Exile on Adelaide Oval: Stone[s] the Crows

Growing up in a dusty town, The Rolling Stones were the band. So Mickey Randall had to see them in 1995 when they played at Footy Park. Now they’re playing at Adelaide Oval during Round 1, and it’s got him looking back, in a true Aussie yarn.

Football Islands

Mickey Randall’s sons embark on their footy careers in a different time and in a different country. Past and present. Hope and loss. Mickey poignantly weaves the threads of memory.

Melbourne Test – Boxing Day: Swanny, Spandau Ballet and Spotted Dick

More colourful stuff from our Singapore correspondent, Mickey Randall as he wonders which Swan(n) has retired?

Six sixes

Mickey Randall takes a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the biggest tonks of our time. Some on the public stage, some local glories. Mickey is sometimes the victim, never the perpetrator.

Boris, The Bunch of Cherries, and The Gatting Ball

Take a walk through the pub memories, both the good and the awful, of international drinker and one-time XXXX champion Mickey Randall. What did AB have to say about the Gatting Ball?

AFL Grand Final Day: Chook or Chop?

It’s chook that connects us…and footy, and a drink or two. (Mighty fine profile of a Grand Final day wherever it may be. People from everywhere somehow bringing something of themselves, their heritage, their place, to a new location – Ed)

The cobra and the condominium

Condominium living with two young boys is to be imprisoned within an endless St Kilda players’ function- minus the moments of deep introspection, and wholesome civic values. It’s occasionally beyond challenging. It’s at the heart of our predicament. To stay in Singapore or head home?

The All-rounder, Davo’s Drop and Another Ball of the Century

Very easy to relate to these cricket characters.

How football cost us the 2005 Ashes

A crackerjack piece from Mickey Randall which will grab anyone who’s ever ducked over to Europe for a while. This is how Australians experience the world and its cricket. [A ripper, and sure to trigger some memories in all of us – Ed]

AFL Round 7 – Adelaide v GWS: Dangerfield and the Rickenbacker guitar

Patrick Dangerfield is the opening chord of A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles.

The Frog and The Footy

Mickey Randall yearns for a dear old Adelaide red wine winter.

Scenes from Silly Point

Mickey Randall tells the tale of a cricket game on a hot afternoon on the Yorke Peninsula.

From Croke Park to Vicarage Road is a one hour flight with Ryanair

Like a buzzing beer garden in twilight, All Ireland Football Championship quarterfinal day at Dublin’s Croke Park is fantastic. During our family tour of Ireland, France and Italy, we see a conclave of cathedrals but with O’Keefe ancestry in County Cork, this becomes a special pilgrimage. And while it’s Dublin and Roscommon clashing, a vivid [Read more]

Footy’s other hemisphere

Singapore’s Boomarang Bar is one of those Australian themed-pubs that is both brilliant and dreadful. Mickey Randall watched his Crows take on the Hawks in last year’s preliminary final.