An Impossible Evening – The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final

Peter Cahill was always a fan of the traditional, longer forms of cricket. All that changed when he attended the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final earlier this month.

Round 2 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Bliss at the G

Are Peter Cahill’s Hawks back in town? He reckons they are. As the siren sounded, and jumping out of his seat, his roar of approval was truly orgasmic!

Round 15 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: Two wins in a row

On a cold afternoon the Hawks played open, attacking footy to get the chocolates. Peter Cahill was warmed by the occasional sunshine and the performance of his undermanned footy team.

Round 23 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: How Clumsy Jack saved the season

Peter Cahill has a terrific day at the dramatic game that is Hawthorn-Collingwood. He is surprised by a Collingwood family, he is in admiration of a Hawthorn family and he sees former Demon Jack Fitzpatrick prove his detractors wrong.

Round 5 – Hawthorn v Adelaide: Poppy does it for Shaun – a great night at the G

Peter Cahill summarises that Hawthorn’s win over Adelaide can be categorised into quiet crowd; speed; three little men; the Poppy factor; doing it for Shaun; loud crowd

Round 2 – Hawthorn v West Coast

Peter Cahill reports on a satisfying, grinding, win with the Hawks far from their best, but doing enough to get the points.