A Footy Almanac Yarn about Writing Footy Almanac Yarns

“Singapore’s only no repeat work day;” Words that could only be found in a Mickey Randall yarn for the Footy Almanac. From downtown Singapore, the day when Mickey heads back to the Adelaide Oval via Glenelg looms. Go Tiges!

Home on the Grange

Football, cricket, Weber BBQs and Penfolds Grange Hermitage. Mickey Randall ponders aloud if you can you have too much of a good thing?

Almanac Wine: Songs of Sparkling Shiraz

“Sparkling shiraz is the viticultural Skyhooks. Unheard of in Europe. Never caught on in America. Yet enduringly significant and loved in Australia,” writes Mickey Randall in this cracking piece about the magnificent drop. [have had a few myself – JTH]

Hertfordshire: Harry Potter and the Cheeky Half Pint

If you’ve ever wondered where the name St Albans came from – indeed if there even IS a Saint Albans, Mickey Randall is here to help. Now with extra Harry Potter, and recollections of youthful exuberance in Ol’ Blighty.

Football in London: Who took the jam outta your doughnut?

Standing on a time-honoured patch of dung, yarning with the rank and file and giving the opposing lads some stick. Mickey Randall extolls the virtue of the grass-roots soccer lover, away from the bright lights of the Premier League in Old Blighty. Whether it’s Wealdstone or Wangaratta, some things seamlessly hurdle continents and cultures.

London: Good Service on the Piccadilly Line

Mickey Randall is a terrific observer. He was recently in London, again.

Paris: Je Suis un Rock Star

Mickey Randall’s European holiday continues. “Returning to Europe, but with the boys, is to visit the continent afresh, and see everything as if for the first time.” Warning: may create an insatiable desire to travel Europe by train.

Local English soccer: Wealdstone v Hemel Hempstead

Mickey Randall went to the soccer in North London.

Munich: Ferret Club is Cancelled

Mickey Randall introduces his sons to the joys of a ‘white Christmas’ – German style

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day Two: Mitch Johnson’s Moustache Releases Album of Boney M Covers

With access to Channel Nine’s pictures and England’s SkyTV commentary for the Australia V India Test series, have Mickey Randall and Singaporean cricket fans got it too good (with bonus points for references to Tintin, pixelated ‘Escape to the Country’ cleavage and An American Werewolf in London in the same piece)?

July 2005: It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Mickey Randall takes us back to the London Underground suicide bombings of 2005 – the horror, the agony, the fear, the sadness… and finally the feeling that life would find a way to continue.
[i]If you believe…[/i]

Killing the Mockingbird: Recollections of the 1997 Bulldogs and Crows Preliminary Final

Sensational dreamlike memoir from Mickey Randall as he naps during the 1997 Prelim. Sadly for the Doggies, the nightmare was theirs on this day.

Cricket and the Country Member

Mickey Randall reminisces about the times, names and places of growing up with cricket as a constant summer companion.

Who gets the new ball: Seasick Steve, Derek and The Dominos, Chad Morgan, or The Big Lebowski?

It is Grand Prix weekend in Singapore but family emergencies intervene so Mickey Randall is contemplating his musical education.

Music (Stereo Stories): Sarah Blasko’s Flame Trees

The Almanac’s partner site Stereo Stories has been launched. Almanac stalwart Vin Maskell has invited a number of Almanac writers to contribute, and extends the invitation to all.

Here is Mickey Randall’s piece on Sarah Blasko’s Flame Trees.

AFL Round 23- Adelaide v St Kilda: Mr Squiggle and Dr Smith, trapped aboard the Jupiter 2.

CSI Almanac: Mickey Randall conducts a post-mortem on Adelaide’s 2014 season and finds only questions.

Singapore Darts Masters: “There’s only one word for that – magic darts!”

Welcome to the theatric showmanship of…. British Darts. “One hundred and eighty!”

Frogger, Bush Biscuits and Staring at Parked Motorbikes

Great memoir as Mickey Randall thinks back to his youth in Kapunda.

AFL Round 13 – Adelaide v North Melbourne: Western Democracy and the Wally Grout Snack Bar

Mickey Randall is home. Home to dark suburbs and mellow reds. Elegant Cover Drives (red and whites varieties) and Moreton Bay figs. His Crows welcome him home with a sterling win over the Kangaroos.

AFL Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: The Pogues or Paul Kelly?

It’s Christmas come early for Mickey Randall. No presents under the tree for the naughty Crows kiddies. Just the mid-winter despond of an English yuletide.