the divisiveness and rancor of public life and what passes for debate in our society.  Carbon tax, refugees, sleaze, greed and opportunism.  Leave me out of it.  When we have so much – wealth, opportunity and social safety nets.  How [Read more]


EAGLES V BOMBERS -20 August 2011– byPeter Baulderstone.   This was the movie we had been waiting to see.  The close contents against the Dockers and Bulldogs were like the Perry Mason courtroom potboilers of my youth, where you always knew that the final plot twist would ensure the good guys won.  Then there were [Read more]

The Eagle Empire Rolls On

All hail fellow Argonauts (or should that be Almanauts).  Your faithful scribe Peterbus brings you glad news of battles fought on the far western shores of the empire. It is the seventh day of Augustus in the year 2011 AD (Annus Demetrious – for those of you who have forgotten your Horace).  Elsewhere in the [Read more]

Atlas Shrugged

What do you say about a game like that?  Eagles brilliant for 70 minutes.  Legless for 40.  Gutsy for 10.  We’ll take the 4 points, but otherwise hard to say what it means for September prospects. The game came down to run and clearances.  The Eagles had it all until 10 minutes into the 3rd [Read more]

A Heavenly Forum

Oppy and Mocky were chesting the bar, Looking down on the Tour from a heavenly star, “Doesn’t seem fair we’ve all fought so long, The Champs Elysee needs an Aussie Fair song.”   But things just don’t happen from man’s good intention, Just a small touch of luck – some divine intervention, So they called [Read more]

Revisiting the Inner Child

Eagles V Geelong @ Subiaco on Friday 8 July 2011 The best thing about the footy is that it brings out your inner 5 year old.  All week the atmosphere has been building.  Gazza (I kid you not) was brought up a torp away from Kardinia Park.  Its got down to 1 degree in Perth [Read more]

Wimbledon 2011: Reasons to be cheerful

  by Peter Baulderstone There is always much to complain about in sport and in life.  The art critic and social observer, Robert Hughes, wrote a book about it some years ago called ‘Culture of Complaint’.  I suspect that the Dalai Lama’s relentless cheerfulness in one of the main reasons why he has become so [Read more]

John Harms’ Celtic Dream

  ‘Twas Thursday night – the Match Committee, Down Corio way – the windy city, Chris said “its tough – this coaching lark”, “No finals played on Kardinia Park”.   Need fresh ideas – a new game plan, Not ‘forward press’ nor ‘man to man’, Now Bomber’s gone to Windy Hill, Need fresh ideas to [Read more]

Paul Kelly, Footy and the Almanac

Paul Kelly is God – got it.  Or at least the Australian version of God.  For me.  My Australian God.  Of course I have American gods – Dylan and Springsteen.  And a Brazilian God – Paolo Coelho. Enough already.  So I am a polytheist, and these are the people who remind me about what is [Read more]

Clarence Clemons – The Passing of a Musical Inspiration

  by Peter Baulderstone One of the great things about the Almanac is that its’ about more than footy.  Its’ footy and sport as an entrée to things that are deepest and most important in life.  Stuff that would sound ‘preachy’ if stated overtly, but sounds natural and unforced in the context of fandom, mateship [Read more]

Winter in the West

Winter has made its annual guest appearance in Perth.  Water sporadically fell from the sky, and seasoned observers confirmed this as a rare phenomenon called ‘rain’.  While the east coast has been deluged in the past 6 months, over here the ducks learn to swim by correspondence class.   And so to Subiaco for a [Read more]

Loud and Proud and Out of Tune

by Peter Baulderstone West Coast Eagles V Gold Coast Suns 1.10pm Saturday 4June Subiaco Oval (Anyone calling it Patt…… should be sentenced to…..) I suppose that Woodward and Bernstein covered the Rotary Club AGM for their first assignment, not the Watergate break-in.  Laurie Oakes got the Refuse Sub-Committee of the Woolloomooloo Council, not a full-scale [Read more]

NackiLeaks Expose’ – John Harms Dream (Extended and Unauthorised Version)

DRAFT MEDIA RELEASE (Embargoed until after Geelong go through season undefeated) Mr John Harms, the newly appointed Marketing Director of the Competition formerly known as the AFL, took pleasure in announcing today that “a great Australian company in James Hardie Industries will become the League’s major corporate sponsor from 2012 onwards.”  Mr Harms said that [Read more]

The Tipping Point – Eagles v Bulldogs – 22 May 2011

40,000 Eagles supporters will wake up in Perth on Monday morning with one thought on their mind.  Did that really happen? Did we really beat last year’s preliminary finalist by 20 goals?  Kick 17 of the last 18 goals of the match after the 5 minute mark of the 3rd quarter.  Hold the Bulldogs (a [Read more]

Eagles v Fremantle – The Footy King’s Speak

Eagles V Fremantle – The Footy Kings Speak “Selwood.  Selwood.” I understand that the editorial policy of the Almanac (revised as of Friday evening) – now requires all articles to commence in this manner.  Apparently it is commonly heard among alliterative Geelong stammerers.  Had George VI lived this long, he could frequently have been heard [Read more]

‘Mad’ Barrackers

I mean ‘mad’ barrackers in the best sense of the word – as in crazy, funny, and strangely wonderful.  People who are passionate to a fault. Ian and Kel’s terrific stories on the ‘My Friend Neil’ post had me reminiscing.  Thought it would be good to have an ongoing series of pieces dedicated to these [Read more]

Culture wars: the new frontier of player development?

by Peter Baulderstone Chris Reardon’s incisive piece on football team ‘culture’, and the thoughtful responses from other contributors inspires me to make my own observations on the closely related issue of young player development I have been following the WAFL colts competition pretty closely for the last 3 years.  These Saturday morning matches are a [Read more]

Contenders and Pretenders: the story of the Eagles and Melbourne

Part of the joy of football is playing out the what-if scenarios before a game.  That is why sports betting has become so popular – we all like to think we have some unique insight into how our teams will perform. Melbourne against the West Coast at Subiaco on a Thursday evening after Easter (can [Read more]