The Top 10 Hawks Games of 2014

Les Everett asks readers of his website, Australian Rules to submit their 2014 highlights in music, film, art and society. So I did.

“Round 2 – vs Essendon. Where the Hawks did three things. 1. Almost forgot how to cope without Hodge. When he left the field, injured, in the Third it was if the team gave a collective sigh then gave up. The Bombers pounced and almost stole the game. Burgoyne made sure that didn’t happen. 2. Gave the Bombers (and anyone with half an interest in God’s own game) a football lesson before Hodge went down …3. Demonstrated to the Bombers that you don’t become a great side by messing around with pharmacological experiments. You become a great side by standing up when it matters. And when you get knocked down you get up again. And the more of you pulling together the more chance you’ll win. The Hawks did all that and got the 4 points…”

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You can read Rick Kane’s contribution to the 2014 Footy Almanac, as well as more reports from Hawthorn’s steamroller season by ordering your copy (if you haven’t already) by clicking here

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  1. ned_wilson says

    Rick – how did you leave out Round 3 vs Freo? First half was just about flawless.

  2. Hi Ned

    How did I leave it out? So this exact conversation could get going! Trying to cram 2014 into ten games was always going to be nigh on impossible, especially when attempting some, um, humility and allowing one loss and another close shave into the mix. Yer right though, I’m happy to bump No. 10 game and replace it with your suggestion :)

  3. I have just been watching a lot of old Countdown episodes on Rage and at the end of each show they would have the Australian Top 10. Prior to being forced to use official charts I suspect that Molly made up his own charts and squeezed in an additional song by making a song equal 10th. To make a Molly Meldrum Top 10 of Hawthorn’s season I will choose the charts from the week before.

    I would leave out two choices that you made. A loss is never a good game, especially against Geelong. Did you have to put that in as a condition of getting it published – I suspect JTH influence? I was at the GWS game and it was a case of little to gain for a win and a potential Bears v Hawthorn at Cararra 1989 pilot’s strike fiasco loss on the other side of the coin. There was no gusto in singing a team song that day – even Richmond beat them by 100+ at GWS-land when they were about equal last the week before.

    Here is my “Molly” Top 10

    Equal 10th
    R13 v Carlton on a Friday night. Just the difference of expressions in the coach’s boxes between Mick Malthouse and Brenden Bolton would be reason enough, but mainly because it is Carlton who have not beaten us since 2006 and if it had been this long in the 1980’s it would be over 20 wins by now but we need to savour our one annual game against our former landlords at Princes Park.
    R14 v Collingwood Saturday afternoon at the G and 70,000. Not because it was a great game but because it is Collingwood and it is interesting to see how many spectators wearing black and white need to catch the earlier Hurstbridge line train home and leave Joffa sitting all by himself. Joffa wanted to go as well but couldn’t because he knew the cameras were on him – Game Over.

    9th R7 v St.Kilda for the reasons you mentioned plus that the St.Kilda team went to the wrong ground and we got to play against their cheer squad instead. The game was on delay on TV by an hour and the margin was about 100 points different to the live update.

    8th R3 v Fremantle – Grand Final rematch was a mismatch.

    Equal 7th
    R7 v Adelaide in hostile territory as you mentioned
    R4 v Gold Coast at Metricon. GC were very good at home this year, just look at their scalps and pre-Ablett loss (Ablett had 35 touches). To win by 99 points was flawless.

    6th R23 v Collingwood. I think the 2011 Prelim loss we had against Collingwood is like Geelong’s loss to us in 2008 – we haven’t lost since. The AFL need Collingwood in the finals so they have guaranteed at least one less loss next year by only playing them once against us.

    Equal 5th
    R22 v Geelong – Can’t believe you didn’t think this game warranted a mention. Geelong lead by 31 points at half time. Hawks bounce back in third as Langford puts us up on the siren at three-quarter time. 5 goals to 2 in the last for first H&A win over Geelong since 2007.
    R2 v Essendon – Thought that the curse of Chapman would get us again as Essendon went up 9 points with minutes to go. Rioli and Burgoyne deserve life memberships just for that finish alone.

    Agree with Top 4
    R18 v Sydney plus three finals

  4. Thanks aussie80s, like Ned’s argument, yours is solid and doesn’t need to be disputed. I like your Top 10, especially the GC game. I wrestled with including it, for a slightly different reason. That was the game where a Hawks supporter stood behind the goals with a huge archery target on a white banner. He would stand in a diagonal to where a Hawker was kicking at goals. I loved it. That’s an addition to footy I would vote for!


  5. Hawkporn

  6. John Butler says

    Why not top 26?

    It seems churlish to discriminate among perfect works of creation.

    Maybe even top 30? (practice matches are surely the early sketches of later Clarko masterpieces).

  7. ned_wilson says

    I saw a cracking intraclub…..

  8. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    You’re like the proverbial kid in the candy shop with this aren’t you Ricky? Good luck to you mate.
    However, for the sake of a little humility have a look at this:
    2.14 mark is exceptionally good. 6.55 isn’t bad either. Cheers

  9. kath presdee says

    Glad to see you included the GWS game in your Top 10. It would make my Top 10 GWS games this year.

    Aussie80 – there was a lot more in that game for GWS than the Hawks. Given the outs that the Hawks had any GWS win would not have been as big a scalp that the Sydney win was, but having been at the Richmond game the week before the difference from our boys was amazing.

  10. round 5 was my favourite.

  11. PB, porn does not do justice to the love that is Hawthorn (the club not the suburb).

    Mr Lord Bogan, now is not the time to drag up the long forgotten past, but enjoy your memories :)

    kath, no worries, and good luck to GWS. Hawkers well remember (or have heard the stories around the Hawks camp-fire – yes, it’s a real thing) the 30 plus years on entering the VFL of living in the cellar or close enough to it to breath in the rising damp. We suffered for our success. Good luck for your club’s journey.

    Dips, I bet it was.


  12. Paul Campbell says

    Rick, the best summing up of the best season.

    As a fan of westerns, liked the ‘ran ‘em outta Dodge’ bit.

    Would bump Round 5 down from 10 to 26, with a bullet, and agree with Aussie 80’s on Round 22. After that one (and the QF) I was strumming to ‘Blackberry Smoke’s’, “I Ain’t Got The Blues Anymore”.

    HG (of Roy & HG) said during their Grand Final call, the way Hawthorn played in the big one reminded him of Round 3 against Freo. As you said in your comment, sub that one in.

    On your information, listened to Rosanne Cash. Outstanding.

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