Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Boxers, ballet and our glorious bastard of a game

With a heartbreaking loss on Friday night, Trucker Slim admired the game, its theatre and poetry in motion. In his words, “Footy is a glorious bastard of a game. It is cruel and capricious, scintillating and rewarding and none of this is in equal measure”. [Great read – Ed]

Round 22 – West Coast v Hawthorn: All the Tired Horses – a look at the Hawks 2016

Trucker Slim diagnoses Hawthorn’s season and provides a prognosis for the Finals after the loss to West Coast.

Almanac U18 NFL Grand Final: Want it … Maintain the pressure … Have fun

Trucker Slim experiences another GF win, this time it’s the U18 VWFL Grand Final with his daughter Mercedes’ team Darebin Falcons v Montmorency. [Great result and a great story – Ed].

This one goes out to the mighty Mitch

Trucker Slim pays tribute to Sam Mitchell as he prepares for his 300th game. Is Sam Mitchell as good as Trucker would have us believe?

A good game of footy

Trucker Slim ponders the complexities of performance and contribution.

Round 16 – Port Adelaide v Hawthorn: Missed It by That Much

Trucker Slim missed it by that much. Port missed it by that much. Even the umpires missed it by that much. But not the Hawks. Again they played their opposition of the week, and again their ways were winning.

To be PC or not to be

Trucker Slim sifts through the language of a “Rubicon crossing” week in social discourse (“What a fantastic story it is!”). What is Political Correctness, anyway?

Women’s AFL: That stupid, stupid ceiling

The establishment of a national women’s league is a bloody good thing, reckons Rick Kane, but you can give the back-slapping a rest

It’s all a bit of fun … isn’t it

Trucker Slim asked whether the game is the aim or just another means to an end. The end being selling your soul for a dollar

Round 7 – Geelong v West Coast: Unconvincing

Trucker Slim ventured down the highway and was unconvinced with the Cats convincing win against the Eagles

Round 1 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Tell me why I don’t like Mondays

From leafy Preston comes Rick Kane’s oolong awaited report from his season opener.


Boarding a plane turns out to be surprisingly awesome for Trucker Slim. Thoughts turn to footy

Sliding doors and Groundhog Day and Standing at the Crossroads

Rick Kane has no time for James Hird’s metaphors and suggests a few of his own.


Trucker Slim knows how to live. Relationships are central to the richness of his experiences. Here he remembers his teaching colleagues from Hampton High in Perth and the way they have crossed paths over the past 30 years, most recently at places like the Northcote Social Club and the MCG. [Trucker Slim is alert to the world and its people. He can never eat his fill – JTH]

Almanac Music: Ruby, Courtney and Ms Espie

Trucker Slim with three of his leading musical lights for 2015. Do yourself a favour.

Hawthorn’s Best Side in 2016: Discuss

Rick Kane has named his best 23 for Hawthorn in 2016. Will this line-up produce the four-play?

Notta Whole Lotta Love

Trucker Slim has noticed a trend. But Hawthorn should be celebrated.

2015 Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Riffin’, ruminating and, hell yeah, raisin’ the roof, rejoicing

Trucker Slim identifies the important moments (like The Intercept) of the Grand Final, in the hope he can settle on the moment when he knew his Hawks had won. [It seems he is in the middle of a religious experience – Ed]

Finals Week 3 – Fremantle v Hawthorn: Don’t Dream It’s Over

Come along with Trucker Slim. He’s survived the Freo experience. And here he draws upon the dreams and inspiration of Otis Redding, Suicide and Crowded House for the Big Dance…


Rick Kane laments some of the sad happenings that arose during this “sorry Home and Away season”. On the other hand, he lauds the refreshing Final 8 teams that 2015 has thrown up.