North Need To Toughen Up

This was the moment. I looked on, nervously. Could we do it? I swung my leg back and forth, trying to stretch it out as much as I could. I turned my eyes to the middle of the field. The pivotal contest was about to finish. Who would come out unscathed? It happened. Waaia were [Read more]

Power strike, but the Hawks have the candles

Long weekends are usually something you would embrace. Not having to face the early morning chill of the May morning, getting a chance to sleep-in from the comfort of your warm bed, and not having to worry about your workload piled in your locker. Yet, lo and behold, as my alarm accidentally went off in [Read more]

Tough Thursday for Waaia and Melbourne

I remember just a couple of seasons ago, a game at the MCG late in the season between these two sides. The stands at the grand old stadium were basically stripped bare as two former great teams fought it out, trying to keep themselves furtherest away from rock bottom. The likes of Jack Watts and [Read more]

Another one for the history books

by Josh Barnstable Hawthorn v Geelong It looked as if everything had gone back in time. September 27, 2008, a sunny day at the MCG, with the stands packed to the rafters. Grand Final day, the Hawks and the Cats. But no, this was April 26, 2011. Replace the names of Dew, Crawford and Williams [Read more]

Simpson’s Fine Line

A long drive home from Tungamah was on the cards. After a 67-point victory over the Bears, Waaia had one win and two losses, and I was feeling happy. Another reason to be happy? A massive blockbuster clash at the MCG. I don’t know why, and it is puzzling, because I dislike both teams, but [Read more]

Waaia v Tungamah

It has been well documented on the Almanac website that the Waaia Under Seventeens aren’t a good side. We’re a good team, but the quality of some of the players is questionable. So the feeling of walking into the changerooms, knowing that you’re a massive favourite to win comfortably, it was a nice change. The [Read more]

Friday night footy provides the only moment of normality in sad Numurkah

  School holidays are meant to be fun. It gives us a break from the tedious and strenuous amount of work, a chance to sleep-in, a chance to hang with your mates and catch up on a lot of sillyness. Sadly, a group of Numurkah boys took that a bit too seriously last Saturday night. [Read more]

Country Footy & Radio Can Mix

I didn’t know what to feel. Excited? Nervous? Comprehensive? Regret, even? I wouldn’t know for a while, so I blocked it out of my head. I had a game of footy to play, against Katamatite, the Tigers, Sam Wright’s home town. I spotted his dad first as I walked to the changerooms, donning a North [Read more]

Not another flag?

  Collingwood v Carlton School. It had been really getting me down. These past 10 weeks have been really… Actually, no, I think you’ve all heard enough about the struggles of my Year 11 life. In fact, school’s been great, the workload is tough but I’m coping fine. The Easter holidays have now begun, but [Read more]

Tough Going for Waaia, North and Suns

The long wait was finally over. Everyone was looking forward to this moment. This would shape the whole football season. Waaia v Katunga, the two biggest rivals in Picola District footy were going head to head in the season opener. The routine of getting ready for the footy on a Saturday morning had come back [Read more]

The Way It Should Be Played

Year 11 was definitely getting to me. The increased workload, the longer hours (it seems longer anyway), and the increasingly colder mornings had been working against me for a while now. Free dress days always put a spring in my step though. I don’t know why, I guess it makes us students feel more human [Read more]

Cats home in a Friday night scrap

  “Today I don’t feel like anything I just wanna lay in my bed” Those lyrics taken from The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars was the perfect way to start the day for me. Hearing the song as my radio alarm switched on at 7:05am, I agreed with the chorus as the lure of spending [Read more]

Tigers Answer Daffey’s Plea

Double maths, first thing in the morning, is never easy. Especially when you’re in Year 11 and the first bounce of the 2011 AFL Footy Season is still 10 hours away. But, I managed to struggle through it (as always), but didn’t escape the wrath of the fiery maths teacher (as always). My mood was [Read more]

Tipping Rebellion

If there’s one thing I like, especially in Football, it’s tradition. One of my earliest memories is Dad coming home from work with the footy tipping cards. He’d call me into the kitchen before tea, and read out the eight games to me. What I thrill I got from choosing what team I wanted to [Read more]

Vale Wunghnu Football Club

by Josh Barnstable I can imagine the downfall and the final game ever played for the Fitzroy Football Club was the one of the saddest days in the VFL/AFL history, for players and supporters of any team. It isn’t right to see a proud club like the Lions, who were around for 100 years having [Read more]

NAB Cup: Geelong v North v Bulldogs

This had been scheduled in for some months now. Even though I hadn’t asked Dad about it, my main means of transport to games, as soon as I saw Geelong v North Melbourne (and the Bulldogs) playing at Skilled Stadium on February 20 for the NAB Cup, I knew I’d be going. One, because it [Read more]

NAB Cup: Essendon v Brisbane v St Kilda

Spraying the colour into my hair, I studied it in the mirror. It looked pretty good. My hair was now a lush green colour. It was the 2011 Numurkah Secondary College Swimming Sports Carnival at the local pool. My house, Gray, which is actually green house, was vying to against the three other houses, Christie [Read more]

NAB Cup: Carlton v Richmond v Collingwood

Signing out of the OneFM log sheet, I neatly scribbled by signature and wrote down 6:00pm next to ‘exit time’. Another two hour, Saturday shift was over and done, but today was different. I was going home to watch the footy, something I haven’t enjoyed since September, 2010. But, there was a catch. It was [Read more]

Supercoach League Invitation

As the clock strikes midnight at the end of today to mark the start of February, the fantasy football phenomenon that is AFL Supercoach will open. Those who are interested but haven’t entered in previous years, you won’t miss the big green banner on, and for you others, especially the younger Almanackers, who are [Read more]

Supercoach Forwards 2011

The offence is, surprisingly, a tough task to pick 10 players. You’ve got the best forwards in the game who can pull out the biggest scores but get injured too frequently, the miraculous goalkickers who only appear in games every now and then, and the up and coming brigade, who are the most prone to [Read more]