Melbourne’s demons trouble me deeply

We first published this piece by Rick Kane on July 20, 2009, when the media were of the view that Melbourne should tank. He agreed with Caroline Wilson, one of the sole dissenters, who said: Winning is the paramount reason for being for a footy club.

The Axis of Enlightenment

By Rick Kane Somewhere between these three points lies the truth. Late last week, Crawf, writing for the little paper, (Victorian reference) argued that in the upcoming Easter Monday game between dreaded rivals, Hawthorn and Geelong, the Hawks would prevail. He finished his well balanced essay exclaiming that if the Hawks couldn’t beat the Cats [Read more]

Bring on your wrecking ball

  by Rick Kane I received a text from my sister’s daughter’s husband or as I like to call him, Glenn. They live up in the dry dusty heat of Port Headland. This is what he said. “How’s life in the big V? Wish I was there right now. I bet Melbourne is getting that [Read more]

Raising Arizona

By Rick Kane Arizona has, for as long as I can remember, been part of my subconscious map of the known world. When it is mentioned, my old rickety filing cabinet of a mind pops open and all sorts of unnecessary bits and pieces fall out. Alice Cooper is an Arizonan or sand cutter. Like [Read more]

Talkin’ Hawks Blitzin Blues Blues

“Somebody said they saw me Swinging the world by the tail Bouncing over a white cloud. Killing the Blues”       John Prine The night, the game is still a blur to me, such was the anticipation leading up to the first bounce. By the time the game got under way I was all over the shop. [Read more]

Where Buddy and I part ways

I would love to have a cool one word nickname that everybody knew me by. Hi, I’m Tiger, g’day, I’m Chappy. Immediately identified. Not merely in name but in character. I love how one word can so simply capture the essence of the individual. That’s neat. So descriptive, familiar, as if we’ve known each other [Read more]

Thank You Hawthorn

I was not a fan of the AFL rule change prohibiting the deliberate rushed behind. Not a fan at all. If I was in the front bar of Cramers in Preston I’d go so far as to exclaim to no-one in particular that it’s akin to social engineering as far as I’m concerned. It’s a [Read more]

Heartaches by the Number

  by Rick Kane   On Saturday night I caught a train home from the MCG feeling lost and despondent. I knew what the Hawks could have done better. I know that the Hawks can take it right up to the Cats. I know a free kick when I see one. And boy, I know [Read more]

Bateman’s chance

I really liked the Richmond Indigenous Round specially-themed footy jumper. The design on the yellow sash was by local Indigenous artist Jirra Lulla Harvey, a Yorta Yorta/Wiradjuri woman. In an interview on Richmond’s website, Harvey said her design encapsulates iconic Victorian landmarks, mixed with Indigenous football themes. “The river is representative of the Murray, which [Read more]

The Hawks Reviewed, Analysed, Grilled and Put on the Rack

Late last year Hawthorn looked like it was ripping itself a new one. For two years the Hawks had struggled to even seem like the team that won (not stole) the 2008 Premiership. At times they played like a premiership team. Interestingly, every time they played the Cats they brought their Vegas game. But by [Read more]

Folking it up at Port Fairy

It might be called a Folk Festival but Port Fairy encompasses much, much more than that one genre. Our posse, mostly from the suburb of Preston, makes up five families of ten adults and eleven kids. In that mob, as many as 100 concerts are attended. In some instances, during the course of a day [Read more]

Footy Music Videos

Attached is a link to a You Tube clip of Dave Warner (Suburban Boy fame) singing another ripper song called, Free Kicks. The song dates from 1979 and the clip looks as old. The song employs footy imagery in its examination of sexual relationships. Dave dons a WA State of Origin jumper. There is a [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 1: Hawks look ready to rumble

By Rick Kane Don’t tell me that Saturday night’s match between Hawthorn and Richmond was essentially irrelevant. I know, I get it. For starters, who gives two hoots about the NAB Cup? February is more about adjusting back into work schedules, rueing festivals missed and admonishing kids to finish their dinner, all of it. Footy [Read more]

Blowing bubbles at my first EPL game

By Rick Kane My first day in the UK, ever! We are off to see the Hammers go up against Chelsea this afternoon. But first we’re hitting London. The first postcard view I get is, well, of course, it’s the Tube. Richard, the friend who I am staying with, and I catch the Tube from [Read more]