Round 2 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Bliss at the G

We arrive at the G just 10 minutes before the first bounce. I’m nervous, as a Hawks’ supporter, simply because it’s Geelong we’re playing and I do NOT like them. To add to the nerves,  they have three much – heralded champions playing today, the first time together – Ablett, Dangerfield and Selwood. Yes the Hawks played well in Round 1, but this team is in a different class, and my, how they love beating the Hawks!


There’s a wall of sound in the Great Southern Stand – both theme songs at full volume, rock music, and an announcer listing, very loudly, each Geelong player. When he proclaims, ‘Gary Ablett’, the sound level increases by a few more decibels. It’s very warm, a cloudless sky, and the grass at the G has never looked greener. The siren blasts several times, the crowd roars as one, and we begin.


So very much to like about this game from the get-go: complete crowd engagement (gee, how incredibly  indignant are the Hawthorn supporters when Selwood gets a kick);  the sheer quality of play – precise kicking, multiple goals, indeed 35 for the whole game; some wonderful marking; and total commitment by every player on the field. The standard of play and the skills on display are worthy of a final, AFL at its very best.


Watching the game, it’s obvious that the poor start of 2017 is not about to occur this year: Tom Mitchell is not only garnering numerous possessions but linking players beautifully and kicking two wonderful goals, in a way that the ‘old’ Mitchell seldom did. Impey looks classy and committed; Ben McEvoy is wonderful in the ruck, and Jack Gunston is again showing why he’s amongst the Hawks’s most valuable players. At half time, we’re nearly four goals ahead and I’m feeling content but not complacent. And very hot, while thankful for the hat and ‘sunnies’ I’d stashed in the carry bag. To think it had been cloudy all morning!!


Five minutes into the final quarter and two things stood out: firstly, the sun had disappeared, the lights were on and the atmosphere was suddenly theatrical; secondly, the brilliant triumvirate had taken the game to a new level, and were repeatedly grabbing the ball and belting it towards Geelong’s goals with a positively irresistible momentum. Every mark and kick was applauded loudly and people screamed and booed for any missed free kicks. When Ablett kicked the goal which equalized the scores, the roar was like a sonic boom.


O God, I was thinking/moaning, I just can’t stand the thought of losing. 90 seconds to go and the captain stands up. So nonchalant, so composed, a wonderful mark and he kicks ….a point. It’s okay, maybe, as my new Hawthorn mate behind me declares, ’23 seconds to go’  When the siren sounds, I’m out of my seat and my roar is positively orgasmic.


So…why do we love the game and our team to this extent? Who knows? It certainly works its magic each year at this time.


This game was certainly an event to lift the sports lover’s spirits.  And forget for a while the horror of the South Africa tour.


Are my Hawks back in town? I reckon they are.




  1. The umps tried their best to take it away – but we got the 4 points we deserved!
    Up the Hawks!

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