Come on Sainters

So, the last time the Saints played, (against Adelaide a fortnight ago – it seems like a lifetime), I was one grumpy Saints supporter.

I was ready to have an uncontrollable rant about the way the boys were playing, the rules of the game, and what I saw to be obvious changes that need to be made within the Saints and the league itself.

But due to being on uni holidays, and staying at I dare say the ONLY place in Victoria that still has DIAL UP internet, I was unable to post!

I am thanking my lucky stars right now, as reading over my notes that I took of the game, it wouldn’t have been a very structured or coherent piece of writing. I barely understand what it was that I was going on about.

Now back in the ‘real’ world, I have had time to calm down, yet a number of issues are still irking at me, and have been so for the majority of this season, so I think I might get them off my chest…

To begin with, I think the Saints need Sam Newman’s F.A.R.K (Fossil’s Academy of Reliable Kicking) team to pay them a visit down at Seaford to get their goal kicking straight…literally. One of the main reasons we have lost this year is due to our inaccuracy in front of goal, particularly against Richmond and Adelaide. And they’re not even difficult kicks! We all know that Kosi and Rooey are notorious for their ability to ping them from 50m but miss from 20m, but the amusement of this feat has long worn off. Even Milney is missing sitters.

Secondly, since Round 1 I have been screaming at the Saints, be it through the television or from the stands, to MAN UP.

You are not going to win the ball if you are not at the contest, and as it has been said over and over again this season, CONTESTED FOOTY WILL WIN YOU THE GAME…(but perhaps ACCURACY IN FRONT OF GOAL also needs to be added into the  mix).

Now in terms of the league rules, I am truly fed up with the 50m penalty and the way it is being enforced. Okay, so it is fair enough if a player whacks his opponent, sure, give him a 50m, but in the majority of cases, the penalty has too much influence on the game for actions that have NO influence on the game, such as an interchange infringement (the WORST rule to come into the AFL), and soft elbows (Juddy’s penalty comes to mind from a number of weeks back).

To put it simply: the punishment does not fit the crime.

Common sense should prevail in these situations. Either make it a 25m penalty or stop with the overreactions. To me, it is having too much influence over the game.

End rant.

Hopefully the Saints can pick up their game against the Kangas, and these issues will be addressed following the bye. With our win, loss, win, loss record this year, this is the week for the win. Fingers crossed.






  1. Dear Kelsey, agree with all you have said. We were in Adelaide and I witnessed those three kicks from Kosi, Rooey and Milney, all soooo gettable and needed. We could have won easily with more accuracy. Agree that we expect two wins in a row, minimum. A win each week until the end of the Grand Final would be good….After the Adelaide game, we watched the 1966. We have to remember how to win.

    Great Article


  2. Unfortunately, Kelsey, it did not come to pass. These Saints are designed to drive us crazy all season. Passages of great promise interspersed with periods of breathtaking inefficiency. I suspect you’ll need to refill your reservoir of patience again and again. But well put. Good luck. To all of us.

  3. Andrew Starkie says

    Go Roos!

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