Round 15 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: Two wins in a row


Two wins in a row – hard to believe in 2017!


Date: July 2,2017.

Game:  Hawthorn V Collingwood

Venue: MCG



A very good game!


In 2017, I’ve been driving to the footy, hoping to win. For the previous four seasons, my expectation has been certainty, that we would win.  To beat Collingwood – who had much to play for on this terribly cold Sunday – would give enormous pleasure, especially after the result in Round 9. What a crushing loss it was – to lead by 41 points and to be overrun was, for me, the low point of the season. So as we sat in the Great Southern Stand, thawing a little in unexpected sun, I hoped that vengeance would be ours and that the Hawks could move up from the bottom rungs of the ladder to somewhere we’re more accustomed to.


Whilst not a game for the ages, this game still provided much to  enjoy: free scoring which saw 17 goals by half-time; constant lead changes until the dying  minutes of the last quarter; long, effective and accurate passing with a few clangers to remind us that neither side is elite; a welcome lack of congestion (the worst blight on AFL footy); a win! A WIN, in this season of limited triumphs and second half fade-outs.  And this against the team which ALL clubs love defeating.


Some very good players!!


In a very even team performance, eight players caught my eye:

  1. Roughead – when he kicked the sealer just four minutes before the end, the joy and exuberance in the crowd was both spontaneous and understandable. Here was a man who faced his mortality 12 months ago, leading his side to a wonderful victory with a trademark snap from 30 metres out. It curled tantalisingly towards goal, and ‘split the sticks’. What a beautiful moment!

 2. Duryea -what a creative idea to put a steady backman with an excellent left foot in the forward pocket, all day. Must have a pretty sharp coach this club. And Taylor delivered, with two excellent goals in the opening quarter and a negating influence on the mercurial Jeremy Howe.

3. Burton – an emerging star, this boy is cool in a crisis, knows how to find a teammate and possesses terrific game sense.

4. Mitchell – what a ball magnet! 35 possessions, with 86 percent efficiency and, most importantly, two lovely goals in the last quarter. These were long shots too which reminded me that the other Mitchell had really just one weakness – he was wonderful at all things bar the long shot at goal.  The new Mitchell has one hand on his first Peter Crimmins medal methinks.

5. Burgoyne – with eight possessions in the last quarter, most of them centre clearances, this glorious player delighted once again. What a great season he’s having. I’m sure he’ll play on next year.

6. Sicily – still learning the game, he took countless marks and ran and ran, leaving Magpies panting in his wake. What’s his best position I wonder?

7. Brand – an interesting, tough, reliable type of player. He’s still very raw but I see him playing for the Hawks for a long time.

8. Hodge – the ex-captain who forgets this fact. 27 possessions and 12 marks (the most of any player today). His intuitive feel for the game – of where he needs to be at any given moment -is amazing.



GWS next week will be an enormous challenge, but let’s concede that the Hawks in July are a very much better version than the May team. And there’s a lot of improvement still possible.  One will be the inclusion of C. Rioli when he’s deemed ready…….my goodness how I/we miss watching the little magician….




Hawthorn:       6.2  9.3  12.6  18.10   118

Collingwood:  3.2  8.3  12.8  14.10  94


Goals:  Hawthorn: Schoemakers 2, Roughead 2, Breust 2, Duryea 2, Obrien 2, Mitchell 2, Gunston, McEvoy, Shiels, Sicily, Henderson, Burgoyne.

Collingwood:  Cox 3, Fasolo 3, Elliott, Moore, Greenwood, Thomas, Sidebottom, Phillips, Broomhead, Treloar.


Best:   Hawthorn:  Mitchell, Burton, Burgoyne, Hodge, Sicily, Duryea.

Collingwood: DeGoey, Treloar, Grundy, Pendlebury, Phillips, Fasolo.


Umpires:  O’Gorman, Nicholls, Findlay.

Crowd:  56,593.


Votes:  Mitchell (H) 3,  Burgoyne (H) 2,  Treloar © 1.



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