Meatloaf: Horrific Fun at the 2011 Grand Final

The Footy Almanac reprises Mickey Randall’s reminisces about Meatloaf’s “performance” pre-game at the 2011 Grand Final. Are you game enough to watch it again?

Almanac Music: On the patio with old friends, listening to Ripper 76

Sitting on the porch with friends and a retro record player, playing favourite songs and reminiscing memories brought to mind is a great joy as Mickey Randall explains.

Almanac Beer: Three European Beers

Mickey decided to shout himself some Norwegian lagers are performing a couple of good deeds. Here is his taste review of the lagers.

Almanac Life: Claire at the Sandalmere Gate

A touching and romantic story from Mickey Randall enchanted by a brief vista of a deep, resonating beauty: Claire at the gate.

Almanac Beer: Review – Nort

Mickey Randall gets the taste buds working and reviews a beer ‘abandoned’ by a so-called mate.

Almanac Music: ‘You Suffer’ – Napalm Death

Mickey Randall relives a track by the British grindcore band Napalm Death, from their debut album, ‘Scum’.

Almanac Music – Gough and The Whitlams: we’ll play chess and drink claret

Mickey and Claire are off to see The Whitlams tonight. It got him thinking about possible links between music and Prime Ministers.

Almanac Life: Mystery Pub – The Beer Smells Like a Microphone in John Doe’s Local Bar

It’s Mystery Pub weekend for Mickey Randall, who pays John Doe’s Local Bar a visit.

Sausage Roll Review: The Port Elliot Bakery

Mickey Randall took on a titan of the SA bakery industry for the first time. Was it worth the wait?

Almanac Reviews: Alberton Hotel, Alberton Oval

It’s a day at the footy for Mickey Randall but before that, a pre-match beer at the Alberton Hotel.

Almanac Life: Charlie Watts and the Ramsgate

Mickey Randall headed to Henley Beach for an evening at the Ramsgate Hotel and a chin wag on the Stones and the late Charlie Watts.

Almanac Life: Macbeth marks strongly but misses to the near side

There’s luckily no curse to reckon with for Mickey Randall as his pub preoccupation serves as the matinee for a Shakespearean tragedy…or is it the other way around?

Almanac (SANFL) Footy – Glenelg v Norwood: Quarter time in Chernobyl

Mickey Randall goes to watch Glenelg find their way to 15-and-0 with Pete and Trev.

Almanac Life: More Things I Like

Mickey Randall has come up with another intriguing list of his favourite and important things in life.

Almanac Life: A Nissan Exa, Eagle Super Beer and The Farrell Flat pub

Mickey Randall ventured to the tiny town of Farrell Flat, a couple of hours due north of Adelaide – a town with a long history, but possibly a small future. It does however have a pub…

Almanac Life: Riesling Trail Ramblings

Rambling The Riesling Trail on their e-bikes, Mickey Randall and Claire partake in the leisurely pleasures of wine tasting and pub meals along the way.

Almanac Beer (and Wine) Review: Incident at Mystery Pub/ Greenock Creek Shiraz

You lose some, then you win some. Mickey Randall encounters very mixed results on the libation front.

Almanac Travel: Fifteen (happy) notes from our Melbourne weekend

Mickey Randall packed a lot into a weekend trip to Melbourne.

A Hoppy Trinity of Outback Pubs

Claire and Mickey continue their honeymoon meander through regional South Australia, enjoying the array of wide experiences on offer at three local pubs.

Almanac Life: Our Honeymoon in Arkaroola

With the uncertainty of Covid border restrictions still a consideration, Mickey Randall and wife Claire opted for a road less travelled as their honeymoon destination. It soon became apparent why it was less travelled.