Strength through loyalty

The Saints have a very ironic saying in their logo.

“Fortius Quo Fidelius”

Strength Through Loyalty

And boy, are they lucky that we Saints fans are loyal to them, because they are certainly inconsistent.

Sometimes I think it should read “We know we’re unpredictable, and don’t always win the games we should, but just stick around, because one day we might just surprise you”

The thing with the Saints is that every weekend is a surprise, because you never quite know what team is going to step over the white line on game day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the Saints. My whole life revolves around them. They determine my plans for the weekend, they determine whether I have a good or a bad weekend.

Unfortunately last weekend was a bad one, and not even just a bad Sunday, but the WHOLE weekend, after a loss on Friday night. Coupled with 10 hours in the car over the weekend to drive back to uni in NSW and mull over the loss, it wasn’t pretty.

And to Freo, of all teams….

It is almost as bad as losing to Port Adelaide. Almost.

Now most experts had tipped us to be 4-zip by the end of round four, but as I said, you just never know with the Saints.

It’s interesting how they say ‘the Saints SHOULD be 4-0’.

No game in the AFL is easy, and the Saints make it all the more difficult. They surprise us with games they shouldn’t win, and lose the ones they should have in the bag.

Reminds me of my tennis playing days in highschool. I always played well if my opponent was better then me, and worse if my opponent wasn’t at my skill level.

Only my tennis didn’t result in me having a bad weekend, or affect tens of thousands of supporters.

It’s hard sitting on the fence in the pocket and watching Kosi handball straight into his opponent instead of taking a set shot at goal. Or see Milney miss his snaps. And Gilbert kick it out on the full (at least once every game, without fail).

Scott Watters hit the nail on the head, saying that our composure wasn’t there against Freo. Composure? We looked like a herd of deer in the headlights of peak hour traffic.

The great thing is that these little brainfades are fixable!

And dare I say it, with Melbourne on the weekend (a game we SHOULD win), it is a great time to compose ourselves and work on these brainfades. Because Melbourne won’t punish us the way Freo did.

And if the win against the Gold Coast after the loss to Port (oh, what a fabulous way to start the season), was anything to go by, Watters is quick with addressing the issues we have on-field.

And geez, do we need to pull our heads in. With Hawthorn, Carlton, West Coast and Sydney in the month following, it’s going to be a tough trot for the mighty Sainters.

But who knows, maybe we’ll win those games!

So stay loyal Saints fans, we have another exciting, unpredictable season ahead of us!


  1. Don’t worry Kelsey.
    The so-called experts of the media have honed their skills of spin so well and are so competitive when it comes to the big statement or scoop that they’ll have anyone and everyone believing that a team is a grandfinal contender one week and the wheels are falling off the next … It IS early days yet in the season and teams are still in a settling-in phase. I’m sure of that! This is actually the enjoyable part of the season; relatively unpredictable with performances both individual and team that can still pleasantly surprise. The trick is to have faith and hang on for the ride for at least the first 8 weeks!!!!
    St Kilda may still surprise everyone this year.

  2. Kelsey Smith says

    Thanks Jill,
    I completely agree with you. This is the time when we just have to wait and see what the season will bring, and this year the competition has been relatively even across the field, with a lot of upsets and unexpected outcomes.
    I suppose I am particularly critical of the Saints because I follow them so closely, but if I look at the wider picture we are not the only team that has had unexpected or undesirable matches.
    And that unpredictability is exactly what makes AFL such a wonderful sport!
    I love the mighty Sainters and I have faith that they will always play with their hearts on their sleeves and do their best.
    And 2012 won’t be any different I am sure. All AFL supporters across the board will have to go along for the ride, as you said, and see what the season brings!

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